Alaskan Bush People Season 3 Episode 7 “Alarmed & Dangerous”

“Brownton is under siege to divide and conquer or loose everything they’ve built! (Built! That’s a word I would use loosely)…after a bear broke in returning from the Browns fishing trip”…

If you all recall, two weeks ago, Billy decided that since a bear had been on their property and destroyed a lot of their items outside he was taking the ‘entire’ family for a overnight fishing trip. So they boarded up the window, took the dog and went fishing.

This is where I have a problem with this episode and last episode.

Why haven’t the bears been their number one issue? Every week we hear that the Browns are cracking down and getting ready for winter. Bears go into hibernation in the winter and before they do they are looking for food, so why is it just now they’ve realized, “hey we’ve got bears”!! So we’re supposed to believe that they haven’t seen one bear until now, and instead of making sure they’ve make more efforts to bear proof their home, they decide to go fishing?! Anyway…

Since bears are crazed for food, they will go after everything. The bear has ransacked their home, ate the dog food, destroyed items and pooped…loved that. I looked at Ami’s face when she said that and it was just so nonchalantly, “look there’s excrement on the floor”, no emotion whatsoever…image image image

Okay now we’ve got the drama! Matt is on a mission, “gotta find that bear and track it down!” So Matt conveniently finds bear footprints, and follows them. image imageYeah Matt, with the amount of bears on that Island, I can say without reservation, there’s more than one black bear where you live! Yet Matt sees the bear in the woods and starts whispering what the bear is thinking…oh good grief..”I’m not going any further, you’re not getting me, I’m staying right here in the woods” Okay Matt…Billy starts telling everyone, which he should have said a long time ago, “No one goes alone without a gun” Bam says, “We’re gonna shot now”. Genius Noah comes up with a better idea, “I’m going to the junk yard, and make a bear alarm out of sirens.” Hmmmm…

The next morning Noah goes to the junk yard in Hoonah saying, “I have to look for materials, maybe a car horn to keep the bear away, like sirens from a police car” Of course he finds a siren and police wires…they just so happen to be there.

Now totally unrelated, Matt is at the dock with Paul. Paul is the guy who is ‘feeding’ them hauling work. He asks Matt if the boys can haul three items. Matt looks like he’s going to make a million dollars! “We are totally interested! We want to take this seriously and make our parents proud!!” Rah! Rah!

They have to go to Tenekee Springs, which is further than their last job, but Billy is so proud. “They want to redeem themselves taking ‘The Integrity’ out again, I know they can do it together”. Yet..once the boys leave Brownton the family is vulnerable to bears!!! They’ve been vulnerable to bears all season because bears are everywhere!!!

Back to bear proofing…Noah is making his ‘amazing’ motion sensor, siren thing and creates a circuit board out of junk. He explains in the bush he has to use a butter knife to wire the siren, the lights, and the motion sensor together.

We’re focusing on “Bear” who had met Madelyn, a while back in Hoonah. Ami and Bear are having their ‘fireside’ chat about the usual girl talk. Bear says, “Mom tends to scare them off..” He just listens, smiles and tells us he’s prepping for her visit by reinforcing a ‘tree house’. Bam, always the voice of reason, says, “Bear needs to tone it down…how many times a day does he have to say ‘awesome’?!” I agree Bam! image imageSince every week we see the boys building something, you knew we’d see them building again. They’re fixing floor joists, attaching pullies, making this a reinforced tree house! Amazing how 3 boys can do this in less then a couple of hours, in the bush!!

That night..we see the outside cameras and then inside they decide they hear a bear and insist Bily stays inside. So Bam, Gabe and Bird, get their guns out and to kill this bear!! I wanted to know where the rest of the family was? Bird has 5 brothers and she’s outside with a pistol? Anyway..Bam sees the bear, aims, and says, “This bear is dead!” No such luck, we know these boys can’t aim..the bear walks away.image

Its the next morning and Madelyn has arrived on the island. How, I don’t know, because we just see her there. Bear introduces her to his family and by the way Matt sounds in his voice, he’s hot for her too…Bear says to her, “Wanna see my treehouse??” How old is he? Two?! He takes her up to his treehouse…wow..image image

We follow them around and Bear takes her to his favorite tree and asks her if she wants to climb this too. He says, “I’ve been looking for an extreme girl for a long time, and she’s so extreme!” Unfortunately it’s not good. Madelyn has to go back to Arizona for school. Bears heart is broken, but they promise to keep in touch by mail..Bear says, “I’m keeping my hopes up”. Then she just leaves….odd.

Its night time now. I feel like its last episode. Cameras are outside again and the bear is approaching the house..what we don’t know is Noah has set his ‘Bear Alarm’ up with a trip wire, and wouldn’t you know, the bear trips the alarm and the bear runs away from the noise and lights.


The next morning Billy is having his talk with the boys as they are leaving for their hauling trip. Billy is nervous because he doesn’t want what happened last time. They listen to him and promise they’ll get along. Matt tells Bam, “we have to work together” Bam acknowledges he has to keep his temper in check.

The one thing Matt didn’t know is that Paul asked them if they could pick up a ‘cooler’. I think the one thing they should have asked is, what kind of cooler? No Matt it isn’t a styrofoam cooler, it’s a ‘refrigerator cooler’ in a crate. They have no idea how to pick this up. So they ask the guy in the boat to bring the cooler next to their boat.imageimage Now this thing looks like it weighs a ton, but since only 2 of them are hauling it into the boat it’s probably not. It’s not clearing the dock, and Matt has determined the chain is stopping it from clearing. He removes the chain, and amazingly he replaces it with rope and it clears the area to get on the boat. They just so happen to have the correct rope and make the perfect knot so it doesn’t slip off the pullie…there is no end to their stunts every week!image image

Bam says, “We all worked together on this one!” Gabe says, “We’re men out here, we can handle this!” Now we’re off to Tennekee..and wouldn’t you know..a storm begins. This episode continues next week for the “Alaskan Bush People” season finale…full of tears and tragedy. I don’t want to put my complete thoughts into next week but I think the undertone sounds like they leave due to destruction, but I think the destruction is ‘really’ due to the courts.

As far as last night, we saw bears, bears and more bears. “Bears” new girl. The boys again, on dock hauling items that only crews could haul, and the never ending ‘building’ that is always done in less than a day. I can’t wait for next week! For more reasons than just a recap! Have a fabulous New Year!