Is Reality Tea Bullying Brandi Glanville ?

Let’s face it, when Leann Rimes was copying Brandi Glanville‘s every move and posting photos of Brandi’s children and practically bragging about stealing Brandi’s life and husband; it was hard to not be sympathetic to Brandi–especially when Leann declared on Entertainment Tonight (or was it Inside Edition?) that the war was “one sided” meaning, it was all Brandi. Do we agree?

Brandi Glanville like Bethenny Frankel was the underdog on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Bethenny was on the The Real Housewives of New York. Neither were rich, neither had jobs or clarity for their futures. Bethenny became successful although there are dead bodies everywhere while Brandi didn’t play her cards right. Do we agree?

Reality Tea is a website that features; Exclusives, Reality TV News,  the antics of Reality TV Participants on Social Media  etc. Yet, Reality Tea is best known for their snarky recaps of Reality TV shows and Podcasts–bless them, it’s not easy to do. We recapped only one show and it was torture.

Reality Tea also recap Brandi’s “Unfiltered Podcast” and Brandi Glanville isn’t thrilled.

Brandi Glanville recently tweeted the following tweets below, before we discuss them I want to make clear: we did not communicate with Reality Tea, we have in the past stood up for other websites that were accused by outlandish things such as with AllAboutTRH, when Kathy Wakile accused the website owner and commenters of being “racist” yet invited them to cover her book launch. Any blogger, journalist, website owner can find themselves in this situation, meanwhile, you have these Reality TV stars are doing things such as joining franchises knowing their family who they don’t get along with are on just further your own agenda-or- in this case; Brandi Glanville who has admitted she has done things just for sake of the show. Naturally, people are going to talk.  It does not make anyone a bully or a racist.

Personally, we have received more cease and desist then we can count–we always fought back behind the scenes and won, especially on a certain subject, we believed we were right and had a right to discuss the subject and situation.  Anyhow, we are posting this only because it feels like the right thing to do. I don’t consider Reality Tea competition, if that were the case, we would have to pack up.  Besides, I used to religiously read their site everyday until this site was started, now, it’s hard to read other websites.

Moving on to the tweets.. Let’ discuss these two collectively.

I don’t think recapping a podcast or reporting on the sometimes crazy tweets of Brandi’s falls into the category of “Stalking’. Hell, we covered some of Brandi’s tweets just as we stuck up for Brandi as well.

With Brandi’s documented fits of questionable behavior, such as; pulling a Jill Zarin, saying one minute she quit The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to turn around and say she wasn’t asked back in other words fired, you know, the game Jill Zarin played. In this case with Brandi; in some sort of way, Brandi is seeking sympathy because she is a “single mom”.  Last time I checked, a single mom is exactly that: a single mother. End of story.  While Brandi does have obnoxious Leann Rimes as a “stepmom” to her kids, it’s not like Brandi is taking care of her kids by herself, her ex husband Eddie Cibrian  “Bonus Mom” Leann have the kids when she does not. A single mother to me is when the father is not involved in the children’s lives. We can agree to disagree on this.

It’s hard to sympathize with Brandi Glanville as we did once before.  When you admit you did things just for the sake of ratings such as throwing wine in a cast member’s face as Brandi did to Eileen Davidson on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills & Watch What Happens Live to Jeff Lewis and making ridiculous statements for the sake of the show off season by saying, “Kyle Richards told me Lisa Vanderpump lived in the Valley“first of all, duh, #girlcode, if someone tells you something; it does not mean you have to tell everyone for the sake of TV show-or- to cover your ass for something you started. I would be here all day if I documented Brandi’s web of crazy on and off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her podcast. Who can forget the antics she started when her two books came out?

The truth of the matter is: Brandi made her own bed and does not want to sleep in it. I can’t blame her.

While I understand maybe Brandi is trying to change her image since not being on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and would go back in a hot minute full time if asked , if you keep doing things such as talking crap on former cast members and doing things for attention–you are going to get attention, maybe not the attention you want, bottom line is: Actions cause Reactions, especially to public figures.  I imagine it’s hard going from “fan favorite” to “most hated” of a franchise, but like it or not–Brandi has no one else to blame but herself.  You can’t mock someone’s race as she did to Joyce Giuard‘s, then when you appear on a talk show and are questioned about it–you have your assistant raise hell like she did here–especially when you claim to “own your shit” when in reality you make it excuses for it.

I have read some of Reality Tea’s recaps of Brandi’s podcasts, first of all, I give anyone credit who can recap as many shows as they do let alone recap podcasts, but let’s be serious; we all know Reality TV is produced and manufactured for the most part and with Brandi admitting she was the villain for the sake of the show; it is impossible to not be snarky, especially when you know the person (ahem Brandi) is only doing things for a reaction and for the “sake of ratings” to only turn around to claim to be a victim, it’s hard to not call someone out. It’s also hard to not call someone out who talks over their guests.

The next Tweet.

Is Brandi seriously referring that Dylann and just spelled his name wrong? I am not touching this one because I hope I am wrong.

Reality Tea responding by saying;

Let’s be realastic here. Rather Brandi was talking about the commenters or the bloggers; I think she was talking about both only because I read the recaps and personally find them funny, but if they were about me, I wouldn’t be happy, then again, when you behave a certain way… what do you expect?

On to the commenters; I do know Reality Tea has moderators as we do here, no, we don’t get the volume of comments they get; regardless; there is always that asshole who will say something so off the wall or go there.  With that said; I know also commenters can be just mean. But is that Reality Tea’s fault? No. And if commenters are threatening Brandi; I am sure the moderators would block the person.


Can Reality Tea be sued?

Anyone can file a lawsuit, but could Brandi prevail? From my experience and knowledge? No.  For one, Brandi Glanville is a public figure; it is hard to prove “bullying” or even slander when one is expressing their opinion on the way you are behaving.  Furthermore, Reality Tea just like any other website is not responsible for what commenters say, if Brandi is talking about the recaps; you have to remember; a competent judge would ask; Why is Reality Tea saying these things?  Reality Tea would most likely counter something like: Because of what Brandi does and says.

Could Reality Tea be sued for what Commenters say?

Remember the infamous case, Sarah Jones vs. The Dirty? Companies such as Microsoft and Facebook filed briefs expressing concern? I would go read it.  Sarah Jones wanted to sue Nik Richie for a comment a commenter made.

While Reality Tea is not responsible for what a commenter says, if a commenter is making threats, Brandi’s attorney’s could demand and even in some cases get a court order for them turn over information on the commenter such as; I.P. address, history of comments, user emails and id’s–that’s really about it as far as Reality Tea. Now, the commenters who make threats; yes, they can get in trouble.

If you are actually threatening any Reality TV Participant, then you need serious help and need to quit watching. Seriously.

If Brandi is referring to the commenters and not the staff recaps; why the hell is Brandi reading comments? Again–I am sure Brandi soaked up the positive attention and feedback she once got, I am sure she would read the comments and have a big o’le grin on her face of people calling Leann out, now that the tables are turned, I am sure it sucks to be Brandi Glanville right about now. Brandi should be thankful her podcasts are getting any attention, and if the attention she attracts is bad–and if the attention is bad–doesn’t that mean you should maybe change up your act? #JustSaying. If you want to be respected–respect yourself first.

On another note; if Brandi were to sue, I am sure we would hear her complain about the legal fees. Again.

I don’t know if I am more offended by Brandi’s behavior or Brandi claiming to be bullied since bullying is an epidemic and children are committing suicide.  Okay that didn’t take long to decide. I am sure this will earn us a block from Brandi Glanville, like I said, we’ve defended before as well as called her out.  shrugs not here to make friends.


Photo Credit: AP



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