‘Alaskan Bush People’Recap: One Brown Down-Season 6 Episode 5


It’s another journey for “Brownton Abby” sailing on ‘The Integrity‘, surrounded by beautiful views of whales, running deer, snow capped mountains, and the Brown clan in the middle of it all. The Discovery Channel wants to continually remind us, about their memories from past living on ‘Prince of Wales’ and Alaska for the past 30 years. That’s a wild Alaskan lie…however onto Part II from last week.

At the start of last nights episode, the family is continuing their way to Prince of Wales on troubled waters for their final destination, to tow a broken down plane and pick up pieces for their homemade wind turbine back in Browntown.

The Browns have to be at their destination in 3 days, so Billy has to find smooth waters. He takes a different route to get out of open waters. Finally it’s quiet, except for Bears voice.

Ami wakes the family for breakfast and as usual Bear is extreme. If not for his loud mouth and actually believing he’s the best at everything, he is now cleaning his gun with vegatble oil and eating his favorite food, BACON. The boys are dipping chips in gravy, and Bird is putting sugar all over her eggs for “a liquidity glaze”.

Billy is speaking with Matt saying that if they continue like this into Prince of Wales, they will be on time. They approach Prince of Wales but have to stop off on the island Whale Pass for gas and visit old friends for what they’re missing on the wind turbine, the wind turbine itself. Billy starts reminiscing about the last time he was on Prince of Wales.

IMG_2676They’ve arrived at Whale Pass, a true logging and Bush community. They spilt up, Bear &  Bam get fuel, Matt &  Bird set out to get deer to bring back home. I have a problem here again, even mentioning gutting a deer,  and putting it on the Integrity makes them, and us look so stupid!

Bird says “we’re looking for a buck, not a mommy or a Bambi”. Bear & Bam find the self gas drop where they just leave money when they finish fueling.

Matt starts blowing into a piece of grass to alert a buck. Of course we see a deer, Matt picking up his shotgun, and aiming, a shot, but then it goes straight to a dead deer that looks as if he’s been there a while. Here we go again, Matt describing what needs to be taken out of the deer so the meat doesn’t go bad. I cannot believe you can just gut a deer in a few minutes, place it on a boat and that’s it until they reach Browntown. It doesn’t work that way, nor do we see any deer after that just laying on The Integrity deck!

They all turn in early to get rest. They’re sleeping in the little areas on the Integrity to get some sleep. Billy is concerned about Bam asking him what’s he’s been preoccupied about in the last few days. Bam explains he’s been a loner, past 30 years old, and he’s thinking of what the future holds.

The next day, they’re still in Whale Pass and have a friend “Hatchick” Connie & her boyfriend Mike, that have the parts needed for the wind turbine. Mike picks up Bam, Matt and Noah at the dock. The quickest route to Mike & Connies is only by car. Mike talks a lot, opens his door while driving and complains about the states law for driving. Bam says, he remembers being on Prince of Wales back in his early 20’s, “You know how many times I’ve hitch hiked on this? I’m older and wiser now more refined with age. I’m different and changed.”

They’ve reached a sign saying “road closed” and have to wait for a “pilot car”? Very strange…anyway. Billy didn’t want them to be late due to getting the haul completed, and everything is a wait. They follow the car on the road and arrive at Mike and Connies. Matt says last time they saw Connie was when Matt was 27. He says Connie says whatever’s on her mind, as she comments “As long as Aimee is good in the sack.” I wasn’t sure why Mike gave the boys a truck to drive back to the dock, since how would he be able to get the truck back?

As Billy and Ami are waiting for everyone to get back, the couple decides to go fishing. Ami can’t even throw out the reel! They catch a leaf, real pioneers of the Bush!

The boys get back, a little late, because they’ve got to get the broken down sea plane. They quickly get under way, it’s getting dark and wouldn’t you know, they loose all power on the Integrity. They’re completely in the dark and dead in the water. When did I hear that title of an past episode?

Billy gets Noah immediately involved getting the power back and as usual, Noah is the calm, self proclaimed genius, getting power back. ABP wouldn’t be an episode without something going wrong, not working, or a fire. It’s always something. Noah gets the boat a temporary fix, because they need to tow the sea plane. They reach safe harbor, its dark and all is shut down.

They reach the broken sea plane. They find the plane and communicates with the owner. “Ahoy!” Billy gets the boat backwards and Matt throws out the rope to the plane. Bear comments that if he had thrown out the rope he “would have down it in the first time since I am the greatest.” While they’re towing the plane Noah is missing his girlfriend and writes a letter to her along with a makeshift bracelet.

They reach the drop off point with the plane, and completes the hauling job. The biggest reason for these jobs was the schiff. They reach Ketchikan. The last time they were here was when they lost their first boat, it sunk. Bam comes in and you know he has something to talk about. He’s tells Billy and Ami he “needs to take off right now for the lower 48, there’s something I need to do.” He explains he’s been lonely and when you don’t have someone in your life there’s a missing piece, I definitely want a family.” Billy and Ami are floored. Billy says he needs Bam right now, but he saw it coming, but didn’t know it would be this quick. Ami is crying. “We’re all  going to come to this cross road eventually” Bam says. Billy says, “it’s something you need to do” and he tries to explain it to Ami. As Bam is leaving he hugs Noah, and Rainy. Both Rainy and Bird yell out to Bam, “MORE!” As Bam leaves his family….and the show!

Yes no more Bam, Bam. I’ve always had a fond heart for Bam Bam. He is always the logical one and has his head firmly planted, but he fell in love with one of the producers on ‘Alaskan Bush People’. They’ve had a deep relationship for quit a while. I hope Bam has accomplished what he set out to do, and reaches the time where he will settle down and have a family. IMG_2768.JPG

Goodbye Bam Bam!