Alaskan Bush People Recap Season 4 Ep 6 ‘Shots in the Dark’

Tonight’s episode is titled “Shots in the Dark.” The Wolfpack work to finish a salvage job, but are short handed due to pride and other issues, hmmm. Later, after hearing A shot fired, the Wolfpack finds ‘property damage’, but all is not lost..

Springtime is finally coming to Brownton Abbey and the kids, Billy and Ami are happy, happy for warmer weather. imageSpring in SE, Alaska grows by 30% each year! and Hoonah is always looking for help. As usual the Wolfpack jumps into the offers whether they can do the job or not. If viewers still don’t know where Brownton Abbey is, it’s on a remote Chichagof Island in Alaska. The way the Browns explain it every week you would think it’s on the most remote part of the Antarctic…but it’s not and neither is their little part of their homestead.

As usual Noah is at the dump looking for items to create more inventions with, for the life of me I can’t understand what he’s ever looking for? This time he needs a security camera. Noah says, he gets “inspiration from his head or reality at hand”? In Hoonah, Matt gets a hauling job moving three giant boat fenders from their current stranded location out back, to where they were needed by their owner. I still didn’t understand how they got there in the first place? imageThen an old friend, who has know Billy over *10 years, Trapper Trout needs repairs made to his boat ‘Steel Dreams’. The boat is leaking, and the Wolfpack uses waterproof putty and scrap to fix it. image imageWithout his boat his way of life would be over. *If you recall a couple of episodes ago Trapper and Billy were reminiscing about knowing each other over 30 years! Another fib Discovery Channel!

Back in Browntown, Matt has free time to make his own boat from an inflatable raft, basically an ‘air mattress’. Plus using other parts to keep it sea worthy. He calls it the “Queen of Hearts”, not sure why? Gabe calls it a ‘seaworthy air mattress’. It works with the wind in one direction, but that’s about it.image image

The sun goes down in Brownton Abbey. We hear Billy & Bear, which if you really think about are in two separate areas, treehouse and house, doing the fake, yawn. “Goodnight, I’m going to turn in”(yawn again). Bear hears gunshots in the distance, and Billy asks what’s going on? imageThe boys get up, in the same clothing they wear daily, and go ‘hunting’ for the source, using lots and lots of flares for light. Gabe says, “We have to defend ourselves, this is our land” okay…Bear, “always thinking in motion” says, “We probably scared them off with flares.” The search at night brings them nothing, but they decide to search in the morning. Billy says “It could be poachers looking to hunt under the cover of darkness.”image

The next day, Bam and Bear check the ‘Integrity’ for damage and find holes in the anchor buoy. They bring it back to Billy and now we have ‘Camp Fire talk time’ with the pack. Noah decides it’s more important now to set up his security system on the ‘Integrity’. Billy sends Bear off to scan the area like the wolf he is.image image

The next day is their hauling job, and Matt says, “The Browns always keep their word.” This time Matt wants Bam to remain in Browntown and is relieved. Matt feels Bam is demanding, negative, yells, and barks orders at everyone. Matt takes Gabe, Bird, and Rain, although I never understand why her, she’s always playing with her nails and hair. Their job is to haul the ship fenders that normally attach to a dock and give boats a necessary bumper, so they don’t hit the dock. Gabe says, “These are monstrous fenders can we even move them?” image imageThe Wolfpack gets in gear with pushing and two go down with no problem. Matt then brings out an item called ‘a come along’. The third has to be dislodged from the roots in the ground. Matt attaches the pulley and cranks it. Gabe says, “If Bam was here he would say this is too dangerous, it could dislodge and hurt someone. It’s helpful in the bush, but can get away from you.” Two of the three fenders are in the water, and the job is nearly completed. image imageThey decide to hook the pulley to the ‘Integrity’ since it’s won’t budge from being rooted in the ground. Gabe is in charge of pulling the fender on board and the shallow alarm started beeping warning them that they could run aground. They all hear Gabe screaming “The tide is rushing out, we’re in shallow ground, what do you want me to do?!” Rain looks at Matt with the ‘come on Matt, you’re the leader now’. Matt has a befuddled look and says, “I don’t know what I’m doing.” Maybe Bam should have been there to help, Matt?! Between the “I don’t know what I’m doing” to “We’re on shallow ground!” image imageThey made it out of port with all three fenders in tow. Somewhere the editing missed a part that we weren’t privy to. All in all delivery of the fenders, started out when it was getting dark, and amazingly were finished all in one afternoon before it got..dark.

At home, Noah made night-vision goggles that could help them track and identify the shooter. Noah is also making a motion sensor. If anyone boards the boat; it will play loud opera music if an intruder triggers the alarm.image image

Bam is at Brownton Abbey building a swing for everyone as a gift for his absence going in the hole! He says “Everyone thinks I’m being negative but I’m facing something I never thought I would. We signed an admission of guilt to The State of Alaska, but we knew we weren’t guilty, but had to sign it anyway because we had no way to prove we weren’t. I will never admit I’m guilty for something I didn’t do! We had to do this by taking a plea deal.” imageBam, if a person believes they’re NOT GUILTY, then why didn’t you have any way of proving you WEREN’T?! The time is coming near when they will have to turn themselves in, but I don’t think Bam and Billy are facing MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON for fraud?!

The anchor buoy is repaired by Bam using pieces of bicycle tires and attaches it to the anchor. Bear devises a zip line from his treehouse to his parents’ house to show, if an emergency is eminent. Bear says, “I can be SECURITY MAN! Batman has nothing on me!” Bear continues to show off with a backpack on zip lining upside down…this kid needs a life.image image

Matt and Bam have a ‘pow wow’. Matt said at first he was happy Bam wasn’t on the hauling job. Bam was angry for being ditched. Matt told him that he was sorry he ditched his brother on the fender job. Bam and Matt have butted heads so many times, and he did miss his brother on the fender job. Bam said, “This sounds like an apology?” Matt said, he realized he needs him. Bam went into that jail is continually looming around him, and he’s trying to come to terms. Bam ended the conversation with, “I’d take your downsides to upsides anyway.”image


There are only a couple of things I wanted to voice my opinion about this episode. As in last weeks episode, we heard Discovery Channels reason why Billy and Bam are going to jail. We knew it would be completely one sided; there’s. Last week nor this week, we are not privy to the many papers of fraud committed by the Brown Family, except the information we obtained. After you hear it over and over, that ‘it’s not our fault, it’s the State of Alaska’ it really starts to sound like Billy is just doing a show for Discovery Channel. Not the LOVE Billy has professed so much for this beautiful country and the State itself.

Also regarding the ‘Shot in the Dark’ scene in their home. According to Radar Online week The eccentric family may have been fibbing to fans for years. Two locals say that Billy, Ami and the whole gang actually live in a cozy Hoonah, Alaska, hotel!

Neighbors Jay Erickson and Becky Hunnicutt claim they see the Browns coming and going from the Icy Strait Lodge at all hours. “All of the boys have their own rooms”.  Alaskan Bush People is by far what it seems to be on TV.