‘Back in Browntown’ Alaskan Bush People Recap Episode 9 Season Finale

Another season of Alaskan Bush People has wrapped up. With all the real-life drama and accusations, to say the least.  Its also fair to say this season of ‘Brownton Abby’ was a strange one. It was predictable as usual, while providing some unexpected turns. I will also leave you with some information you may or may not know. 

Last nights show started off where it left off last week, in Pelican Bay. image imageBear and Gabe were still stuffing dummy’s for the Fire Dept, homemade with straw, falling apart, it’s the thought that counts. They’re all getting ready to go back to their little part of Heaven…home at Browntown. In order to do that they still have some hauling issues to finish. imageNext is is delivering tractor tires for Miss Patti. Not your everyday tires either. She not only wants them delivered, but needs the m changed out including the rims and all. imageBam and Bear don’t have a clue on what they’re doing. The decide to take a saw to the job and starts sawing them off. Noah gets frustrated since he’s the brains of the family and comments that a 5 minute job has now turned into a 20 minute job. Noah says, “If only my brothers would listen to me, more of my job would be more complete” and then he uses ‘Bush psychics’ to change out the rims. Noah takes a can of tire cleaner for both sides, burns off the ether, which removes the rim, ‘Bush Psychics’, I guess.

The family still haven’t completely left Pelcian Bay yet, and Rain and Bird are walking on a small beach cove thinking about Matt. He is still not back and is still electing to receiving counseling. Both girls are visibly emotional. Rainy explains how this has really messed her up emotionally, and has made her think twice about everything. Usually Bird is the strong one but she is just standing there listening and asks Rainy for a hug while trying to hold back tears. With that both girls hold each other and express their Wolfpack howl for Matt.

While in Pelican Bay Noah finds a junk yard and just happens to find a phone booth standing there. imageNow I can understand finding odd things at junk yards, but Noah’s always wanted a phone booth and low and behold, a phone booth..coincidence?image image As usual it’s just so easy for these 6 kids to haul this phone booth by hand onto ‘The Integrity’, but it’s not the first time. Noah says it’s made out of glass and aluminum, which he needs.

After hauling the phone booth onto the boat the Wolfpack is on their back to their little island in the sky, Wolfpack Heaven. Billy and Ami are missing Matt so much, but Billy continues to exclaim that this situation will make the family bond even stronger. As ‘The ‘Integrity’ gets closer to the beach Billy spots a Bear. Once again we have to endure scenes and comments from last season, and with our narrator describing the infamous bear ‘attack’ that has been done and redone, over and over. As the pack apprehensively approaches their shack, nothing has been touched, so Bear decides for the hundredth time to howl, this time on the roof.

In Alaska summer days are longer, but before the family settles in, Billy talks to the kids about what ‘he’ wants to get finished. He never finishes it, the kids do! Gabes cabin is the only thing that needs to be hauled away from the high tides that keep bashing away at it. Completing this will make their return to Brownton finished.

The boys continue working on the outside of the house, and unusal though it may seem, maybe not for this unusal season of ABP, Rain and Bird have been assigned to patrol the beach, for bears! I would have assumed one of the boys could have escorted them? Oh well…as they’re patrolling they’re also eating plants that bears eat as well, Rain says its an indication more bears are around.image

Back on board ‘The Integrity’ and since its summer, it’s still light out at night, so the kids are taking the phone booth off for ‘Noah’s Lab’, and here we go with ‘The Wolfpack Hauling Crew’ nothing is too heavy for us. image imageAfter the phone booth gets moved over to Noah’s everyone has to get ready to move the 7 ton cabin, uphill using a block and tackle. They’re  putting this cabin on rollers and making believe they can do it with all their ropes and things, minus 2 kids, since Noah’s so into to his phone booth and Matt is away, isn’t going to make it happen.image image It’s all show, pure and simple. What winds up happening should have happened in the first place instead of all the, “ya think they can move a 7 ton cabin on their own??!!” No!! 4 adult kids and one 13 year old will never move a cabin.

To the rescue, ‘The Integrity’. Bear has decided to use flags in honor of Matt, who had used them in a previous move. Red for stop and white for go. They’ve rigged the cabin to the boat with rope, image imageBilly is driving and Ami is watching the flags to communicate with Billy. With the amount of time & energy they’ve spent on this cabin, getting it out of the water, getting it rigged and dragged by ‘The Integrity’ on shore, and now dragging it to a safe zone, Gabe and his brothers could have made a new one.

As the boat is dragging the cabin, it comes off the rollers, which tells Bear he didn’t need rollers. Just as they were about done ‘The Integrity’ looses power. Billy races downstairs and notices the battery lost power temporarily, and starts up again.image How convenient. Billy moves the cabin into the exact place Gabe wanted, in the corner of the woods.

As the season finale is about to close imageBam goes into town to pick up Matt at the Ferry while Ami and Billy sit at the beach waiting anxiously for Matt. imageBilly says, “When Matt comes back our family will be completed”. They see Bam standing in the skiff alone and hear him say that Matt wasn’t at the Ferry. Billy doesn’t have any words and prays that he finds himself. When the show is over words come over and say: “Matt wanted to receive more counseling. One day he hopes to return to the bush.”

Like I said, this wasn’t your usual ending for Alaskan Bush People. I didn’t expect to see a daughter that Billy never mentioned, nor did I expect to hear about Matts drinking problem at the end of the season either.

We may or may not hear about Matt before the next season starts or even if there’s a next season. Will there be a special before next season? I don’t know. Apparently, Matt completed a 35-day stay at a rehab facility in Juneau, Alaska. Afterward, he reached out to People magazine to discuss the situation.

“Once I began spending more and more time drinking with friends ‘in town’ over the past year, Brown admits, ‘I was more withdrawn. I was slower. Things didn’t excite me the way they used to.’

Brown, 33, says he first started drinking a few years ago when his family’s boat broke down and they began spending time in nearby Juneau. ‘I’ve always been able to handle city life, no problem,’ says Brown. ‘But I started hanging out with people who drank. They didn’t have a problem with it so while I was around them, I started drinking.

The end to this season has left us not knowing  if Matt will be returning to the bush with his family. There’s always the possibility that Matt might pull away from the “Wolf Pack” shortly and strike out on his own. Whatever the situation is Matt has to deal with it on his own, not through his family or Park Slope Productions or The Discovery Channel. This is his rehab and I hope it’s not glorified just for ratings.

See you again when there’s another special…till next time