Exclusive: Did Teresa Giudice Work As A Buyer For Macy’s As She Claims?

Reality TV Scandals seeks the answers to our readers questions, in this edition, we answer;

Did Teresa Giudice work as a buyer for Macy’s?

It’s one thing when a former cellmate pretends to “tell all” and it’s another when a fib is repeatedly repeated.  Reality TV Scandals received several emails inquiring why Teresa Giudice continues to the tell press she worked as a buyer for Macy’s when she did not; it would be irresponsible for Reality TV Scandals to not report on our findings considering we are constantly accused of “protecting” Teresa when that is not the case. When Teresa Giudice & her husband Joe Giudice was indicted, it was right before this site was launched; we covered the sentencing hearings and of course: Wendy Feldman. Yeah, you can read about Wendy here; you can clearly see why we covered Wendy Feldman to begin with.  It should be noted Reality TV Scandals coverage of “Wendy Feldman” was before my time.  Anyhow, let’s review everything before we reveal if Teresa Giudice was a buyer for Macy’s.

E! News reported Teresa Giudice attended her sister in law, Melissa Gorga’s (second?) store opening (E! failed to mention Melissa Gorga’s partner, Jackie Beard Robinson) Envy, E! News reports Teresa was very supportive of Melissa and all that jazz. Then, Teresa revealed (again) she was a buyer for Macy’s;

“My background is fashion. I went to school for fashion,” Teresa shared.  “I used to work at Macy’s Herald Square in the buying office and I also was on the vendor side. I worked for Nine West and Calvin Klein handbags. So, I have a fashion background. She has her mommy.E!

Readers directed us to old press coverage of Teresa’s alleged employment with Macy’s as a buyer; such as NY Daily News;

Bravo’s bio of Teresa says she worked as a buyer for Macy’s, but in actuality she worked the department store counter for a few weeks, said the source connected to the couple NY DAILY NEWS

I don’t know if this snark, most likely is, Gawker states;

When they get there, Teresa says to the owner, “I used to work in the fashion industry. At Macy’s.” “Oh, were you a buyer?” “No, I worked the register at the Macy’s in the Paramus Park Mall one Christmas. I’m really a fashion insider. Gawker

Bravo TV’s old Bio of Teresa Giudice stated she was a buyer for Macy’s;

Teresa Giudice old bio on Bravo TV

Teresa Giudice old bio on Bravo TV

Teresa Giudice’s new Bravo TV bio does not mention Macy’s


Teresa Giudice no mention of Macy's

Teresa Giudice no mention of Macy’s

I can see Andy Cohen arguing, “it’s not relevant”; okay, what’s the purpose of a BIO then?

While we started to dig which included making phone calls; we came across the days from Teresa Giudice on Celebrity Apprentice when she said she was a buyer for Macy’s; to be fair, I can’t remember the exact dates the show aired or when Teresa filmed, however, The Huffington Post quotes Teresa Giudice when speaking of her strategy;

My strategy for Celebrity Apprentice was to go in being myself because I knew that would throw people off, that they would be expecting the table-flipping Housewife, and really, that’s only a small percentage of my personality. I have degree in fashion marketing, was a buyer for Macy’s, and wrote three successful cookbooks.

I remember thinking at the time because I had doubts if Teresa was a buyer for Macy’s and just really worked the counter; I can’t remember if Teresa actually said she was a “buyer” or an “associate buyer” for Macy’s actually on the show (Celebrity Apprentice), but I remember thinking; maybe it’s true because Macy’s would have said something since Celebrity Apprentice,Donald Trump (at the time) had a work relationship with Macy’s.

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More Media Quoting Teresa Giudice as a buyer for Macy’s.


“I have a job! I have four jobs actually. My first and most important job is being a mommy. But I’m also an author, I run an online boutique, and I make appearances around the country. I think I’m the only New Jersey Housewife that actually went to college. I have a fashion degree and worked as a buyer for Calvin Klein and Macy’s before I had kids. I’ve always worked. I love to work. But my family comes first. “I just signed with ICM [International Creative Management, a leading talent agency], so yes, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of me! I’m also releasing my own fragrance, a make-up line — and a line of cookware. PARADE

Things you didn’t know about me segment with U.S. Weekly;

4. I was a buyer for Macy’s. US WEEKLY

There are several media outlets having quoted Teresa Giudice saying she worked as a buyer at Macy’s, we could list them all- but you get the point, right?

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Was Teresa Giudice a Buyer for Macy’s?

We contacted several departments at Macy’s including corporate and headquarters and there is no record for a “Teresa Gorga” or “Teresa Giudice” working as an “Associate Buyer” or a “Buyer” for Macy’s. No record exists according to Macy’s.

If anyone wants to challenge me on this: go for it, make sure you contact the store where Teresa claimed to be a “buyer” for as well as corporate Macy’s.   We also found out one of the requirements to be a buyer requires you have a 4 year college degree (Bachelor Degree), Stoopid Housewives has an earlier version of Teresa Giudice’s BIO stating Teresa had a two year non transferable degree and not a four year degree;

Before becoming a housewife, Teresa earned a two-year non-transferable degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from Berkeley College. She worked in the fashion industry in New York as an associate buyer for Macys  before deciding to stay home with her children. She is the owner of TG Fabulicious, an online boutique. Her first book, “Skinny Italian,” a lifestyle title that teaches authentic, healthy Italian cooking with over 60 recipes straight from Salerno, hits stores in May 2010.  Her second Cookbook, Fabulicious was published in April 2011. Stoopid Housewives 

Why is it important if Teresa Giudice worked as a buyer for Macy’s? Two reasons:

  1.  Teresa keeps saying she worked as a buyer for Macy’s and there is no record of it
  2. Our readers asked

As far as Teresa actually having a degree from Berkely College (University of Berkley) or working for a sales rep for Calvin Klein our reader asked about ? (and Vogue)

Before she had her oldest daughter, 10-year-old Gia, and became a “housewife,” Giudice worked for Macy’s as an assistant buyer, then associate buyer, then became a sales rep for 9 West and Calvin Klein handbags. North Jersey

I am beyond exhausted.  I can tell you this: I did not reach out to Vogue or Calvin Klein, but a search on Vogue’s website comes up nothing for “Teresa Giudice” .  If Teresa did work with Vogue, her name should come up in the credits somewhere– they do not.

I do hope however there is some explanation for Teresa touting herself as a buyer for Macy’s, we couldn’t find any press coverage for the past 20 years either for Teresa Gorga or Teresa Giudice working for Macy’s as a buyer.  We reached out to Teresa about this discrepancy and so far have not heard back.

My Thoughts? I don’t know why Teresa continues to say she was a buyer for Macy’s when it’s easy to verify no record exists.

What do you think?