Alaskan Bush People UPDATE: Knot The Alaskan Squirrel

Time for Alaskan Bush People Update

See Photo Of Billy Brown’s Children’s Book

Producers have  Live Q&A and don’t answer many questions

More Evidence The Browns Didn’t Live In Alaska

Did Matt Brown Bounce A Check? 


Many viewers have wondered what the name of Billy Brown’s children books are or were; we have a photo of one thanks to “Dain”

Billy Brown Book Knot The Alaskan Squirrel

“Knot The Alaskan Squirrel” Okay, Billy.. Moving on..


“Production” Park Slope Production,  hosted a Live Q&A on Facebook July 31, 2015.  Let’s just say production didn’t really answer questions, especially questions regarding the cast of, Alaskan Bush People not actually living “wild”, and the answers they gave for other questions were not truthful at all; names redacted, however, the Alaskan Bush People Facebook page is public, so you can see it for yourself.


Was it hard to convince them to do this show? They seem like very down to earth people that really don’t want the spot light on them. July 31 at 11:38am


 Alaskan Bush People That’s true, but they also really want to share their lifestyle with others


That is not true. Billy Brown and his broad have been trying to get on TV or make a movie falsifying their lives going back to 2008; we covered this, you can look through our Alaskan Bush People archives, we published the videos of the kids pimping out their fathers book, “One Wave At A Time” the kids said they were going to filmed re creating their lives.  Also, Matt Brown has aspirations of living efficiency in Hollywood.


For being in the bush for such a long time why is there so many mistakes or is it just to make the show more interesting


Alaskan Bush People The Browns will tell you that they have learned how to live in the bush through trial and error, which I think is wonderful and very brave


No comment.


Does the camera crew stay in the bush too during filming?July 31 at 11:40am

Alaskan Bush People We sleep in town, an hour boat ride from the Brown’s land, but spend the majority of time in the bush.


That’s interesting, I heard the “boat ride” is a mere 15 minutes away from the hotel, ICY Straight Lodge, where Brown family stays out during filming.  It was confirmed from Staff at the Icy Straight Lodge (they accidentally answered) the Brown family stays there and does their laundry there as well.  Oh yeah,  how were you able to catch the fake gun shots in the middle of the night in season 1 if you don’t stay at their camp site?  I want to see more of the comforts of home type stuff. How do they get their water for cooking and drinking. Why don’t they do any canning of their meat or make jams or such. Do any of them do crafts to sell or barter?


 I want to see more of the comforts of home type stuff. How do they get their water for cooking and drinking. Why don’t they do any canning of their meat or make jams or such. Do any of them do crafts to sell or barter? July 31 at 12:07pm

Alaskan Bush People Thanks for the feedback, you’ll be seeing more of that in future episodes


Of course you will.


I hear a lot of people say it’s just Hollywood they really don’t live this life style,how true is that? Reguardless I love the show & what a tight loving family they seem to be!! Heck,most families now days could learn a thing or two from them,you go Alaskan Bush Family!!!! July 31 at 11:43am

 Alaskan Bush People It’s not true at all. I’ve seen them living the lifestyle you see on TV. And I agree, we can all learn from the Browns.


While it may not be Hollywood, what Discovery & Park Slope productions are showing isn’t true such as; they don’t shoot the animals they are shown shooting, they are donated by locals, I am not going to list every single lie, you can read about it in our Alaskan Bush People archives.

People who complimented the show got answers; example; a Facebook user asked;

Wondering why the producer isn’t answering anymore questions… I thought this was live Q&A!

Production answered;

I am, I’m going as fast as I can!

Fair enough! However, a Facebook user several questions such as;

I live here and I see that it is not true. Why do u portray it as real when its not?

And the producer later said he was out of time.


Alaskan Bush People Thank you so much for your questions. Sorry I couldn’t answer them all in time. I have to sign off, but tune in tonight for the behind the scenes special, which will answer many of your questions!July 31 at 12:36pm


You can see the “Live Q&A” here.


More evidence the Browns did not live In Alaska 

As we told you, The Brown Family was cited in Alaska last month for not having a Fishing License and giving False Statements; the Alaskan Dispatch News “ADN” published an interesting article on August 12, 2015. The ADN notes;

Citations for minor offenses filed in Glennallen District Court on Aug. 5 show at least six of the Browns purchased resident hunting and fishing licenses but failed to meet Alaska Department of Fish and Game residency requirements.

It’s not the first time the Browns have faced potential legal trouble connected to questions about their Alaska residency. In October 2014, a Juneau grand jury charged six of the family members with 60 counts of first-degree unsworn falsification and first- and second-degree theft after an out-of-state fraud tip prompted the Alaska Department of Revenue to investigate the Brown family’s Permanent Fund dividend applications. The criminal cases are ongoing, with the next hearings set for November.

Most Alaska residents are eligible to receive a PFD if they have lived in the state for at least one year.

The Fish and Game citations issued in late July say Solomon, Joshua, Noah, Matthew, Billy and Gabriel Brown bought the licenses shortly after moving to the state following time living in Texas and Colorado.

The ADN then points out; Billy Brown moved to Alaska in August of 2012.

(Billy) Brown moved to Alaska on Aug. 24, 2012. Prior to his move, Brown maintained a residence in Colorado and Texas,” one citation reads. The date of the offense listed on the court document is Oct. 11 of that year.

The ADN goes on to say the citations for; Solomon Brown, Noah Brown, Joshua Brown, Gabriel Brown all read the same. The ADN also notes;

Fish and Game issued citations to Amora and Joshua Brown after an Alaska wildlife trooper on the patrol vessel Enforcer spoke with them and discovered they were fishing without current sportfishing licenses, according to an online troopers dispatch. Those alleged offenses took place on Sept. 24, 2013 in Hoonah, troopers said.

Did Matt Brown Bounce A Check?

You decide, all I am going to say; if that is a check number; that is a high check number for someone who lives “wild”

Matt brown check bounced


You can read more about the Alaskan Bush People below;

Featured Photo Credit: Alaskan Bush People Facebook Page via Park Slope Productions