Alaskan Bush People Season Premier November 11, 2015

Guest Post By: Donna

Alaskan Bush People Season Premiere, November 11,  2015

 More questions than answers: 

“Alaskan Bush People” is back and just as confusing and downright strange as ever. Instead of having a quick catch-up of the Brown Family, let’s start with the Discovery Channel that seems to have more questions about their shows instead of telling us the truth. They have always claimed to never lie to us. Let’s start with the change up at Discovery Channel headquarters.


“Discovery Channel promises to stop showing fake shows or mockumentaries” says President Ross 


What was once an enthralling educational program station that left you itching to learn more,  has completely disappointed the public with their sensational garbage, lies, and fake setups to bring in the masses for television ratings. No more “documentaries” that made sincere science lovers want to throw their trash at their television. It seems there is a new President on the block and hopefully he has some sense to what used to be a learning channel instead of acting like the fake “TruTV” station.  “


The channel’s new chief, Rich Ross, was elected as president in late October of 2014, but only officially joined DC in January 2015. It seems that in all articles written about The Discovery Channel Mr. Ross has promised to stop broadcasting fake stuff, or “mockumentaries”.


“It’s not whether I’m a fan of it,” he [Ross] said, speaking about said mockumentaries, which we shall ignore. “I don’t think it’s right for Discovery Channel, and think it’s something that has run its course. They’ve done very well… but I don’t think it’s something that’s right for us.”

Well that good to know, so Mr. Ross and your producers for “Alaskan Bush People”, why are we still repeating all the past seasons of this “fake stuff” and premiering its new season on Nov 11?

For the few of you that actually need a recap of Season 2, let’s just briefly touch base:

Ami, the family matriarch, was all over season 2.  In the beginning she had been a background character who rarely spoke, Billy did the leading in her words as well as telling his clan of seven kids what and when to do it. Ami’s life-or-death issue centered on her 12 infected teeth to be removed, spreading to her brain if left untreated. I just found it strange that when these supposedly infected teeth were removed,  in the next scene you saw the same amount of teeth in her mouth. I also questioned how these teeth were paid for to be removed?  All of this might be true and I look forward to finding out when I watch Season 3 how the Discovery Channel will either explain, in Billy’s narrative, how Ami is doing with her teeth or it will just be put under the rug. Remember what our new President Mr. Ross said, “no more fake stuff”. Finally, in the promo for Season 3, we see Ami interacting with a state trooper, claiming she’s done nothing wrong but is “being treated like a common criminal.” We were left in the dark on that one, but we can only guess with many questions lingering about how her mother and brother were so desperately trying to find her. Comparing Billy to a Svengali and not allowing her to see her mother or family. Why? I would love that question to be answered. If Billy and Ami hide behind their guns and Bible do they not believe in what God says? Forgive one another? I believe there will be more questions concerning Ami, and Billy’s hold on her this season than any other season.


The Browns have a house now. Where did that come from? From all the reports in newspapers in the area it was built by a local construction company. Their name is on Facebook along with crediting the project manager and foreman, that is public knowledge.

So another question Mr. Ross, why are your producers lying to the viewers who watch this “no longer fake show”? Your words, not mine. On a program on the new Discovery Channel, which is about living in the Bush, if the family had actually constructed an entire house, they would have had  six seasons’ worth of material, a crew of more than 4 boys, not just an ax, and none of it could have been chopped down in the Bush? Not even “The Waltons” could have made that house with their construction business. Instead, the Brown boys went from basically building a shack to having a two-story home. Again, another falsity. I also find it completely hilarious that not one of them knew how to put a stove pipe in the ceiling and their solution was to fire a gun into the roof to place holes where the pipe would go. Just to go a little further, Bear didn’t even know how to use tar for the roof and instead of being “smart”, he used his hands to spread the toxic material. Now we’re suppose to believe this crew of idiots can actually build a house? I think the only things they can do is pitch tents, jump from trees, howl, and pretend to kill deer with a gun that had a cover on the scope.

Another "medical emergency" for Billy. Maybe this time they will rent an ambulance? Too much work, Billy?

Another “medical emergency” for Billy. Maybe this time they will rent an ambulance? Too much work, Billy?


 Trouble with The Browns: 

Lately it’s been no secret in Alaskan newspapers  concerning the trouble the Brown family has been in. Six members  have been charged with Alaska hunting and fishing license violations related to their residency in Alaska.

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As we know The Discovery Channel have always claimed to discover The Browns  as “a recently discovered family that was born and raised wild.” That again is a falsity. We can go back to the late 90’s where they lived, whether in motor homes or renting cabins in other states such as Colorado and Texas, not Alaska. Billy reportedly moved to Alaska on Aug. 24, 2014. That is not a family that were born and raised wild?

It’s not the first time the Browns have faced potential legal trouble connected to this family. In October 2014, a Juneau grand jury charged six of the family members with 60 counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and first- and second-degree theft after an out-of-state fraud tip prompted the Alaska Department of Revenue to investigate the Brown family’s Permanent Fund dividend applications. The criminal cases are ongoing, with the next hearings set for this month.

Most Alaska residents are eligible to receive a PFD if they have lived in the state for at least one year.

To sum up the upcoming new season of “Alaskan Bush People”, has anything changed? Mr. Ross became President way before this season began filming, so why is he claiming “no more fake shows”? This show has an overwhelming viewing, and I know it’s not all love. I read the comments both good and bad. I don’t have a clue why anyone gets so caught up in this hype and uses excuses that’s its entertainment. That’s fine, then be honest Billy and stop lying to the majority of us Americans that see through your verbiage of standing behind your “Bible and guns”. If you’ve watched “Duck Dynasty”, it’s a million dollar company with a family that believe in God and show it through their actions. Yet, it is entertainment. There is nothing on that show so serious to make us believe those few men have conquered the world in 3 years, it has taken them since the 1980’s to build their empire. The Brown family has and never will live off the grid. They know how to use a “real” phone, they have been in photos and videos with girlfriends and fans. They’ve had documented articles written about them in Alaska and Texas of their lies, their constant acts of pretending to have birthed each child in the wilderness is just a fabrication and I for one am holding The Discovery Channel forward with their promise. So Mr. Ross, you have repeatedly said, “no more lies, no more fake shows, no more mockumentaries”, here is your change to prove it to one viewer who is sick and tired of being treated like an idiot. As a viewer The Brown family is getting old.


Our readers have been emailing us;

I’ve noticed the discovery channels promo commercial showing bear(spelled OCD), oiling his bolt action rifle with chicken grease from a skillet .. Stupid as this is. But you can tell its frozen breaded chicken from a box. Probably Banquet brand frozen chicken. ?? I guess that’s bush people cuisine??? Check it out. You’ll see it.






What do you think?


“I live in a sort of rural area and am roughly Amis age. . she does what??? I have seen her cook occasionally and wash a dish or two, but not much else. Her first priority should be set up and organize camp THEN get a garden going. She doesn’t seem to sew. . she doesn’t mend holes (though for 9 rough and tumble people their clothes don’t seem torn or worn out) she doesn’t use the hides to make costs, gloves, blankets, or ANYTHING!! Next on the list foraging. She collected a hand full of berries ONCE! She should be making jam or syrup and canning anything she can find. Or drying herbs. . something. . ANYTHING!!! She doesn’t even cut the meat to aid the butchering process. . what the heck? She doesn’t seem to have things organized. . money, supplies, clothes, foodstuff. . again, NOTHING. How about getting chickens or wild birds in a hutch so there are eggs and meat? Or a goat for milk and cheese? How about making bread? What does she do???? I’ve never even seen her straighten bedding or fold towels or clothes. Have they got a throne hidden in that dang tent?”

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