2017 Season 6 Premiere ‘Alaskan Bush People’ on Discovery Channel

Here we go! A new season of Alaskan Bush People is finally here! It’s Season 6 according to Discovery Channel.  A storm is threatening to hit Chichagof Island while Billy and Brownton Abby have to pick up a new addition on Hodda for the family…Matt is back, in “his” way, not Mom and Dads way and the usual…more to come.

Billy “Now it’s time to get back to the bush. It’s been a hard year and we’re all together now”.  The whole family is reunited, which includes  Matt, like I said in his own way.

Its early autumn with the Brown family and Ami is picking carrots. Billy says they’re due for a rough winter, and they have to rely on themselves, including Billy cutting their hair. Billy says, “It’s a tough life we have. To us it’s normal, we homeschool the kids.”

Then the announcer has to come in and say “The Brown family has been in the bush for over 30 years and has left them out of modern day society.” So of course the producers ask them stupid questions like, “Do you know who won the World Series?” and others. Of course Bear and Snowbird act like they’re never heard of things like this. Think about this. First we all know Billy has not lived in the bush for over 30 years and if you’ve not been a hermit, you’ve seen every single Brown family member in Juno, on a ship going to Hawaii, staying at motels in between seasons, and shopping. So please don’t try and use stupid questions to try and trip them up when each of them have also been spotted with a cell phone and the internet. Oh and one more thing, each of them are on Twitter daily.

Matts returned home. He said, “I’m glad to be home and my family got behind me. I had to come back to answer a lot of questions they have for me.”


Gabe and Billy are crab hunting saying it’s easier to get. It’s one of their main sources of protein but the waters are extremely competitive, and very sparse.


Billy and the kids are all sitting by the camp fire and are having a family talk about being self sufficient. So he brings up that a friend has a cow. Billy says, “I bought a milk cow!” Happy, happy. Billy then brings up that none of them have drank milk…I find that very hard to believe.


Matt brings up that he wants to heal himself, and wants to go by himself to hunt for the family. It’s also something that he needs to do to prove it for his time away from Brownton.  Switch to Gabe and ‘Bear’ making a coral for the cow. They see a real Bear, both of them start following it. According to Gabe they don’t kill or harm real bears.

Matt says “Mentally I have to start over…” Ami doesn’t like it but she gives her blessing, “I hope he finds his struggle and puts it behind him.” Matt says he doesn’t have faith in himself and that’s why he’s hunting on his own.

The rest of the clan are finishing a barge that was used for various things, for the cow being pulled by ‘The Integrity’. A cow being pulled by a boat on a hand built barge?img_2268

Bam, the girls and Billy decide to take the boat and get the cow. Gabe and Noah finish the coral, and Matt is taking 10 miles into the woods to find Deer. He uses a blade of glass that he blows into, which sounds like a deer. Funny I’ve been using that same blade of grass to blow into for years! Never knew I was calling deer?


Billy has hit bad weather and can’t get a cow in this kind of weather. So they stop off in a sheltered area, a nearby cove, to ride the storm out. As usual “Bear” would rather howl at the top with cold water spraying in his face.


15 miles west the trail is cold for Matt and the storm has hit land. He’s starting to think he can’t hunt anymore. Ami and Gabe are inside the house and she’s separating mayonnaise from the oil in the jar. While cutting a pair of old jeans, Gabe separated the oil, dunked the jeans to make “light”…Ami, mother of invention.




‘The Integrity’ is safe, Matt has to find shelter, and all hell is breaking loose.


Matt wakes up to the storm over and trees down, but in Brownton Gabes house has been hit by an old tree. Noah and Gabe try to pull it down with rope by themselves. Not moving….try again…no time it’s moving.

‘The Integrity’ get to Honnah to get their cow “Sabrina” to walk across the street, into the barge. Bam is not happy due to bringing a cow into a wilderness of bears, excellent point.


Matt is 6 hours into solo mission deer hunting and sees a baby deer. He’s ready and aiming for that deer, but as usually misses. His excuses come out in droves. “No, no, I was trying to wait for it to come close, the scopes not on…I failed. He says “This is spiritual….it breaks my heart”.



Back to the cow who is off, they want to get her into the coral and everyone notices the tree is laying on the cabin. “Sabrina” is in the coral and now its time for everyone to pull that cabin down.

Billy ends, “34 years ago Ami and I came to the bush and we can do anything”.

Again Billy has been proven over and over with court reports and pictures of himself and his family that they haven’t lived in Alaska for 34 years, but if Park Slope Productions and the Discovery Channel keep wanting to play this game, fine.

Stay tuned for next week that a cow doesn’t live well in the wilderness with bears.