A Look At Lawsuit Filed By; Danica Dillon (Ashley StammerNorthup) vs Josh Duggar

I really really hate to be put in this awkward situation, but I have been asked several times what I think of the lawsuit by admitted adult entertainer  Danica Dillon (real name: Ashley Stamm-Northup)  filed against Josh Duggar, so I am going to give my thoughts below.. This post has been in draft mode for months… here we go..

Warning: the content below contains an opinion along with statements from Danica Dillon herself.

Before we get started, let me say this: Josh Duggar along with his parents; Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Duggar are HORRIBLE people– and so is TLC for profiting off the family for the years they had them on air knowing the allegations were out there (Josh molesting his sisters) and as TLC continues to profit off the family with the Counting On Special with Jill (Dillard) & Jessa (Seewald); who made light of the despicable acts committed by their brother.  It’s important to note: both Jessa & Jill are victims of their brother, Josh Duggar.  We have discussed TLC and the Duggars in the past– don’t mistake this OPINION for support of Josh Duggar.

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When news broke Josh Duggar‘s name turned up in the Ashley Madison hack–viewers weren’t really surprised because the family is full of hypocrites a couple months prior– In Touch Weekly made headlines for validating the claims that were already on the internet: Josh had molested his sisters along with other un-named, non-related young girls.  What followed next was; using the email address ([email protected]) Josh used on Ok Cupid! and Ashley Madison, one of the media outlets inserted the address on Facebook search bar; a profile had popped up that Josh was using (the same email that was found in the hack) the media discover Josh followed porn star, Danica Dillon ( Ashley Stamm-Northup); the press then contacted Danica Dillon and she gave a few subsequent interviews.  It was revealed by Danica that Josh Duggar not only paid her for sex and despite Josh being violent with her; she agreed to a second encounter; Danica explained in an exclusive with In Touch Weekly that was published in the print edition..

Screen grab from print edition of InTouch Weekly: Creepy!

Screen grab from print edition of InTouch Weekly: Creepy!

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Since the interview is in only available in the print edition; I will summarize below the “bombshell” interview with In Touch.

WARNING: While we are trying to make the version clean below, the content below could be considered graphic.

Danica Dillon appearing in the center fold (cover story) told all from–the place they met “where it went down at–to- the “bed” where she (Danica) and Josh’s sexual encounters took place.  In touch was nice enough to provide an image. (sarcasm)  Danica explained she was performing at the Gold Club in Philadelphia, where she was a featured dancer; a two hour drive from Josh’s former employment, “Family Research Center”. Unbeknownst to Danica; Josh, was a “super fan” of Danica’s and had followed her “career” and later found out that Josh had set up a Facebook account wherein Josh impersonated the son of Golden Sach son, Jonathon Blankfein. It just so happens that Danica modeled for the Ashley Madison website; a website notorious for encouraging couples to have an affair. (Gross)

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Danica claims Josh walked in to the Gold Club but didn’t recognize Josh from the Duggar clan;  Danica said Josh told her he was a fan and loved watching her very first scene (on an adult website), and said he flirted and then it got creepy. Danica said as she performed, Josh just sat in one place starring at her (isn’t that men do in places like that?), then Danica says Josh approached her and said ” he wanted more” , Danica then said she performed private dances for $100.00 a pop and Josh purchased $600 in sessions.  Danica then claims Josh asked her what it would take to spend the evening together; Danica then carefully words admitting to take the opportunity because “Josh offered to gift me $1,500”

The magazine then states Danica gave Josh Duggar her hotel information (Double Tree) and 45 minutes later, Josh was at the door. (Note: I am going to keep this clean as possible to not offend our readers), Danica says when Josh arrived he wanted to get to the point of their visit basically.. Danica says Josh got rough with her and was talking dirty to her– Danica admits she talks dirty in her movies but that is in her movies; Danica then explains Josh got undressed and undressed her and was sexually rough with her; grabbed her neck and degraded her.  After they were done, Danica says Josh got up and got dressed and threw money on the dresser– leaving her only $1000.00 and not the $1,500.00 basically.

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A month later– Josh sought Danica out again. This time, Danica was performing at another strip club; Josh walked in and gave her creepy vibes as he did last time while watching her perform.  After Danica was done performing (dancing?), she signed autographs and Josh walked up to her with printed photos of her (screen grabs from movies) and then calls one photo from her “innocent days” where she was only 22 but looked 15 and another photo where her make-up was all over her face because she was in tears (in the movie) explaining, she couldn’t understand why someone would want the photo signed. Danica says Josh also brought two dirtier videos; Danica claims she wasn’t surprised considering.. (assuming considering her performance in the videos? I don’t know, I don’t watch this type of stuff)

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According to Danica, he [Josh] assured her he’d gift her the full $1,500 this time” InTouch Weekly

Danica explained to Intouch Josh hung around for 35 minutes and balked when a bodyguard demanded Josh give her space–Danica says Josh wouldn’t go away.  Sometime in between this all, Josh managed to approach Danica and asked her if she would be willing to spend more time with her. Danica says she told Josh that their last encounter “was too much for her and she can’t handle that”. Danica then says Josh told her he was sorry and he was not in his right mind and he got excited because, “that’s what you do in your movies” so I figured you would be OK with it. I’d really like to spend more time with you”.

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The magazine notes Josh assured Danica he would be sure to gift her the full $1,500 this time and Danica agreed– (again) gave Josh the info for her hotel room. Danica told the magazine, but this time, “I hid my phone under a pillow with the screen up in case I had to call 911″.   Danica told In Touch the last encounter Josh was gentler with her but still grabbed her hair and called her names. “He was being verbally abusive but more physically gentle” (a claim Danica would also tell ET) and then added; they didn’t’ use a condom.  And that was it, Danica says; he [Josh] got dressed and put the money on the counter and said he hoped to see her soon”. Danica then reveals she thought it was weird Josh didn’t want a photo with her and that “was very odd for a fan, normally they want a photo with you and to be seen with you”.

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Danica also told In Touch Josh never mentioned his delusional wife, Anna Duggar, who was six months pregnant. (duh).  Danica says Josh told her he was from D.C. and drove up to see her because he (obviously) was a fan and she didn’t recognize him until the Ashley Madison leak happened on August 19, 2015, the news also revealed Josh also had another alias, “Joe Smithson” on Facebook and “liked” her page.  Danica claimed after the Ashley Madison scandal, “it all came flooding back” and she said, “that’s the guy from Philly”.

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The magazine goes on to say, after Danica learned more about Josh (the molestation scandal) and how is parents helped cover it up while preaching “Christian Values”; “He is a complete 100% fraud, total fraud” Danica told InTouch; Danica then revealed she feels “disgusting” herself now that she knows about his relations with his sisters; “I in no way shape of form condone incest” Danica then says she wishes she wasn’t the person in this scandal.

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Danica also says she believes Josh is hiding more (don’t we all?).

The Lawsuit

Danica is asking for $500,000 (good luck with that!)

The lawsuit it’s self claims; Danica is suffering from emotional distress and believes Josh deceived her by apologizing ( the second encounter) so the two could meet again, plaintiff alleges she has not been able to work in her “chosen” field since the encounter and has been under the care of a psychiatrist. The attorney for Danica, Marc J. Frumer,  told People Mag  he suspects this case will carry on for the next 18 months since Josh is in “rehab”.

Legal Argument

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First of all, abuse of any kind is never okay–let’s get that out of the way.

I have read some comment sections on various websites the past week, while majority of the commenters feel Danica is not a victim and she willingly met up with Josh again and took his money; not to mention both; Danica & Josh were committing a crime: prostitution! Danica can word it anyway she wants “he agreed to gift me $1,500.00″ it’s still prostitution.   Make no mistake: just because someone (in this case Danica) is a prostitute- it does not mean it is okay to abuse someone.  While other commenters feel Danica is a victim and are calling people “heartless” and “rape apologist” because they don’t share the same viewpoint, I think that is ridiculous and quite frankly; just because you don’t agree with someone; it gives you no right to label someone a “rape apologist” nor does it mean they are victim blaming;  this case is tricky. Personally, my views towards the Duggars in general make it hard to even write this because I am repulsed by the family at the same time am suspicious of the lawsuit; moreover, my concerns are surely concerns Josh’s attorney’s will bring up.

I don’t like it when an attorney releases a civil lawsuit to a popular media outlet (TMZ) Why? When you are claiming your client is suffering emotional distress (ahem.. Joanna Krupa), why would you want the world to know you are filing a lawsuit? Unless you have truly suffered from emotional distress (yes, I now everyone is affected differently), nine times out of ten, you don’t want the world to know. In this case, I think maybe the attorney hopes Josh will cave in? I don’t know.

Bottom Line: It makes you look like a famewhore. Yes, the Duggars are famewhores too.

Let’s look at Danica’s several statements and claims in the lawsuit.

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Basically Danica is claiming;

Josh caused severe physical and emotional trauma; I don’t argue that Danica was traumatized; what I do argue is:  Danica herself stated when she first met Josh he creeped her out; why hook up with someone like that? Danica also claims that Josh offered to pay the full $1,500.00 second time around; I believe Danica when she describes what Josh did to her–but I question why on earth would “Danica” welcome Josh back to do it again? She was clearly freaked out. I don’t care how much money someone is willing to pay; if someone freaks out you out and did what Josh did; why the heck would you not only take his money again; why would you put yourself in that situation again?

Another claim; Danica through her attorney alleges she has been under the care of a psychiatrist; if this is the case; some type of proof would be needed– although a psychiatrist by law can’t reveal personal information; in a civil case however,  a judge could order that proof of a written letter or at least testimony be ordered to back up the claim (Plaintiff has been in their care and timelines would have to match up; let’s say if Danica was seeing a psych since 2012; that wouldn’t work; it would have to match up by the claim; Danica sought treatment after the encounter).


Several commented; Danica wasn’t traumatized to give an Exclusive to In Touch ( and collect money), personally, I am willing to bet she was compensated (rightfully) handsomely and later on give an on camera interview to ET (Entertainment Tonight); who is also known to pay for interviews. Don’t get me wrong; if you are going to give an interview (especially where it will capture a lot of attention) you deserve to paid! However this will be a legal argument.

Danica‘s line of work will be heavily scrutinized– enough said, I don’t wanna talk about that more than I already am..

As stated already; Dillon told In Touch and ET basically Josh creeped her out both times he came in the establishments; but admits to hooking up with him. Why would you hook up with someone if they creeped you out? Another legal argument could be as far as Josh degrading her; in her profession; aren’t you supposed to act out what the customer wants? I mean, I never did this type of stuff, I am just thinking from a legal standpoint.

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Is Danica Lying? Danica’s Social Media Tells A Different Story!

Danica claims to not be able work in her chosen “line of work” because of the emotional distress and of the actions of Josh Duggar.

Well, Danica’s Social Media activity tells a different story; take a look at this tweet— we can’t even show it because it’s.. well, let me just say; Danica re tweeted the tweet; it’s a movie she is starring in. Caution: ADULT MATERIAL.  Another tweet; a fan telling Danica they just read an interview of her in another adult mag for the December issue; again; these types of interviews–you get paid for. See tweet here. Also another tweet of another movie..a tweet Danica saying, “off to scores” which I assume she isn’t hanging out.. a tweet about a movie she shot.. this tweet here, for some reason the Instagram post was deleted; another tweet from July saying she would be at “@hqnyc”, another tweet Danica here announcing a performance in July of this year, “first show at 12”; a tweet asking who will be coming to see her next weekend.

In the event the tweets are deleted;  I do have the archive of the tweets if they by some chance disappear.

There are several posts on Danica’s Social Media feeds debunking her claim that she is unable to work in her “chosen field” since her encounter with Josh Duggar and I don’t like that–it makes it hard to defend Danica; especially against Josh Duggar; someone we despise; why do we despise Josh Duggar? Because Josh Duggar is a hypocrite.  As for Danica? I don’t know Danica as I don’t Josh, but I don’t like someone who lies and it appears this lawsuit is fueled by greed and lies.

Our Verdict/Thoughts?

Danica’s own Social Media accounts tells a very different story; and that is all we are saying on the matter since you asked.

What are you thoughts On Danica’s Lawsuit?