Usher Raymond IV Stalker Darshelle Jones Tries To Profit Off Michelle Brown and Funky Dineva With Bogus Booster Campaign

Updated: Darshelle Jones responds.

Michelle Brown who owns recently had a falling out with blogger, Funky Dineva.  I am not here to discuss the falling out, if you are interested in what happened, you are more than welcome to read both of their websites.  What I am here to discuss: R&B Singer, Usher Raymond, stalker Darshell Jones has inserted herself in this mess and (once again) dragged not only Usher in to the mix; Darshelle is also trying to profit off of the fall out between Michelle “Atlien”  and Funky Dineva (real name: Quentin Latham) by starting up a bogus and fraudulent  “Booster” campaign.

Updated: Darshelle Jones responds.

Get the details below..

I was on twitter and noticed a “fundraiser” going on for “Straight For The A” organized by user @WhoizDarshelle through @BoosterLLC

Click to see my response to this tweet

Click to see my response to this tweet

I thought it was odd and clicked the link, here is what the Booster Campaign Says;

The campaign page states;

More about this campaign

Michelle Brown, owner of Straight From the A had a falling out with blogger Funky Dineva. He says he doesn’t owe her any back rent while she ain’t trying to hear nann. I put this shirt together to show her that there is hope and that I have been through similar. Something positive always comes from negative and she should know that she can always find a friend in me.

The top says,

All funds raised will be paid directly to Usher T. Raymond IV for Darshelle Jones and Michelle Brown.

See the photo

Darshell Jones Bogus Booster Campaign

Darshelle Jones is selling StraightFromTheA t-shirts with her logo and using her name for $35 a pop basically.

I have known Michelle Brown for a long time on twitter and I have never known her to ask people for money or donations for that matter.  So not only did that strike me odd, but why was Usher brought in to the mix? Upon looking at WhoizDarshelle‘s profile; I was puzzled why a “US Records recording artist, CEO of Evolve Incorporated. Songwriter,Singer,Actor,Model,Mentor” according to Darshelle Jones twitter profile (see photo below) and the creator of the campaign hoax  would get involved in something like this.  Then I saw the big photo of Usher on Darshelle’s  twitter account background.

Beyond help

Beyond help

After asking Michelle if she authorized the campaign ( she did not), I was finally able to put two and two together.

Who is Darshelle Jones (Rakestraw)?

Darshelle Jones Rakestraw

Darshelle Jones Rakestraw

Darshelle Jones Rakestraw is the woman who relentlessly stalked R&B Singer Usher for last few years. Straight From The A has written extensively about Darshelle Jones rakestraw.  Usher had to call 911 because he was terrified,  Usher was granted three restraining orders against Darshelle and was subsequently arrested after showing up at Usher’s home.  Darshelle has posted disturbing photos like this on social media.. the list goes on.

Photo Credit: click to see photo.

I personally asked whoever runs the twitter account, @WhoizDarshelle  if Usher was aware of his name being used and got no response from Booster or Darshelle.

Why am I writing about it? So you don’t fall for it.

It is odd that Usher would throw himself in a situation like this and not to mention the bogus campaign stated; “All funds raised will be paid directly to Usher T. Raymond IV for Darshelle Jones and Michelle Brown.” hence; “paid directly to Usher for Darshelle and Michelle” meaning: paid to Darshelle Jones and not Michelle Brown.  I wonder whose contact information Darshelle used for Usher since the campaign states the funds will directly go to him to pay Darshelle and Brown? I think it’s horrible when people try to profit off other’s issues.  I can’t see how Booster LLC would allow a bogus and fraudulent campaign like this either. Luckily, no T-Shirts were sold as of yet and let’s keep it that way. If Darshelle wants to have a Booster Campaign, let her do it without using Michelle Brown’s intellectual property i.e. the name of her business and logo because it is straight up copyright infringement, and also leave Usher and Funky Dineva and Michelle the hell out of it.  If I were a betting person it would be safe to say no funds would actually go to Michelle Brown since she never authorized the T-Shirt Campaign. 


Darshelle Jones claims she is not doing anything wrong… apparently, she thinks she can use copyrighted images and tragedies and say Usher is collecting money to make money.. Shame on her.  By the way, I just noticed she is using Usher’s last name on twitter. sigh

click to see on twitter

click to see on twitter

Even Darshelle’s lies don’t make sense. She claims Michelle used her name and mugshot with out permission–why are you saying on Booster she is your friend then?

Darshelle response 2

Now Usher’s stalker wants to rent Michelle Brown’s home. SMH

Click to see tweet on twitter

Click to see tweet on twitter

Keep in mind, Darshelle Jones Rakestraw, not “Raymond” was arrested and Usher was granted three restraining orders against her– use common sense, why would Usher handle money for her “campaign”? Now, she is telling FoxNews5 Atlanta she doesn’t feel safe, I am glad Fox is reaching out to her and replied, all we wanted was her to stop using other’s tragedies to profit.

No one wants Darshelle to not feel safe, we want want her to be safe, at the same time: STOP THE MADNESS