Was Tori Spelling Behind The Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Lifetime Movie?

Is Tori Spelling Behind the Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 story? We can’t help but wonder with Tori’s promoting and appearance on Celebrity Lie Detector.

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Continued from previous post; Did Tori Spelling Lie in Her lawsuit against Benihana Grill

Although Lifetime is infamous for their unauthorized movies; i.e. Whitney Houston, Unauthorized Saved By The Bell, Unauthorized Melrose Place, Cleveland Abduction, (Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, Michelle Knight) just to name a few..

We can’t help but wonder if Tori Spelling had a hand in the unauthorized movie of Beverly Hills 90210.  Why?

  • Let’s start with the obvious: Tori Spelling has a working relationship with Lifetime Network despite her show, True Tori, flopping.
  • I am not going to rehash the whole movie, there are plenty of recaps on the internet, but I can’t help but to point out how the movie wants you to thank for Tori Spelling for everything.  According to the movie Tori, not only did Tori tell her father, Aaron Spelling, (creator of Beverly Hills 90210) that he needed to produce more teen-oriented shows, Tori also is responsible for Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty roles.
  • As Billy Nilles at E! stated;
    “Aaron Spelling you did not deserve this”
    Tori is still bitter.
  • Tori Spelling comes across as the good girl and the spoiled brat who didn’t deserve the role in the first place–Tori admitted on Celebrity Lie Detector, that her father is the reason she got the job on Beverly Hills 90210, despite calling her agent to schedule a casting call under the name of “Tori Mitchell” In other words: Tori apparently held the key to Beverly Hills, 90210’s destiny. *eye roll* Oh, that’s the one thing we found out Tori was honest about: her getting the role because of her father.
  • Tori Promoting!

Just in time for the Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 movie, Tori had “designed” a T Shirt which would mean: PROFIT!

  • I should also mention; Tori promoted the unauthorized 90210 movie unlike her former cast members; Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green,Gabrielle Carteris,Tiffani Thiessen etc.

Tori tweeted a link to US Weekly (Tori’s favorite mag!) for a promotion of Tori appearing on Celebrity Lie Detector airing right after the unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 movie on Lifetime.

It’s worth noting the responses Tori got;

To be fair, there was one super Tori fan who stated; “love you Tori always a fan”, then again, when you look at his timeline, it looks like a planted fan–just like the planted questions on Tori Spelling’s flop show, “True Tori” that aired on Lifetime, for the reunion, Lifetime & Production allegedly took questions for the “True Tori Reunion” (they never separated, not sure why it was called a “reunion”) and all of the questions were planted from production, take a look and see for yourself here.,) the questions they didn’t want to answer were questions surrounding, the True Tori Scandal being fake…

  • Tori needs money! Tori will walk over whoever is in her way to get money–even it means lying and saying, your Father only left you $800,000 and badmouthing your own mother. (Candy Spelling)
  • Tori’s former cast members did not promote the movie like Tori did–matter in fact, some of them were not happy with Lifetime’s Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 Movie.. Jason Priestley who was a producer and cast member flat out said (tweeted) he hated it!

Shannen Doherty (who played Brenda Walsh, Brendan’s “twin” sister said (tweeted) it was bullshit!

Ian Ziering tweeted;

Then started to call out things the movie got wrong..

That tweet lead to an instagram post which was cute;

..#unauthorized90210 Your mother and I are very disappointed. No Mondale for a week

A photo posted by Ian Ziering (@ianziering) on

I am not saying Tori Spelling produced the Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 movie–not at all, I am just saying she could have.. you know, told producers a few things.. arranged for the appearance on Celebrity Lie Detector for payment? Something is just not adding up here.. The movie was supposed to be about the behind the scenes type of stuff that happened while filming,  instead, the movie basically focused on Tori being a hero, and Tori’s off and on, frenemy, Shannen Doherty being a bitch.  To be fair, these rumors have been out for a long time about Shannen Doherty, however, you can’t ignore what is mentioned above; Tori Spelling looks like the “hero” of Beverly Hills 90210, she promoted it and is profiting off her T-Shirts she allegedly designed.. This could backfire.. Remember that lawsuit Tori Spelling filed against Benihenni Grill?

Speaking of Celebrity Lie Detector.. (What a dumb name for a show!), although we couldn’t sit through the whole episode, Tori once again was not honest about her father leaving her only $800,000. Not true, according to her mother, Candy Spelling, in her book, “Candy At Last“, Tori and her brother Randy got a big payout before their father, Aaron Spelling died.. Also, Tori downplayed the whole thing in an interview saying she knew what she was going to get, conveniently leaving out the payout..

Despite appearing on the cover of Us Weekly after her father died, Tori pretended to be devastated about the amount of money her father left after the payout. You can read more about it here. As Candy Spelling said; “Kids don’t get your parents fortune until they both pass away”.

There was something else she lied about but we only watched the first 20 minutes, our attention spans couldn’t handle the whole hour.

I am not going to touch on the sex subject with Tori & Jason Priestley.. Tori acted like she was horrified and just “couldn’t answer that” then went on and on about it.. Personally, I don’t care if they did. Why a grown woman would allow someone to ask them personal questions like that knowing it would be on T.V. is disgusting. I just can’t with Tori Spelling.. Tori is a liar and an attention seeker in my opinion.

We want to know what you think– Do you think Tori Spelling had a hand in Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 that aired on Lifetime? Let us know in the comments.