Tareq Salahi New Wife Lisa Spoden To Finance His Reality TV Dream and Career

Remember Tareq Salahi?

Guess what?

Tareq found himself a new wife, Lisa Spoden, to finance his Reality TV Dream

The Washingtonian did a profile.. err.. whatever you want to call it, on Tareq Salahi, former husband to Michale Salahi that landed her a role on, The Real Housewives of D.C., since the franchise’s demise, all the wives who appeared on the show have since divorced and/or broke off relationships with their significant others quietly; in Tareq Salahi style, he made his divorce to Michaele a tabloid spectacle as we reported. After the divorce, Tareq Salahi, could not only not get over Michaele leaving him for an old time flame and rock star, Neal Schon (of the band Journey) Tareq could not get un-attach himself from Bravo TV Network.  Guess what? Tareq still can’t let go of the Real Housewives or Bravo TV,  now Tareq’s new wife, Lisa Spoden is enabling Tareq, figuratively and financially, Lisa has reality tv aspirations of her own.

The Washingtonian post is titled, “The Strange, Crazy Afterlife of a Reality TV Star” the article explains how Tareq’s entertainment “riches” dried up after Tareq let the world know Michale left him for rock star Neal Schon, here are the highlights of the post and then we will talk about Tareq’s new sucker wife, Lisa Spoden.

Speaking of Michale, The Washingtonian reports Michaele is doing everything she can to distance herself the debacle–assuming she means Tareq and the White House scandal; when the reporter (Luke Millins) contacted Michaele Schon (formerly known as Michaele Salahi), and her husband, Neal Schon, the couple refused to be interviewed unless the reporter signed a contract pledging not to “make reference to or allow any reference to the White House in connection” and stating, violating the contract would trigger up to $100,000 in penalties. That didn’t happen. Of course, how can you talk about the Salahi’s and not White House Crashing Scandal along with the long trail of fraud by Tareq? Luke did report however;

Michaele did say in an e-mail: “I have been on tour 4 years now straight with Neal and haven’t missed one show or moment of loving life together! Don’t stop believin’. Dreams DO come true.”

Tareq on the other hand however is more than willing to talk about crashing the White House to any reporter that will listen–Tareq claims he just embraces it. They talked about the divorce too.

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“The camera-worshipping Tareq Salahi you remember from DC’s Housewives was the same one who appeared before a TV reporter in September 2011, looking sweaty and rattled and begging America to believe him. “I swear to God, I’m missing my wife,” he sobbed. “This is not a joke. Washingtonian “


Since the white house-crasher, Tareq Salahi, has had multiple business failures such as running the family winery, “Oasis” in the ground; allegations of phony corporate sponsorship(s), sponors in general i.e. Montell Williams, unhappy customers and unpaid bills-to- running a scam website “virginiawinetours” by scheduling wine tours and taking payments and not delivering which led to subsequent lawsuits (rumor has it Tareq is blaming Michale) to Tareq trying to embarrass his ex wife Michaele by auctioning off stolen bathrobes from hotels and claiming to give a profit to charities–the charities has no idea, to unsuccessful bids to run for office- to renting out his home via Airnb. Like everything Tareq does–it’s either not legal or a train-wreck; Tareq never procured a permit from Warren County and the neighbors complained; parties in the hot-tub to limos coming up the driveway all hours of the night. The Assistant DA, Dan Whitten said of Tareq’s shoddy business,

Basically, the whole business model was ‘Hey, you can come hang out with Tareq Salahi.’

Tareq of course fought the decision all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court, justice prevailed for the neighbors and sided against Tareq by barring last-minute reprieve, luckily for the neighbors, the Salahi house’s days as a crash pad are over. Tareq is also involved in the cruise business.. kind of..

Tareq is already in the cruise-ship business—kind of. After his experience with Airbnb, he came up with the idea to use cruise ships as floating hotels at high-profile sporting events, where demand for rooms outstrips supply.  Washingtonian 

There’s more..

But if you believe Tareq, he won’t need his Airbnb income much longer anyway, as he expects to be cashing in on the splashiest of his new Housewives ventures.  Luke Mullin, The Washingtonian 

Real Housewinos, Gold Digging Blonde Ale, White House Party Crasher Ale and Lisa Spoden

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After multiple business failures by fraud master Tareq Salahi, the wanna be reality tv star who got fame by crashing the white house–according to Barack Obama himself, Tareq’s new business venture will be in wine (of course) and you betchya Tareq is using Bravo TV and their Real Housewives brand by naming the wine, “Real Housewinos.   According to the Washingtonian, Tareq predicts “Real Housewinos” will be the choice of wine for today’s trash-TV enthusiast.  Tareq also has two beers in the works inspired by his turbulent time in the spotlight the Washingtonian revealed: Gold Digging Blonde Ale and White House Party Crasher Ale. I wonder how he came up with them names? sarcasm

Where is the money coming from? That would be from Tareq’s new wife, Lisa Spoden. The photo below of Lisa is from a website called, “We Will Surive Cancer“, a google search for Lisa Spoden has many titles for Lisa, one being a PHD–yes, you read that right, a phd, we will have more on Lisa at a later date..


Photo Credit: We Will Survive Cancer ORG

Photo Credit: We Will Survive Cancer ORG

It appears in Lisa’s off time as a phd (psychologist?) Lisa is trying out Real Housewinos wine and making snow angels in a bikini with Tareq taking the photos..

Lisa Spoden Drunk 2Lisa Spoden Drunk

Tareq and Lisa Spoden apparently “reconnected” meaning; they knew each-other while they were were both married? Anyhow, the two formed  “Hotel Seas” a 50/50 venture–assuming Lisa’s part in the venture is financial and Tareq is the “brains of the business”, The Washingtontion notes; “Tareq, as chairman, is the ideas guy. Lisa, as CEO, is the implementer the financier who makes them happen” 

According to Lisa Salahi (did she take Tareq’s last name?), it was all business at first but now they are married, she can invest–financially and Lisa thinks Tareq is brilliant!

Before long, feelings developed. And for Tareq, mixing business with pleasure offers at least one benefit he wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. “Now that I’m his partner,” Spoden says, “I’m willing to do some investment because I know that these are brilliant ideas. They really are brilliant.”

Ha! How do you like that Tareq haters?

Luke Miller of the Washingtonian also reports; the couple has been traveling the world on Lisa’s dime and hopes to be up and running by the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

As far as Tareq’s new wife, Lisa Spoden?  Lisa is also an aspiring Reality TV Star in her own right–The Washington Post caught Lisa fibbing about filming Political Reality TV  Show called, “Wicked Politics” for Bravo TV–the catch is: the politician was a republican and anyone who knows the honchos at Bravo TV are very liberal.  When you get time, you MUST read this article at the Washington Post: A Bravo TV Show about Washington Lobbyist Not Happening and let us know what you think this all in the comments.  It’s too much to get in to in this post– we do have a post coming up for Lisa.. I will just say, Lisa is interesting in her own right.

Until next time..

May Tareq and Lisa be happy in Reality TV Heaven– wherever that may be, according to sources, no network is willing to sign Tareq since most of the reality tv networks are owned by NBC Universal, the couple doesn’t have a shot in hell as far as Reality TV goes. .

Stay Tuned..


We forgot to mention Tareq also had failed attempt to appear in Playgirl after Michaele’s Playboy adventure failed.