Is Jeff Lewis Going To Lose His Flipping Out Show For Poor Ratings?

Jeff Lewis Claims He Was Fired From Living Spaces, Jeff Should Be Worried About Losing His Flipping Out Show. 

Jeff Lewis announced on twitter he was ‘fired’ from Living Spaces and now the internet chatter.. Some viewers are speculating Lewis made the announcement just to grab attention for his low rated, self produced Bravo TV Show, “Flipping Out”.   So we compare other Bravo TV Shows that go the ax for poor ratings.


This isn’t looking good; True Tori got better ratings. #ouch.

Jeff Lewis Tweeted;

Jeff has or in this case, had a long relationship with Living Spaces going back to 2011, see photo from 2011.

Living Spaces Facebook 2011

Living Spaces Facebook 2011


It’s not clear when (this was filmed a long time ago, at least a year ago) or why Jeff lost his “dream job”. Jeff’s tweet says he lost his “dream job” because “I said on TV someone didn’t do theirs”? Something doesn’t sound right about Jeff’s “announcement” on being fired and “humiliated”, seriously, why announce it?  Did Jeff’s contract just end? We can’t put our finger on this one this just yet.. something doesn’t smell right here. Could it be that Jeff is just trying to create a buzz to get people to tune it his ratings deprived Bravo TV Show, Flipping Out? The ratings aren’t doing so great.

Season 8 of Flipping Out has yet to break the 1 million mark. Tori Spelling’s “True Tori” did better in ratings. That’s bad.

71 1 “What the Flip!” July 1, 2015 0.843[40]
72 2 “A New Gage in Town” July 8, 2015 0.857[41]
73 3 “Womb for Rent” July 15, 2015 0.704[42]
74 4 “It’s Sabotage” July 22, 2015 0.787[43]
75 5 “Design Scene Investigation” July 29, 2015 0.839[44]


Other Bravo TV Shows Axed for Poor Ratings

The Real Housewives Of DC

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1 “Welcome to the District” August 5, 2010 1.62[3]
2 “Disloyal to the Party” August 12, 2010 1.39[4]
3 “Foreign Relations” August 19, 2010 1.37[5]
4 “The Grape Stomp of Wrath” August 26, 2010 1.42[6]
5 “Special Interests” September 9, 2010 1.23[7]
6 “Securing Homeland” September 16, 2010 1.27[8]
7 “By the Book” September 23, 2010 1.31[9]
8 “Nation Building” September 30, 2010 1.17[10]
9 “Party Politics” October 7, 2010 1.42[11]
10 “Reunion: Part 1” October 14, 2010 1.57[12]
11 “Reunion: Part 2” October 21, 2010 1.67[13]

Despite the Salahi’s crashing the White House and creating free publicity and headaches for The Real Housewives of D.C. franchise; the show did not return for another season.   It was rumored the show was cancelled because no one wanted to film with Michale Salahi and Bravo TV feared a lawsuit by Michale if Bravo TV axed her for that reason; Michaele would use the ” I was fired for having “M.S.” card) who knows if that really even had anything to do with it?  It was also rumored Bravo TV did not want to do another season because Tareq Salahi was a liability. Michale stated Andy Cohen did not bring the show back because no one would film with her, sounds to me like he just said that to appease her. It could be all of the above reasons, nevertheless, those were the reasons given..

One thing we do know–the ratings for the one season of The Real Housewives of DC did better than any season of Flipping Out.

Millionaire Matchmaker

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No. in
No. in
Title (season 7) Original air date U.S. viewers
73 1 “Softy Swayze and the Boy in a Bubble” December 5, 2013 0.87[22]
Note: Don Swayze stars in this episode.[6]
74 2 “The Know-It-All and Bigger Better Berman” December 12, 2013 1.08[23]
Note: Jonathan Cheban stars in this episode, and jeweler Jacob Arabo makes an appearance.[6]
75 3 “Courtney and the Peacock” December 19, 2013 1.10[24]
76 4 “The Running Man and Great Expectations” December 26, 2013 1.19[25]
77 5 “The Late Bloomer and The Gay Hugh Hefner” January 2, 2014 1.34[27]
Note: Andrew Christian stars in this episode and Guinevere Turner makes an appearance.[26]
78 6 “Mr. Superficial and the Nutjob Magnet” January 9, 2014 1.39[28]
79 7 “The Shy Extrovert and The Rescuer” January 16, 2014 1.00[30]
Note: Fiona Forbes stars in this episode.[29]
80 8 “Kid In A Candy Store And Groundhog Day” January 23, 2014 1.17[32]
Note: Stefan Richter stars in this episode.[31]
81 9 “Workaholics” January 30, 2014 0.89[34]
Note: Katrina Parker stars in this episode.[33]
82 10 “”Mr. President” Meets the “Beverly Hillbilly”” February 6, 2014 1.05[35]
83 11 “The Trust Fund Brat & the Cliffdiver” February 27, 2014 0.87[37]
Note: Jeff Ogden stars in this episode[36] and Carson Kressley makes an appearance.[6]
84 12 “The Technical Brain and Moonstruck” March 6, 2014 0.89[38]
85 13 “The Fixer and the Dick” March 13, 2014 0.87[39]
86 14 “Frat Brat and Numb With Fear” March 20, 2014 0.83[40]
87 15 “Make Time for Love and Betting on Change” March 27, 2014 0.78[41]
88 16 “Return of the Tough Teddy Bear and the Shredder” April 3, 2014 0.66[42]
89 17 “The Narcissist Meets the Inner Geek” April 10, 2014 0.70[43]

Although Patti Stanger announced she would be parting ways with Bravo TV and going to a new network, by looking at Stanger’s ratings for the past 4 seasons and this season difficult to find, it’s easy to see how one would think the ratings for Millionaire Matchmaker would not be returning to Bravo TV. Remember: Patti pitched her lifestyle, I am sure she has rights to her own show as Jeff Lewis has for Flipping Out. . Perhaps Patti did not get the money she wanted and is banking on a new network to pay more? Or Bravo TV just decided all together the ratings weren’t sufficient? Hell, most of the “millionaires” weren’t millionaires and the internet is littered with stories of just how “real” the show is.   Who knows. What we do know: The ratings for Millionaire Matchmaker are higher than Flipping Out’s.

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Pregnant In Heels

Season 1 (2011)

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 “Rope Pope, Maternity Concierge” April 5, 2011 0.53[6]
2 2 “Bedroom Rules” April 12, 2011 0.48[7]
3 3 “Baby Bump Bridezilla” April 19, 2011 0.67[8]
4 4 “Clueless” April 26, 2011 N/A
5 5 “Runaway Pregnancy” May 3, 2011 0.66[9]
6 6 “Birth-a-phobia” May 10, 2011 0.46[10]
7 7 “Couples Therapy” May 17, 2011 0.71[11]
8 8 “Daddy Boot Camp” May 24, 2011 0.61[12]

Season 2 (2012)

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
9 1 “Homebirth With a Side of Placenta” May 15, 2012 0.73[13]
10 2 “Taming the Tiger and the Terror” May 22, 2012 0.76[14]
11 3 “When Baby Robots Attack” May 29, 2012 0.76[15]
12 4 “The Trouble With Twins” June 5, 2012 0.79[16]
13 5 “Rosie’s Relationship Retreat” June 12, 2012 0.65[17]
14 6 “Dressing the Diva” June 19, 2012 0.71[18]
15 7 “Welcome to Hollywood!” June 26, 2012 0.93[19]
16 8 “The Pregnancy Dating Dilemma” July 3, 2012 0.40[20]
17 9 “The Case of the Ghost Infested Nursery” July 10, 2012 0.81[21]
18 10 “A Labor of Love: Rosie Gives Birth” July 17, 2012 0.63[22]

Slighly to close as Flipping Out.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis

Season 1 

Jeff Lewis who seems to love to be on TV so much had a spin off, Interior Therapy, the ratings were slightly higher than Flipping Out‘s are. It’s not known if the Series was axed, but wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have to film this show because your show you did for 8 seasons didn’t do great?  See Season 1 & 2 below.

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
1 1 “Almost Perfect” March 14, 2012 0.78[8]
Whilst renovating a master suite, the team suffers a number of plumbing accidents.
2 2 “Charity Begins at Home” March 21, 2012 0.75[9]
Jeff creates an art gallery in the basement of the home of Robert Lorsch and Kira Reed but must convince Lorsch to part with some of his collection first.
3 3 “A House Divided” March 28, 2012 0.93[10]
They must renovate a house which was inherited by the owner from his aunt and is still full of her belongings.
4 4 “Ross Is the Boss” April 4, 2012 0.82[11]
The team renovates a garage for Ross Mathews and his partner Salvador.
5 5 “Panic in Pasadena” April 11, 2012 0.94[12]
Jeff and the team attempt to help out a life coach who he thinks has hoarding tendencies.
6 6 “All That Glitters” April 18, 2012 0.81[13]
The team helps a couple who have not yet come to terms with sharing the design work on their property.
7 7 “Mama’s House” April 25, 2012 1.03[14]
Jeff helps a couple whose mother-in-law calls the shots on what happens in their house.
8 8 “Mismatched” May 2, 2012 0.99[15]
The team help to change the design of a home so that the owner’s girlfriend can move in.
9 9 “Design Bully” May 9, 2012 0.91[16]
Help is lent to a home-owner who Jeff really doesn’t get along with.
10 10 “Comedy Is Not Pretty” May 16, 2012 0.95[17]
Jeff helps comedian Mark DeCarlo.

Season 2

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date U.S. viewers
11 1 “Fabulous Delusion” July 9, 2013 0.92[18]
12 2 “Cats, Cats, Cats” July 16, 2013 0.95[19]
13 3 “Jillian’s Job Swap” July 23, 2013 0.97[20]
14 4 “The Castle” July 30, 2013 0.91[21]
15 5 “Kid Rules” August 6, 2013 1.13[22]
16 6 “Odd Couple” August 13, 2013 1.16[23]
17 7 “Goth No More” August 20, 2013 1.13[24]
18 8 “Tough Girls” August 27, 2013 1.05[25]
19 9 “Who’s on First?” September 3, 2013 1.05[26]
20 10 “OCDmented” September 10, 2013 1.21[27]

Then you have Miami Social and Rocco’s Dinner Party. Neither of the two shows did well in ratings.   Look at  The Real Housewives Of Miami

Note: Andy Cohen was asked if The Real Housewives of Miami would return and he said, “never say never”, however, we are going on almost  years now?

Four Seasons compared to eight seasons of Flipping Out had better ratings and got the ax.  One could argue The Real Housewives of Miami is more expensive to make.. Okay.. but Lewis has advertisers.. And maybe since Jeff produces his own show and doesn’t pay his employees to film or hires actors?  Do we believe Jenni who just happens to be an entertainer works for Jeff in real life? Who knows. Just speculating here.

If Jeff were to continue with Interior Therapy, he would need his right hand, Jenni Pulos to do the show. However, with Jenni a (new) mother and if in fact Jeff and Jenni really “move in” with the clients as portrayed on the show, one would think it would be hard on Jenni? Again, speculating.

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Lucky for Jeff Lewis, Not All Hope If Lost, Jeff Has Two Things Going For Him

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen

Jeff Lewis is not only liked By Andy Cohen— Jeff is also a favorite of Andy’s; the favorites tend to stick around-talented or not, look at the evidence and egos i.e. Nene Leakes.

Flipping Out is still on Bravo TV  despite poor ratings; any other network would have axed the show; the highest rated episode was 1.46 million and that was in Season 5. #ouch

Jeff Will Have Customers For Life?

Jeff Lewis brags he gets calls all over the world for remodels. That’s great. Jeff is sure to have clients for a long time. One thing Jeff may not be able to do is: quench his thirst to remain in the limelight (at least on TV) with ratings displayed above for Flipping Out.

Maybe things happen for a reason? Jeff and longtime boyfriend Gage Edward are looking to take the next step in their personal life and start a family… Don’t get any ideas you two.. Don’t put your child on TV., let that be a choice they make when they get older.. LOL!  We wish Gage &  Jeff the best, regardless. Time will only tell if Flipping Out stays on the air..