Are #RHOC Couple Lydia & Doug McLaughlin Looking to Exploit Interns At Their New Magazine “Nobleman” Plus Did The Couple Copy off Of NJ Lifestyle Magazine?

Lydia McLaughlin re joined the cast of Bravo TV‘s hit show, The Real Housewives of Orange County, while Lydia’s purposeful pot stirring she claims ignorance to on the painfully scripted show is under question; so is her new magazine called Nobleman Magazine co founded with her husband, Dough McLaughlin.  The couple is offering  troubling “internship” at their “Luxury” mag as a tipster alerted us to.  This same tipster also alerted us to Nobleman Magazine “copying” NJ Life Style Magazine. Click below to read more!

If you scroll through Doug & Lydia McLaughlin so called “luxury” mag, “Nobleman” and get past the narcissistic side of the mag, as you scroll, you will see a text link that says, “Jobs” on the “jobs” section of their magazine website,  you will find the couple is  looking for “interns” check it out for yourself to see why this is troubling; (emphasis added)

Internships – Editorial / Design / Business
Basic Information:
NOBLEMAN is seeking interns with strong backgrounds in writing and a serious interest in the luxury market. Interns work 16-24 hours/week (two or three full days) and may receive college credit (the internship is unpaid). All editorial internships are completed at our Orange County office. NOBLEMAN does not provide housing or travel assistance.

About the Intern Program:
NOBLEMAN interns are responsible for transcribing interviews, researching stories, running errands, organizing mail, conducting interviews, and compiling news for possible use in the magazine. Interns can also pitch and write stories for NOBLEMAN.
Design or Web Production Internships have an emphasis on design, layout, photo research and production, html coding, and more.

Application Materials:
Submit a cover letter, resume, and 2-4 clips. Applicants without published clips are encouraged to submit luxury-related pieces (reviews or news stories) written on their own. Design or Web Interns should include samples of work, or submit a link to portfolio. There is no formal application form.

Please direct all internship applications and questions to: [email protected]

See Photo Below and Keep Scrolling

Nobleman Magazine “Internship”

Here is why the”internship” the McLaughlins seek is troubling.

If you go to, NJLifeStyleOnLine “employment” section of their website, you’ll see the exact same text.  I can’t find any connection to NJ Lifestyle Online, LLC, to Nobleman Magazine.  This is almost word-for-word with the exception of exchanging “Nobleman” for NJ Lifestyle Magazine” and the phone numbers.  Check it out for your self below and keep scrolling past photo. magazine “employment” section, Nobleman Magazine copied the text

Plagiarism or Coincidence? You decide.

Moving on to the alleged Exploitation of Interns at Nobleman Magazine

The purpose of an internship is for the intended intern to learn something of value for their professional career and/or get credits for college.  The copied text on Nobleman Magazine website does not guarantee the “intern” will get credits.  The copied text also suggests the intern should already have a strong background in writing while the rest reads for the duties as an unpaid assistant or designer; they already must know how to HTML code, they will be required to run errands (seriously), compiling news for the magazine, they must already have an emphasis on web design etc.

The problem with this is: California Law as the Employment Attorney website points out; an employer would not be able to benefit from the intern–see my response in bold.

“According to the Department of Labor, an unpaid internship must meet all these criteria:

  • The internship is similar to training which would be given in an educational environment

Not likely being since the intern should already have the skills. 

  • It’s for the benefit of the intern

Sure doesn’t sound like the intern would benefit–but Nobleman would.  I mean seriously, transcribing interviews? That is a dreaded & costly job and one certainly doesn’t need to be an “intern” to learn how to do along with running errands. 

  • The intern doesn’t displace paid employees

Let’s hope not. 

  • The employer doesn’t benefit from work the intern is doing, “and on occasion its operations may actually be impeded.”

Being the intern should already know to HTML code, have a strong background in writing already along with what I just stated above–Nobleman would benefit. 

  • The intern isn’t promised a job at the end (unpaid “tryouts” aren’t allowed)

Pitching stories? Sure sounds like it. 

  • Both the intern and their boss understand its an unpaid position

I will give credit to Nobleman on this: they make it clear the position isn’t paid. 

One could argue; “but sometimes people have to prove themselves” while you could argue that, California Law prohibits for profit companies hiring volunteers.  If a company wants an employee to prove themselves; then they should advertise the position as being temporary with the possibility of being full time. No one owes the McLaughlins anything.

The sad part about this is: some idiot will be star struck by Lydia and agree to “intern” and unbeknownst (or not) to the “intern” he or she will exploited.  As the saying goes; “you can put lipstick on a pig–but it’s still a pig” in this case, you can dress your posting as an “internship” but it’s still a posting for unpaid labor, it states nothing the intern would learn or benefit from.  I could sit here and argue many more legal aspects, but the McLaughins don’t seem to care, it’s as if they think they are owed something.  An example of Karma would be for exploiting interns: Doug & Lydia McLaughlin had an intern design their “Jobs” section of their website– hey, you get what you pay for.

We reached out to Nobleman Magazine and will update you if or when they reply back to us.

Update; this website Nelson Law Group addresses the issue perfect. ”


“Interns are expected to possess all-star abilities and put forth Herculean effort, yet they are offered little to no pay in return for their work..”

Go read it.