Alaskan Bush People Recap Episode 8 “Released to the Wild”

Last nights episode was supposed to be a family reunion, but I wasn’t sure  what it was supposed to be about at all?

As usual ABP opens up with some trivial footage to start off. Tonight was no exception. Bear and Gabe are fixing ‘The Integrity’ up with a make shift chair for Billy. Then as usual ‘Bush Family’ stuff that happens every week with the intro introducing ‘The Alaskan Bush Family’. The narrator again recaps why Billy and Bam went to jail for at least the fifth or sixth time. This time we get to read that Discovery Channel wasn’t allowed to film them in jail, so that is why the family had to stay in Juneau. To me that didn’t tell me why the family had to stay in Juneau.. anyway…

So the family’s projects in Juneau have to stay on ‘The Integrity’ for the time being. Out of all the kids, Gabe is the only one that has to get braces, but, he does say, “they will not barter..for fish” I wonder what he meant? Discovery Channel never touches back on that? Needless to say we all know Gabe never paid a dime for those braces. At least one of those kids has their teeth done!

They are all finally contacted by an old friend in the community to haul items to Pelican Bay for a hauling job. They’re all looking forward to that since everyone is completely bored and as usual, they act like they’re all fish out of water living out of the bush.

Unfortunately, Matt is feeling bad, not knowing what to do with himself, and keeping to himself.

Billy and Bam finally return to the wild bunch and as usual, the Wolfpack welcome them home by howling, this bothers me every time they do it! Matt is the only one who didn’t show up when Billy and Bam came home. Billy admits he’s worried about Matt, and Ami is too. The kids ask them about jail and you would have thought they went away for about 6 months instead of 30 days!

Gabe, Rain, Bird, Noah and Bear are doing the hauling job onto ‘The Integrity’ first, but the boat isn’t starting. Noah says, “The starter won’t start…but I’ll get it to start because I don’t fail.” (Rah..rah) So he keeps working on the starter imagewhile the rest of the kids get the haul done and of course, true to this show, the boat starts because it was the starter. The kids take the boat for a test drive and Matt rejoins the family for the ride.

Matt says to Gabe, “I’ve got a secret I’ve been keeping for a while, I go into town and get drunk”. Gabe tells Matt he’s known for a while. Matt breaks down and hugs Gabe. He also tells him he doesn’t know how to tell “Mom and Dad”. image imageGabe just lets him talk. Matt just wants to get right and get better. Now I understand that Discovery Channel probably asked Matt if he was ready to tell his viewers about his problems with alcohol, but what about his past that has been published? We all know about his former rehab treatment programs, is this a new problem? The next thing we see is in writing that the family knows, imagebut will not discuss it on public tv and Matt is receiving counseling. Whatever issues there are, Matt has to work on them himself and I hope he can.

Bear and Rain put a candle in the window of ‘The Integrity’ for Matt. Billy and Ami are very emotional about Matt also. Billy doesn’t understand how this can happen and Ami says she would do anything for him. I feel like this was probably built up from the past with all the problems that they had with him.

After Matts confrontation, the family is back on track with the haul. Billy and Ami are back on board with the kids but are facing severe weather. As usual this show does their emotional one sided then completely ignores it and turns it to stupid. We get to look at Ami knitting dog hair again, this time into a Billy bracelet…please! Gabe and Rain make a rescue dummy for the Fire Dept of Pelican Bay and Bear does sit ups! Billy keeps saying “The weathers changing..we’re reaching dangerous currents in the ‘cross sound’ and we don’t want to be stuck there when it’s dark…but I’m pressing on!” Like a road warrior!image

After resecuring cargo, the storm stops and Pelican Bay emerges in the distance. This episode ends up, according to Billy, “in a great community where people raise family’s in Pelican Bay”.image image

As far as this episode goes for me it was about the most disjointed episode of them all! Why didn’t it focus on Matt more? It gave him about 3 min of talking and explaining? “I have something to get off my chest..” I know it’s not intervention but I felt like it was so rushed and pushed. Matt should have been given more time, and we didn’t need to see another stupid hauling job that went on a needless 30 minutes of wasted air time. Stay tuned for next week of the season ending of Alaskan Bush People…I promise it will be on an earlier time, like Saturday morning.