Alaskan Bush People Episode 3 Season 6 “Boom Brownton”

It’s January 18, 2017 and as each week goes by on this show, I am having a horrible sense of Deja Vũ or Park Slope Productions probably feel that they can add to all the other news called #FakeNews. It seems to be the most popular item these days, and it makes the FakeNews look more real. As we know FakeNews is stuff anybody can make up and spread like wild fire! I just wanted to bring up an oldie but goodie from 2015.

Facebook people who live in the same area, congratulates Marble Construction for building the Browns home....Since everyone knows when someone flushes the toilet, I'd say, NOT FakeNews!

Facebook people who live in the same area, congratulates Marble Construction for building the Browns home, I’d say, NOT FakeNews!

Now is this FakeNews? I don’t think so. Why am I bringing this up after 3 years is simple. The Discovery Channel is trying harder every week to tell us the Browns, who have never set foot in the lower 48 and lived their whole lives in the Bush, is annoying me more and more weekly. The Brown family is #FakeNews and it’s beyond me why the lovely announcer seems to be throwing it in every narration and break about how the kids were raised in the Bush, and can’t have this or that, blah, blah, blah.

Well I had to get that off my chest. So let’s recap last nights “Brownton Abby”, every week is just another “act 1 scene 15” never changes! “Far from civilization, deep in the heart of the Bush…they’ve forged their own way…” Ugghhh! Bear opens this act 1 scene 1 as extreme, the usual Bear, about running around making covers for the camp fires, why he’s rolling around and looking like a Navy S.E.A.L. makes me want to give him something to sleep for a week!

Narrator: “Winter has almost arrived….the Brown family of 9 is wasting no time on finishing up projects before the snow starts falling”

Billy starts talking about the beginning, “we started the whole vision of  Brownton, fuel has been our enemy. We have to get it in the winter and thats why they still rely on one rule, in the winter it gets dangerous”. He tells Noah he’s been thinking about one project…wind energy. IMG_2477 IMG_2478“We’ve made so many things possible, without our knowledge and know how we wouldn’t have done as much as we have, Brownton wouldn’t have been a success”. Especially without the local construction company too!

So now it’s up to Noah and Billy to come up with a design to bring in energy which will help the fuel. They have to construct, it’s like a big alternator. 25 feet tall, hold a thousand pounds, the frame out, and the area where it goes is nicknamed the “blow hole”. They need a platform. “It gives us independence from the world for energy.”

Matt and Bam goes to see Kenny in Hoonah typically a 3 hour long ride, but on a skip an hour and a half. IMG_2481 IMG_2486They’re looking for things aluminum pipes and blades. With the dump and Kenny, Matt acts like he’s 2 yrs old. Matt find a garage door opener and a mini bike. He’s into building a saw mill now.

Noah has his hands full with a different project, a girl named Rhein. Noah feels he has a gift for writing so he says “IMG_2491 IMG_2493 IMG_2494A letter means everything”…Yes Noah that’s why we write. “She loves this kind of lifestyle, Brownton is a painting and I’m one of the painters…” mush, mush.

Billy says he’s back and actually starts helping. IMG_2495IMG_2499Billy is cutting a tree and using a shovel? Amazing! He says his health was bad last year and under a lot of stress. With winter fast approaching he’s recruited his kids, as well, to start on the 30 ft. They hit a huge rock, they’re in optimum area, to get the whole wind. Yet if they don’t get rid of the rock it’s over.IMG_2502 IMG_2503 Billy wants to use an explosion. Bear has to begin making dynamite. Bear says he can use whatever he needs and notices Noah is in love. He hates talking to Bear about his love life.

Matt talks to Billy about making a saw mill. It frees them up for big jobs too. Bear is working on the explosion to remove bedrock.
Matt is using the accessories from a garage door for a track, pushing the bike up and down when the motor is on, using a blade to cut the wood. Matt gets it to run and is in his hay day!! Basically, he’s acting like a “mini-Bear”, he’s in his element! Matt says “The new me no longer has tunnel vision getting frustrated” IMG_2509 IMG_2523

Noah and his date Rheina is on a date while he’s showing her the Island. Now we know she’s from the lower 48 but Bear doesn’t tell us why she’s in Alaska and which lower 48? Noah is teaching her tychi. She seems to love him just for him being Noah…awwwww.IMG_2511 IMG_2512

Matt believes he’s getting more serious in life now. Bam says it’s not a working saw mill yet but it’s going into working order.

Billy and the others are waiting for Bear to put the dynamite in the hole to break up the rock as well as around. IMG_2516 IMG_2517They all hide behind a piece of wood, while Bear sets it up. He has no worries, as usual. They count down and BOOM, it breaks up the rock! Their worries are almost over. Bear says, “This is what I live for!!!” The pieces are broken up in the rock, so they can raise the wind mill.IMG_2519 IMG_2520

Matt and Bam are testing it again, and Bam wants to be careful. Matt has to make adjustments. Starts it again and it messes up, but he moves on. Bam says we should stop wasting our resources and cut it now.

Billy and his clan are all in line to up the 3 piling. They weigh over 500 Ibs. So Billy wants everyone to be careful.IMG_2532 IMG_2534 IMG_2535 IMG_2538 IMG_2540 It starts slipping, but as typical Discovery Channel is, after the next commercial, it falls into place. It’s a little crooked,  it’s not stable, but it’s in place. Now how did I know this would be nearly perfect? Yet a job like this is supposedly done with 2 guys, 2 young girls, and 1 old man? #FakeNews

Everyone goes over to see Matt the next day. He is feeling pressure because it’s not cutting wood yet. Billy shows up and says he’s so proud of Matt. This is what family and Brownton is about. IMG_2548Billy says you can barter with anything when people need wood, this is securing our freedom and to survive.

Okay so the 7 kids did a job that would take chains and tractors. The mini bike and old garage doors were crap at the dump, the clips I took has that mini bike and other things looking a “little new”.”Things that make you wanna say..hmmmm”

And that’s how I’m ending last nights recap. Until next week…can we look at things different?