‘Alaskan Bush People’ All Falls Down: Season 6 Ep 6 Recap


Last week I didn’t write enough about Bam Bam (I added a link about his reasons) leaving the show and I wanted to take this opportunity to say a simple opinion. Without Bam I truly believe that ABP will slowly loose the one brother that has somewhat of a head on his shoulders. Sure he goes along with all the craziness of this “fake reality show”, but he has a voice and uses it. Again, good luck with your future in starting a life outside Browntown, and live life to its fullest!IMG_2754

Now onto this weeks recapping the world of “Brownton Abby”

Here we go again…it’s almost winter, we have heard that comment from the announcer on every episode. Noah has to work on the turbine, but he wants to spend more time with his girlfriend. He’s in love. He speaks about why they need the turbine. “When it turns it turns into electricity”.

Matt is building a meat shed, keeping he bears out, keeping the meat cool, shot by someone but not the boys.  He’s leveling the wood with a jar of water. Again, Matt is reminiscing about how Billy started out “so many years” and how he’s taught him everything he knows. IMG_2789I have one problem with the planks of wood. Where did they get it? Did a truck unload hundreds of planks? I know Matt and Noah didn’t cut them for the shed and the turbine? If someone has an answer, like maybe the construction company that built the house from Hoonah, let me know.


But I know Matt didn’t magically cut them from trees! Just look at he pictures.

Next we have the self proclaimed “awesome Bear” and Gabe going hunting for deer, once again, by canoe. Gabe doesn’t understand why Bear wants to walk into the woods with the canoe, making noise will keep deer away, you think? Row across the ocean drag the canoe…” Gabe says he doesn’t understand Bears thinking. Bear is dead set for it this way, and Gabe is going along with it.

Bear says it’s a secret place, and going into the woods saves hours of canoeing around the water. Gabe says, “I feel like I’m following the leader and it’s a wild goose chase, wouldn’t it be better to park the canoe?” YES! Haven’t seen any deer yet, but Bear in his strange thinking says “My plan will find them”.

Noah and Billy are talking about the turbine and Noah wants his family to meet his girlfriend. As usually Billy wants him to concentrate on the turbine, since “winter is coming”. He wants work first, but he says it’s fine, “we’ll meet her”. Billy loves giving orders but doesn’t help.IMG_2826

Matt continues with his shed and Noah brings his girlfriend to Browntown to see the “strange” unique jungle of a compound. He brings her into the house to meet Ami and Billy. She likes Browntown and Billy says, “She seems to fit the bill for Noah.” As usual Ami says, “Do you like children?” As Noah gets completely red faced, and looks at his watch to leave.

Bear and Gabe have found his secret hunting spot. Bear says “Stop right there, it’s in the brush, don’t get too close, see that?” As they’re pointing to a brush and wood. I personally see NOTHING. IMG_2844Not anything new here, eevery time one of the Brown clan sees a deer, we don’t see it. They shoot as if they’re Navy Seals, and with one shot “kill” the deer in the heart. One shot? Come one. If any of you the viewers saw that deer, show me. I took a picture, it may be blurry but there was no deer.


They run to the dead deer, that looks like it’s been dead forever, gut it, this has become a weekly event, and Gabe puts it on his shoulders, and place it in the canoe.

I’m so tired of this one shot every one of them take from far away and…puff, it’s dead, but we never see the deer going down. Just the shot and magically there’s the dead deer. As Bear says, “I knew my plan would work”, Gabe says he shouldn’t have second guessed Bear.

Back to Matt. He’s using a steering wheel to open the shed with an old bed frame. Wheels, pullies and rope. Matt says he trying to get back to being a part of the team, proving to himself he can do anything.

Now we’re with Sabrina the adopted cow which was not adopted by the Browns. Rainy and Bird are using a cup and nail to put around Sabrina’s neck, so they can hear her walk.

The boys come back with the deer, again in a matter of hours it’s gutted, and all the fur is off….I’m not even giving my opinion on this, because I’ve said it too many times.

Noahs girlfriend is back to Hoonah and he’s working raising the turbine. Bear has gone into full idiot mode. Gabe and Bear are grabbing it like “keystone cops” not listening at all to Noah. He’s telling them what to do. Noah doesn’t want them rushing just in case they break it. Bear says, “Noah doesn’t believe in my awesome power.” This guy makes me want to grab him and tell him to CALM DOWN.

Matt is happy since he’s finally finished the meat shed. Then back on the beach Gabe and Bear are prepping the turbine, without Noah’s okay.  Bear hoists himself up to the top without thinking of the circumstances, as usual. Gabe says, “maybe we should have Noah’s eyes out here.” The tides are coming up, and Noah said, “Don’t get it wet.” Do they listen! No! They’re hoisting the turbine on their own to get it in place, and boom! It all falls down..looks a bit set up by Park Slope Productions? I think…

Bear says, ah duh, “Did it break?” Yes Bear it’s broken. There goes their electricity. “We better go tell the family”. Noah inspects the damage with Billy. Noah is pissed! Billy is devastated. Noah says, “Why did you hoist it without me you were supposed to wait!” Billy is trying to get in the middle of a fight, and of course Bear ignores Noah and says, “What do we do now?” Bear it’s busted! Billy says “I don’t know what we’re going to do.” He tells Noah “Shake it off and see what you can IMG_2906do.” Billy ends with, “We’re not gonna quit until it’s done!”

This is the third episode I’ve recaped with the same thing, the turbine. It’s the third time I’ve heard said, “With winter approaching the Browns have to get everything done before the first frost.” Discovery, can we please stop seeing dead deers that are not shot by the clan, can we stop talking about the first frost, or the turbine. Above all is it necessary for Bear to be “the best at everything” and act every time like an idiot. I guess not, considering that’s why people hate to love Alaskan Bush People…I already miss the logical Bam.