Alaskan Bush People recap Episode 4 Season 6 “Mean Waters”

The show opens up as usual that has nothing to do with the show in general. Bear is insulating his new home, treehouse, using sawdust to punch in the holes, okay. Winter is still just around the corner in SE Alaska. Bam is building his spot to live in, he doesn’t want to be a stones throw from his parents. He wants to bring in his future bride, “I’m getting older, I am more of the adult in the group. It’s time to spread my wings a little bit.”IMG_2560.JPG

On to Matt, he’s skinning his deer, I hope it’s not the deer he got 2 episodes ago? Like I said it takes time to skin, and take out the meat, not a couple of minutes.

Paul, an old friend, from Honnah has lent the family a brand new skiff, from last year. IMG_2569.JPGTime is over, but Paul has a deal so that Brownton Abby can own his beautiful skiff. Port Alexander needs septic tanks to bring down to a 56 populated town, it’s a 24 hour ride on ‘The Integrity’. The other one is from there to Thorn Bay off of Prince of Wales to tow a c-plane for repair.


Billy says it’s risking a lot, but they want to keep the skiff since it’s like a tractor to a farmer. The problem is, it’s more than a risk, the whole family needs to come due to the amount of time they’ll be traveling. It’s like going home.

Bear, Bird, Matt & Ami sit down with Billy to go over the map in which  direction they need to take. IMG_2577It’s a very dangerous ride. For Matt it brings back memory’s, for Bear, it’s “EXTREME” and he loves anything “EXTREME.” Ami doesn’t want to go because it’s such a dangerous route, and also starts talking about how Billy and her lost a boat in the bad storm…so touching, all these memories that the court has proved none of them have lived in Alaska “all their lives.”

The family starts talking about their past, I can see the connection to why Discovery Channel decided to bring in family pictures that we’re supposed to believe that is Prince of Wales. They’re trying to tell us, “see these pictures? This proves they’ve lived in Alaska all their lives.” It proves they are sitting on rocks and fishing. Just my opinion.

IMG_2599.JPGThe trip will take almost a week to complete so Matt hires Kenny, from his favorite spot, “The Dump”, Matt says he’s completely reliable. The dump is where Matt is like a kid in a candy store. Sabrina needs a caretaker. Matt and Kenny are the same person. Kenny says he’s never been close to a cow and Birdy teaches him how to milk.

“It’s gonna take 40 minutes to milk a cow”, Bird says to Kenny. As usual he’s a nutcase about the whole thing.

They’re now packing for the trip. Billy says it’s the longest trip we’ve taken. After 3 hours they pull into Hoonah to pick up the septic tanks to take to Port Alexander.

Billy wants to make sure they are perfectly battened down. He’s noticing a storm is starting up and Bear climbs to the top and “howls.” Ami and Matt discuss more memories and old pictures. Bam says Browntown should look like Prince of Wales.

15 hours into their trip, Ami notices there is smoke coming up from below. “Oh no!” Billy says. As usual in every episode there is a problem right before a commercial. IMG_2603The boys think it’s an electrical fire, and Noah, “Here I come to save the day!” does his usual attitude, “I will handle this.” Who else would, remember in his own words, he is a genius.

They need to get this done before the storm. The battery prong burned out. Noah needs to grind it and sand it down. “It’s fixed”, Noah says.They’re reaching their half way point.

Billy says we need to get out of debt. Out of debt?! They are online as one of the top 10 millionaires! They have no debt, remember they have a show on Discovery Channel, and other things in Billy’s past that has brought him to this point. Just one thing I will never ever understand, with all the money they have, why in hell do the kids and Ami have horrible teeth! So we can think they’re in poverty? Come on! Back to ‘The Integrity’.

Back in Browntown, Kenny is taking up with his chores and milking Sabrina, plus picking up the crap.IMG_2610.JPG

After 125 mile journey they’ve reached their first destination. Port Alexander, it used to be the number one Salmon capital. They batting down since it was late last night and in the morning it’s raining hard. IMG_2614IMG_2616

The families there haven’t had a  flushing toilet for 4 years so they’re excited for the septic tanks. They explain they can’t get anything unless flown or by boat, including groceries.

It’s chaos with all the kids and the family getting the tanks off the boat. 1, 2, 3, PULL! IMG_2627IMG_2628They’re finally off the boat and know they have to pick up the c-plane. They set off for 200 miles to Prince of Wales. Again with Ami and memories of being preganant with Rain, IMG_2630and describes why she picked that name. Billy says everything is smooth and he says the storm is behind them. I’m getting so tired of these planted memories from god knows where they’re really talking about.

Noah is reminiscing about his girlfriend and more memories about putting hooks together for a bracelet.IMG_2632 “I want to let her know I’m coming back and it’s to her.”  Billy and Matt hears a distress call from a fishing vessel, and decides to turn around, even though he knows it will mess up his course, but the boat in distress could have a family and would hope someone would help him.


They meet up with the vessel, JJ and Courtney. They ask Billy for a tow. There are also a family of 6 on a boat too small. More memories and pictures. Matt gets them towed. Billy says, “27 years ago that was us.” Ami says, “Makes me want to cry.” Bam says, “It makes me want to think about being like that and having a family.” IMG_2638The additional trip took 4 hours in general. They have to come up with another trip on the map. So they sit down together and decide they will have to travel in open waters. Ami is concerned, the route is bad because of the weather, she says no. Billy says the longer we debate the storm will come up on us. IMG_2644Everyone agrees to go into open waters then Bear starts being the idiot he is. Bear starts acting like “Hey high five it”! Billy says “Bear this isn’t something we need to get excited about! The storm is strong and building on us, let’s batting down.”

Bear and Gabe are on the windy deck and they are putting tarps on everything and getting the skiff out of the water. “I got it, no not there, I got it, okay you have it, okay I got it…” IMG_2649IMG_2647I don’t know who was talking about doing this and that but they got it done…isn’t that marvelous. Now the storm is officially bad. Commercial….

Billys concern is the storm is right on us. Ami is with Billy while the kids are downstairs trying to sleep or not get sick. Bam is worried ‘The Integrity’ isn’t going to make it, its old and how much can we push it?”

Rainy is feeling she’s gonna get sick so she runs upstairs. Billy says everyone’s equilibrium is out of whack. IMG_2655IMG_2656Rainy starts getting sick over the rail. One of the boys is sick. Rainy is the worst. Billy says he hopes he didn’t make a mistake, choosing this route to go around the storm, but they’re in it 100%. He says he put his family and crew into a dangerous position.


Stay tuned for next weeks part 2. So what is my take on last night? I would say more than half of the show was directed towards memory lane, and watching the whole family on a boat that hits a storm and in trouble. I said it before and I’ll say it again. If you’re sharing memories, why is this the first time they showed us these photos and all the set up memories living in Prince of Wales? How many years has ABP been on? And this is the first time we’ve heard about “going down memory lane?” Prince of Wales?  Oh well, this is why you guys are such great critics of them as I am. Have a great week!