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Reality TV Scandals was shocked to learn Robert Hoffman who authored, Kate Gosselin: The Rise and Fall Of Reality TV Queen announcing the re release of his first book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, priced appropriately at $8.88.  Check out our Q&A with the author himself..

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The reason Reality TV Scandals was shocked to learn, Robert Hoffman, a former U.S. Weekly photographer/reporter who was hired to cover the infamous Gosselin Scandal of 2009 (how the book came to be) re-released the first book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World  because Kate Gosselin filed a lawsuit against Hoffman, her ex husband Jon Gosselin along with 20 Jane Does.  In the lawsuits, Kate Gosselin alleged her ex, Jon Gosselin and Hoffman conspired to steal her hard drive; in other words, Kate alleged; Jon gave Hoffman the hard drive therefore citing the documents were received illegally.

Interestingly, Gosselin never called the book, “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World” lies, plaintiff Kate alleged the claims were exaggerated, nevertheless, the cases were dismissed; for Gosselin, with prejudice and for Hoffman; without prejudice.  In a move to block Hoffman from publishing the book, Kate put a copyright claim on her journals–in essence owning the claims such as animal abuse, child abuse, greed, fraud, everything Hoffman claimed in the book. You can view all the court documents to the case here, also see a copy of the copyright filing below.

Anyhow, so we decided to send the author, Robert Hoffman a few questions to answer and he was kind enough to answer them, check them out below.

Q. What made you re re release the first book, “Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled The World” knowing Kate put a copyright claim on the journals?
A. I’m not going to worry about what Kate Gosselin and her lawyers are going to do. It is my opinion that the Gosselin children have been irreparably harmed by their own mother and continue to be exploited and physically and emotionally abused to this day by their mother and it’s being covered up by a billion-dollar television network whose only interest in the Gosselin children is how much money they can generate in advertising dollars. It’s sick and twisted but the public can’t get enough apparently. I’m a big believer in ‘if you see something, say something’ and this is me speaking up once again on behalf of the children who can’t speak for themselves.
Q. Do you think Kate will have her attorneys pull the book?
A. I think the last thing in the world Kate Gosselin wants is to go through the excruciating discovery process of a lawsuit and have every detail of her life for the past 16 years put on display for the world to see. We on the other hand would love for that to happen. We have a lot of unfinished business with Ms. Gosselin in the inside of a courtroom in front of a judge and jury.
Q. What about TLC? Do you anticipate and legal action from them? 
A. TLC has nothing to go to court with us about. All information used in this book was obtained absolutely legally. One of the most respected lawyers in the country if not the world is standing by waiting to finish what we started. I think the last ridiculous lawsuit Ms. Gosselin filed made her look foolish. She ended up running away from that suit with her tail between her legs. The next time she might not be so fortunate.
Q. Can you tell our readers what is different from the first book, Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled The World] and, “Kate Gosselin The Rise And Fall Of A Reality TV Queen”?
A. It you are at all interested in this story, then this is the version of the book you want to read. There is no paraphrasing this time around. You read Kate Gosselin’s words verbatim; Her emails; Her private journal where she details the beating of her babies in diapers; Her exchanges with her handlers, lawyers and her television executives.
 This is a raw, unedited, gritty, unsanitized account of what transpired during the tabloid explosion years of Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht with Dave Barry-like snarky commentary from the author who followed the Gosselin’s every move, sometimes 24/7 while covering the story for US Weekly. It’s for the reader who wants to dive into this mess and really get their hands dirty. You’ll feel like you’re there on the scene discovering new details and breaking tabloid news.
 This version of the book is big. It contains 78,800 more words than the edited version. There are so many details that have yet to be discovered and reported on in the mainstream media. It’s not for the faint of heart

Thank you Robert!

Hoffman’s book he released last year, Kate Gosselin: The Rise and Fall Of A Reality TV Queen, ended up being a #1 seller on Amazon.  Dr. Lillian Glass, A Body Language Expert reviewed the book as well, she called Kate Gosselin Toxic and feels TLC should take Kate off TV.
We plan on reviewing this book as well; we do have a book ahead of, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World, if you wish to review the book–and not be bias- give a fair review of the book, contact us or find us on social media. Links on the side bar and contact link.
If you wish to read either book, both can be found on Amazon on the following links.
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As far as Kate Gosselin?  Her twitter feed has been quiet since November.

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