Hypocrite Wendy Williams Sends Out Cease & Desists To Bloggers

In the words of Whitney Houston: Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! Yes that Wendy– Wendy Williams who Reality TV Scandals is giving the side eye for sending her legal guns after a popular blogger and another who posted a video on Facebook. Get the details below!

On January 22, 2016, Celebrity Blogger Sandra Rose revealed in a post titled; “Wendy Williams Slaps Sandra Rose With Cease & Desist” with this as the featured photo;

Sandra Rose Featured Photo January 22 2016

Photo Credit: SandraRose.com

The post read in part;

The tersely worded C&D, sent via email, demanded that I immediately remove Wendy’s name and image from my blog.

The confidentiality clause contained within the email prevents me from divulging which material Wendy objected to. Suffice it to say she was unhappy with the content of one of my blog posts that was lifted from Facebook.com.

Wendy retained high powered legal goons from California who waited until the cover of darkness to email the cease & desist around 10 p.m. last night. I assume there are no competent law firms in New York where Wendy lives?

Considering Wendy Wiliams makes a living spreading gossip about folks, we had to look in to this.

Despite Sandra Rose complying with the bully’s Wendy Williams attorney to “Cease & Desist” and take down the post–you know how the saying goes? Once you post something on the internet it’s never gone.  Let me tell you, I was expecting to find Sandra slandering Wendy or something– I wasn’t sure what to find since Sandra Rose has always spoke highly of Wendy Williams.

Let me tell you: THIS WAS PETTY and Wendy Williams should be ashamed of herself. I hope the [Barbra] Streisand effect happens.

In Sandra’s original post which can found here and here from the archives of the internet, Sandra linked a Facebook post from @BimboWineHouse and quoted; (archive here)

The Movie was Never Released. Actress #RobinGivens played Wendy. The film was based on Wendy’s Autobiography “WENDY’S GOT THE HEAT” (2003). QOM was filmed around in 2007. The Cast also included Michael Boatman, Trey Songz, Erika Ringor, Oliver ‘Power’ Grant, Deelishis, Fredo Star, Salt ‘N Pepa, Claudette Ortiz, DJ Red Alert, Charlamagne da God, Bimbo Winehouse & Many others. So Mad, this movie didn’t see the light of day!


Sandra then went on to say,

Blogger Bimbo Winehouse uncovered a trailer for Wendy Williams‘ unreleased biopic “WENDY’S GOT THE HEAT” (2003).
Actress Robin Givens was tapped to play DJ Wendy in her younger, wilder days before her meteoric rise to the top of the daytime talk show heap.
The trailer shows Wendy (played by Givens) snorting coke and smoking weed in the studio. The combination of drugs puts Wendy on her azz. But she wakes up just in time to go back on the air as if nothing happened.
As you know, Wendy is a friend of the blog. So I’m going to assume she gave the director the green light to portray her as a crackhead in her younger days.

It’s not clear why the bio, “Queen Of Media” was never released, according to IndieWire, Williams felt a better one could have been made.. I digress.

And maybe as if in reaction to that post, BET caught up with Wendy Williams and asked her about the status of the film. This is what she had to say (essentially what we thought had probably happened, although she does expound a bit more in the video clip, giving specific reasons why – like maybe a better one could be made by someone else) indiewire

First of all, Wendy Williams has no room to talk if the bio was authorized or not (it’s a damn trailer anyhow!) –if you recall, Wendy Williams, got herself involved in a project where she supposedly produced an unauthorized bio of the late singer Aaliyah, the biopic was titled, Aaliyah:The Princess of R&B which aired on Lifetime, Aaliyah’s family was so angry they withheld the rights of Aalyiah’s music to be used and Wendy was called out by many including Timberland and suggested people not watch the unauthorized biography in an Instagram post;

Hope yall not watching this!!!!!!!!

A photo posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

Not timbo!!!!!!!

A video posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

See Wendy’s sorry response to the movie. #ShameOnYouWendy and shame on you for being threatened by other people, yes, read this.

Secondly, why is bullyWendy Williams going after Sandra and @BimboWinehouse?  Sandra did not say anything negative; the title of the original post was; “fanMAIL: Did Wendy Williams Get High in the Studio?” If you recall, Wendy has admitted to doing so;

After getting an overnight full-time job in New York, her addiction spiraled and the freedom she enjoyed aided her drug use. During the late hours, she was often the only person in the radio station, and she took advantage.

I could literally lay lines right there. I stooped to smoking crack, and it’s not secret, but I could literally smoke my crack right there in the studio,” said Williams.

“I loved doing coke. I absolutely loved it. And there was never a time where I said ‘I can’t do this anymore.’ Because I was able to pay my bills, I was able to live a very nice life, but I got fired [from HOT97],” she added.

Eventually, Williams kicked her habit but did so on her terms. In her usual bold fashion, Williams said that it was her doing, not her family or intervention, that got her to leave cocaine behind for good. HipHopWired


Williams goes on to explain that she was at one point able to abuse cocaine because of the fact that she was working the late night broadcasting shift by herself. Not only does Williams admit to having literally consumed cocaine while on the job, she recalls that she also used cocaine in it’s rock from, crack, saying that she could “smoke (her) crack right there in the studio.” Ultimately, although Williams has admitted to difficulty with ceasing use of the drug, saying that there was “Never a time when (she) said ‘I can’t do this anymore,’,” she has revealed that she stopped using without the use of a rehab facility recovernowtv

I should also mention: apparently; Wendy Williams and her team also don’t know what fair use is.  They also want to have it both ways.  I digress.

Third, Speaking of Whitney Houston: remember the infamous interview Wendy Williams did Whitney Houston? You can listen here.

Whitney infamously opened up the interview with; “Wendy! Wendy! Wendy! “after Wendy said; “Whitney! Whitney! Whitney!” Wendy Williams always talked smack on Whitney Houston. Anyhow, Wendy used the “Wendy! Wendy! Wendy!” line continuously to promote her radio show and Whitney was pissed.  My point? Exactly. You’re going to complain because someone is showing a trailer but use someone’s voice for your own selfish gain?  It’s not like someone is profiting off a trailer, Wendy.

I reached out to @BimboWineHouse, while we both agree that Wendy and her legal team are demanding the wrong people to take stuff down, @BimboWineHouse had this to say;

..You gossip on celebrities for a living and then folks gossip about you, its a problem.

I couldn’t agree more. Wendy Williams is a hypocrite. 

You can find @BimboWineHouse on Facebook here.

I will leave you with this to read..  Janet Hubert Slams Wendy Williams; “You [Wendy Williams] Crucified Her [Whitney Houston] While She Was Alive

Do you think Wendy Williams Is A Hypocrite?

Featured Photo Credit: Biography.com