Is Tori Spelling Lying in Her Lawsuit Against Benihana Grill?

Did Tori Spelling Get Caught In A Lie Regarding Lawsuit Against Benihana Inc.?

We caught Tori Spelling In Some Other lies on “Celebrity Lie Detector”

Is Tori Spelling Behind the Unauthorized 90210 Lifetime Movie?

Where to begin? Let’s start with:

Did Tori Spelling Get Caught In A Lie Regarding Lawsuit Against Benihana Inc.? 

If you remember; on Easter of this year, somehow… Tori Spelling managed to fall on a grill at Benihana Grill “Benihana Inc”, Daily Mail online had a playbook on the incident, they had pictures of Tori at the gas station looking at her burn (conveniently in camera view), and followed her around but didn’t follow around other public figures on Easter.. Go figure..

Before you say I am being rude–D Listed  caught on as well.

Tori Spelling Burns


We even snarked a bit only because Tori Spelling is notorious for her hospital stays.. Remember?  The VIP treatments?  Anyhow, after Tori’s husband, Dean McDermott, went on a press tour to talk about Tori’s burn then things went quiet.. then photos like this starting up; Tori in her backyard showing off her burn.. To be fair, the burn does look painful..

Tori Spelling Burn

Then came the lawsuit..

Although I can’t find a copy of the actual lawsuit which is odd..  Oddly, TMZ, reported in early September Tori was suing, Benihana Grill for lost wages and damages for a burn Tori sustained resulting from falling on a grill.  Other reports stated Tori was unable to work..

Oddly enough, TMZ noted;

 In the lawsuit Spelling says she racked up medical expenses, “general damage” and wage loss … although there’s no mention of where she was employed.

I say “oddly” because it was most likely Tori or someone on her “team” leaked the lawsuit to TMZ.

Fast Forward..

Tori Spelling recently appeared on Celebrity Lie Detector following an unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 movie on Lifetime. Tori Spelling was busy promoting the movie (which you can read more about it in the next post) and her appearance on Celebrity Lie Detector.

How can Tori Spelling claim she is not able to get work in her lawsuit when she just appeared on the show? We know Tori Spelling doesn’t do anything for free–Tori even profits off her paparazzi photos and tweets; but this is the most work Tori has had in awhile. One could argue, Celebrity Lie Detector episode was filmed before Tori got burned in April of this year which happened to be Easter Sunday.. Well, if that’s true, then why did Tori hide her left arm the whole time?

Photo Credit: Snapshot from Celebrity Lie Detector via Lifetime Network Notice how Tori's arm was carefully set on her lap during the interview?

Photo Credit: Snapshot from Celebrity Lie Detector via Lifetime Network
Notice how Tori’s arm was carefully set on her lap during the interview? Also possible Tori had her arm covered in make up also.

In Tori’s lawsuit against “Beihanna“, Tori claims she hasn’t been able to work and “lost wages” as mentioned above; despite not really having a job and I don’t say that to be mean– all of Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott‘s shows were cancelled; True Tori, Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever, Mystery Girls not to mention; all of Tori’s failed business ventures such as Tori’s boutique/store.  Tori is living off of sponsored/promoted tweets; anytime Tori gives a shout out to a restaurant or company she is compensated one way or another,  along with the planted paparazzi pics Tori profits off if.  Don’t believe me? Tori herself admitted in her book, Spelling It Like It Is as we documented here in the Tori Spelling archives, also here are some examples documented by Exposarazzi who happens to be a paparazzi.

Then there the Paparazzi Staged Adult Store photo fail by Dean McDermott..

Our point? Either way, Tori Spelling is lying.  Tori is making money. Tori isn’t losing wages.  There were recent photos of Tori such as the one above, in the original article on Daily Mail, they gave another play by play of what is going on in her life, you always know when Tori was involved–Tori has makeup on, the photos are in her backyard like the one above with the burn on her arm–it’s illegal in California for the paparazzi or photographers to take photos of you on private property and sell them to the magazines or even for the magazines to publish them.. Ahem.. Caitlyn Jenner, and Tori.

Michael Simon, from StarTrak photos, his speciality is following celebs around in hair & make up normally product pimping, a celeb will be conveniently be in front of the window in a store, of course in good camera view, while holding up a box of Cheerios or whatever they are paid to promote, a trained can tell is all I am saying.. the person doesn’t have to be product pimping.. The celeb/public figure makes a cut from the photos if they set up the deal up with someone like Michael Simon, which Tori has done and continues to do.

Yes, that did happen before with a B List Celeb and the cheerios.. I can’t remember her name..

Michael Simon had exclusive photos for sale on his website of Tori & her kids in her backyard around the time Tori Spelling & Co. concocted and/or reenacted the cheating scandal in order for Tori to have her True Tori show.. Exporazzi once again caught on to Tori Spelling.

Photo Credit: Exporazzi, click photo for full post.

Photo Credit: Exporazzi, click photo for full post.


Regardless, something isn’t right here.. This why is why we ask the next question: Did Tori Spelling Have A Hand in the Unauthorized Beverly Hills 90210 movie that aired on Lifetime?

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