Alaskan Bush People: Bushcraft Chronicles

Last night I thought we were going to watch a new show, considering everything you hear about ‘Alaskan Bush People’ was, that this was or could be a new spinoff for ABP. What we were watching was a refurbished show of old clips from shows we’ve already seen.

What does ‘Bushcraft Chronicles’ mean anyway? Well since the episode we were watching was entitled ‘Shelters’, it was pretty easy to understand; we got to glimpse into how ‘well’ they’ve made their shelters in the last few years. That’s according to their twitter account also. If you look at @alaskanbushppl on twitter the question before the show appeared was “Hear from Matt about his homemade shelters TONIGHT on a special #AlaskanBushPeople!” I then realized this was not a ‘new’ episode.img_2232

So if you break it apart ‘ Bushcraft Chronicles’ means just that, “chronicles from living in the bush and their crafty way of making things work”. Yes I made it up, but Discovery Channel is just trying to pretend to have a new show when it’s just using these old clips to use space and time, until they’re made their decision.

Whats their decision? Behind closed doors they’re deciding if and when to bring back ‘Alaskan Bush People Season 6’. As of to date there is no time, or mention of ABP coming back. There are many reasons why it may not be coming back, so I’ll give you a few that are in the media.

Since the end of its previous season, fans of Alaskan Bush People have been waiting for updates on the release of Season 6. Season 5 was probably, one of the worst seasons of ABP. The show was all over the place and the ending just left us with questions and no answers. Yet, if the show is coming for real we might get to see the stories of two brothers. Matt vs. Bam Bam.

The one thing that some fans are still hopeful to hear is a positive view of Matts return to the show. The season 5 finale was a cliffhanger that left us to wonder about Matt’s fate on the show. Adding fuel to the fire, many sources predicted that Matt has been fired from the series, due to his many stints in rehab. Do you as the fan base want to see Matt back? I know if there is a Season 6, answers to fan questions should be addressed.

Matt dealt with alcoholism in the last season. Later he was sent to a rehab for treatment. In the process, he extended his stay, as well.  However, he never went completely missing from the scene. On and off, Matt kept his fans updated about his health status through his social media posts. His updates revealed that he has recovered and was out of the rehab now. In fact, his photos showed him in a much-improved condition, yet there is other news that he is still having problems. It’s still a cliffhanger. If Matt shares his side of stories in Season 6, the show would become intriguing.

Meanwhile, speculations are high that the sixth season will shed light on ‘Bam Bams’ story. Recently, ‘Bam Bams’ is having a romance with one of the producers of ABP, Allison Kagan. Bam Bam’s social media page also showed a few photographs indicating his newly brewing relationship. Reading what fans are speculating you may think that they’re even married! Bam Bam’s story in Season 6 would definitely a lot of attention.

To date, Discovery has described the Alaskan Bush People with misleading titles like “Deep in the Alaskan wilderness lives a newly discovered family who was born and raised wild.” This has prompted many fans to send money to their favorite stars. So, many viewers and critics believe that the channel should take action and reveal a bit more about the truth behind the Brown family in Season 6– regardless of how ‘real’ that reality might be.

If the show shifts its focus from Billy Brown to Matt and Bam Bam I truly wonder how you, as their fans, may like it. Until next time all we can do is speculate upon whether we have a Season 6 or not.