Photos of Home The Alaskan Bush People Trashed

The cast of Alaskan Bush People Leaves Rented Home Trashed.

We are going to warn you to proceed with caution, the photos are disgusting.

In season 2 of the Alaskan Bush People when the Brown Family pretends to have just lost everything (it was revealed they stood there and watched it sink until a camera came) were forced to live in the “city”.. Remember the that was featured on the episode?  Guess what? The Browns left it trashed!   Here is a you tube still photo of the home

youtube photo still of brown family in home they trashed 2

Here is the Brown Family posing for photos outside of the home

Brown Family posing for photo in front of the home

This is how the family left the home

alaskans bush people leaves fridge filthy 2


Matt’s fridge? alaskans bush people leaves fridge filthy with matt name on it

The fridge has to be thrown away.

alaskans bush people leaves fridge filthy


Not to bad, right?12239716_1110271942316995_5652310830034872845_n

Okay.. some milk.. no biggie..


Any guesses what this could be?


I have no words to express the outrage how the Brown family think it is acceptable to leave the homeowner with a mess like this. Shame on you Billy, Ami, Birdy, Solomon, Gabriel, Noah, Matt and Joshua Brown.  I am sure the Discovery Channel has an excuse–bitter homeowner? I am sure he is after getting his property back in this condition.