Teresa Giudice Cellmate Deseree Bradshaw Tells All. Or Does She?

Teresa Giudice Cellmate Deseree Bradshaw Tells All. Or Does She? We look in to who Deseree Bradshaw is and her motive her the “Tell All” 

Life & Style published an article in their print edition titled, “Teresa’s Cellmate Tells All” it’s an interview with Teresa Giudice‘s cellmate Deseree Bradshaw at Danbury Prison. After reading the article in Life & Style, Reality TV Scandals, let’s just say found a more interesting story than Deseree Bradshaw‘s “tell all” and wonders if Deseree is “telling all” since we contacted Danbury Prison.

Since the article is in Life & Style’s is in the print edition, I will highlight the interview verbatim, we strongly suggest you get your own copy on newsstands.

The article is an interview conducted by Life & Style magazine with Deseree Bradshaw, a woman claiming to be Teresa Giudice’s cellmate, the magazine purports Teresa is not telling all, I was not aware Teresa has given any interviews (did I miss something?) since her release from Danbury prison on December 23, 2015. The purpose appears for the interview is for Deseree to “tell all” what Teresa is not telling such as; meltdowns, advances from other inmates to relationships with guards and special treatment.

Tears and Outbursts

The magazine suggests Teresa wants fans to believe Teresa served her time stoically and according to Deseree Bradshaw that isn’t the case. Deseree says;

“She [Teresa] really cried a lot” at one point struggling to record her name for the prison phone system.  Deseree also says Teresa cried at night because she missed her family and tucking her kids in at night.
The magazine then says Teresa’s meltdowns didn’t always end in tears; Teresa was repulsed by the bathrooms and a picture of a (gross) toilet appears in the article.

Featured Teresa Giudice Tell All

Deseree says Teresa would throw fits and say it’s disgusting in here and line the toilet with extra paper knowing it wasn’t enough.. Teresa couldn’t understand how women could be “so nasty” Deseree told Life & Style. The magazine says that is most likely something Teresa won’t talk about it and then says, “Deseree isn’t holding back” and then says the reality tv star (Teresa Giudice) isn’t eager to talk about how her fellow inmates were hitting on her; then gives examples of how the female inmates at Danbury Prison hit on Teresa Giudice;  women telling Teresa she was pretty and had pretty teeth and Teresa handled it well, laughing it off.

Side Bar: Don’t worry, we will discuss these “bombshell” revelations below. 

One thing Teresa didn’t deal with well according to Deseree was Teresa seeing her first fight. According to Deseree, Teresa ran away and says, “Oh my God, they’re fighting. Go get help.”

The magazine then talks about how Teresa got special treatment from the guards.  Deseree claims the guards at Danbury Correctional Institute sucked up to Teresa Giduice and got special treatment.  The special treatment? Inmates normally have to wait a week for their funds (money) to deposited in to the commissary accounts but Teresa had immediate access.  Also according to Deseree, Teresa’s other perk? According to Deseree, Teresa was permitted to use the ‘short line” in the dining hall to get her meals– the short line is normally for, sick & elderly inmates and kitchen staff.  Deseree claims Teresa was issued a kitchen uniform– Teresa was supposed to clean off the tables and sweep the floors; according to Desere;  Teresa never swept the floors or cleaned the tables, but Teresa had a uniform to enter the short line.

The big bombshell? Joe Giudice 

According to Deseree, Teresa got more comfortable in prison and began to gossip about other inmate romances but wouldn’t discuss her own marriage to Joe Giudice, 45, who is scheduled to surrender in March of 2016 to start serving his 53 month sentence for mortgage fraud. According to Deseree, when Teresa was asked about Joe cheating, Teresa would reply with, “It’s a big lie”

And there you have it, that is the big “Tell All” from Deseree Bradshaw.

Let’s discuss Deseree’s “tell all” since we contacted Danbury Federal Prison and the dirt we found on Deseree Bradshaw.

For the claims of Teresa crying all the time and missing her kids? I don’t know if Deseree has children, but I bet you Deseree herself shed a few tears herself when she first went to prison. Let’s be realistic here, anyone going in to prison; I am sure will cry themselves to sleep. Nothing to see here.

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Deseree Bradshaw claims of inmates hitting on Teresa Giudice?  I am sure Teresa will talk about it since it was briefly mentioned on the, “Teresa Checks In” special that Bravo TV aired. And if Teresa does decide to discuss other female inmates hitting on her- I am sure Teresa was repulsed by it, not because she is a homophobic, because you are living in close quarters with each-other in abnormal circumstances i.e. Teresa grossed out how woman can be so gross; the toilets.. I am sure the toilet situation judging by the photo; it’s a combination of nasty women and need of remodeling.

Speaking of “homophobic” something Andy Cohen could accuse Teresa Giudice of being. Andy did not allow Joe Giudice, “Juicy” to live down calling the dance teacher a slur (Season 1 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey) that Andy claimed was a gay slur–according to the Giudices and at the time; Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita and Dina Manzo, it was “Jersey Slang” regardless, even if you live by the bible (Alexis Bellino) Andy will make your life hell if you think marriage should between a man and a woman because the bible says so–personally, if two people are happy and in love, why not? Who am I stand in someone’s way? That’s our feelings regarding the matter.

As far as the “big bombshell” Teresa saying it’s all lies that her husband, Joe Giudice, cheats on her. Are we surprised? No. It’s something Teresa has denied for years.

As far as the special treatment;

Guards at Danbury Prison Correctional Institute Sucking Up To Teresa Giudice?

This doesn’t surprise me. Do you remember when O.J. Simpson was arrested in 2008 in Las Vegas, the “Jail” show just happened to be in town? They showed O.J. Simpson being booked and the4 guards escorting O.J. to his cell? Just take a look at how O.J. was treated from the minute he was brought in to OJ being escorted to his cell. The first scene, a woman who appears to be of some kind of power greets him with, “Hello” and other inmates are not treated nice like this.  When O.J. was taken to his cell, his guards are telling him, ‘if you need anything just ask, that’s what we are here for” as if it’s a resort and not a jail; and then O.J. asks for reading material and the guards fetch him reading material.

In this news segment, the anchor asks the producers why the jail allowed them in, while explaining, the “Jail” told producers if OJ objects, then the cameras were to be shut off; in other episodes, inmates objected and it was filmed- enough said.

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This doesn’t surprise me at all if guards sucked up to Teresa Giudice. Guards are human who get star struck- it’s as frustrating as the TSA worker who allowed Kim & Kanye West to bypass security and get on the plane before everyone because the employee (an idiot) was starstruck.

As far as the claims of Teresa having access to money early and the short line? We called Danbury Prison, after sever phone calls being told to call a different number and this number and signing a form etc. This is what we were told;

A woman who did not want to be named and spoke in general about inmates commissary funds (despite us asking about Deseree’s claims) said there are several steps from; “positive fingerprint identification, Trulincs card being issued to the inmate to staff availability to update the Trulincs system” I also remember Teresa Giudice’s attorney, James Leonard, assisting Teresa to make sure her money was available.

As far as the kitchen uniform and using the shortline?

Again, a person who didn’t want to use their name (despite us signing the media agreement), we were told, “If an inmate is issued a Kitchen Uniform then the inmate does work in the kitchen” Again, the woman not wanting to discuss Teresa Giuidce, but inmates in general; it is possible inmates are granted the use of the short line; the only thing I came away with it was; Teresa did work in the kitchen and may have been allowed to use the short line while not working for her “safety” since Teresa is a high profile person.

Who Is Deseree Bradshaw?

After reading this joke of a “tell all” I seriously thought to myself, “did Teresa help facilitate this tell all’? Since it’s lack of a tell all? Maybe to beat other inmates from “telling all”? Then I decided to look in to who Deseree Bradshaw is.

Myspace Photo of Deseree Bradshaw with an unknown male

–Myspace Photo of Deseree Bradshaw with an unknown male

According to LinkedIn, it appears Deseree Bradshaw is supervisor at “Central Parking” in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Deseree Bradshaw Linkedin Profile

Deseree Bradshaw Linkedin Profile

Then I got a hold of Deseree Bradshaw indictment (which was sealed for a while), according to the indictment; Deseree and Khalil Pitts [attempted] to defraud TB Bank;

Deseree Bradshaw and Khalil Pitts conspired and agreed with each other, and others unknown to the grand jury, to commit offenses
against the United States, that is, to knowingly execute and attempt to execute a scheme to defraud TD Bank, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1344, and to knowingly and without lawful authority use a means of identification of another person, during and in relation to a bank fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1028A(a)(1), and (c)(5).

Deseree Bradshaw is a horrible person.  She used her position at T.D. bank to steal identities of bank customers names & account numbers; used their account numbers and allowed Khalil Pitts and another unknown male to pose as the bank customers and make withdraws.

The indictment names “A.F.” as the victim and says Deseree used the bank computer to make bank inquires when the customer wasn’t in the bank. I wonder if Deseree knew who “AF” was because she got this person for $21,000k+.

The indictment then explains Deseree withdrew $2,400 from several of  “A.F’ accounts totaling over $21,000. When Deseree withdrew the amounts from several of A.F. accounts, she allowed Khalil Pitts and another unknown male to collect the money- pose as “A.F.”

On April 24, 2015 Deseree was released on $25,000 bond according to court records.  Deseree pleaded to Bank Fraud & Conspiracy on September 17, 2014 and was ordered to surrender by November 14, 2014 by 2 pm. Deseree Bradshaw was sentenced to 1 year and 1 day in Federal Prison. It appears Deseree got out early also for good behavior? According to the BOP  website, Deseree was released on September 25, 2015. It should also be noted Deseree was ordered to pay, $21,600.00, in restitution– an amount Deseree could have made for this so called, “tell all”


I am sure you have children to take care of and I read Khalil Pitt’s indictment as well; he was in this game a lot longer than you (unless you were too and only got for these crimes?)  but you are a messy thief who can’t be trusted– there is no homor among thieves; you made the choice to steal; you have no business “telling all” when your hands are grubby dirty. #GirlBye


We put in a message to Teresa’s attorney, James Leonard, to see if Teresa & Deseree were actually “cellmates”, we will let you know if we hear back from Mr. Leonard.

What do you think Of Deseree Bradshaw’s Tell ALL?