Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown’s Brother Speaks + Commentary

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Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown brother spoke up before the episode aired 

There is a lot of ugly going on the internet regarding this episode “Blood Lines” of Alaskan Bush People, making it exactly what Discovery Channel wanted.  Remember: This is a show that is far from Reality! The Browns do not live in the wild nor were they raised wild. We have spoke to Matt’s ex girlfriend, old neighbors have come forward all to say the Brown Family they knew does not live in the woods as they are portrayed.  My goodness, if you really know about the outdoors, you can tell just by watching them they don’t live wild because they would never survive. The family stays at the Misty Bay Lodge or Icy Straight Lodge, I can’t remember exactly, you’ll have to look at the other posts or ask Amia when she gets back. For those of you who chose to believe it, bless you all I can say and I will remind you to look at the imbd page. There are over 100 writers and directors on the page. This episode of Alaskan Bush People was far from Reality.


Many of you along with Amia (here at RealityTvScandals) have this watched unfold behind the scenes and to be frank–reading some comments through out the internet from people ASSuming Ami’s family wants their money and fame is laughable. If they did, we could have helped secure a deal with the tabloids and made Billy Brown’s worst nightmare come true and helped the Branson family get a big deal $, you have no idea what you are talking about. The only people who have wanted Fame was the Brown family, they have searched for fame going back to 2006; Billy has been wanting to reenact his life on the Boat (not living wild) for a while now. We posted Videos on Part 1,2,3 and 4 also on our other Alaskan Bush People posts. Thank you for the Alaskan Bush People Facebook Discussion Group that has been a thorn in productions side. Speaking of thorn in the side, it’s about time you learn the truth behind this episode.

Common Sense Factors

You heard Ami Brown say “I haven’t seen my mother since I was  17 years old”

Ami Brown dismissed her Mother’s stroke by saying,”it was the old stroke that happened 3 or 4 years ago” — Nice Ami.

Ami Brown said her deceased father was an alcoholic–presumably Billy is the reason why she not only refuses to her Mother but her siblings also.

Ami Brown is not Billy Brown’s first wife.

Ami Brown’s comment on ‘We’re family, were supposed to stick together” read 5 lines up.

Ami Brown married Billy Brown when she was 15 years old, Billy was 26 years old, you want Ami’s family to believe that Billy is not controlling? It may have not seemed like it on the episode or maybe not even on Alaskan Bush People, yes, Ami’s mother did give permission which Les Branson discusses below.

When Ami met with the trooper; if you noticed, the camera angle was all over the place. At one point the camera angle was pointing from the ceiling, behind the trooper, behind Ami and her daughter. The narrator said the troopers asked the crew to stand back, if that were the case–there would not have been so many angles; obviously the cameras were already placed in the ceiling, however, when you see a scene like you saw on Alaskan Bush People with Ami talking to the trooper and the camera angel is all over the place, that is done for one reason only; Frankenbiting<- make sure you read the link. The conversations are chopped up! 

The comment about how Ami acts on TV can only be one thing: producers chopped up the conversation, the family is most likely wondering why the Brown family is pretending to live in the woods. I can’t stress this enough: Discovery and The Brown Family chose to air this. Before you go getting all upset–remember they chose to show this, not the family. The family only wanted to see Ami.  I am willing to bet the scene with the officer was re enacted; it definitely shown  in Discovery’s own controlled manner like they did last season when confronting rumors if the show was real or not–we touched on that in the other posts. The land the Browns are staying on and leased by Discovery and built by Art Williams, is not even owned by the Brown Family.


alaskan bush people busted

The following comment was made by Les Branson on June 14th 2015 I am not going to paste the whole thing, Amia can do that when she gets back. It was posted on The Fair The Fun The Facts Alaskan Bush People page,


Les Branson starts out by introducing himself as Ami’s brother on the Facebook group page, and says;  “Everyone is wondering why the state trooper wants to talk to Ami”  Les mentions some “members of the group are aware that he has  been trying to get Billy to allow Ami to call her 82 year-old mother.” Les mentions it is his mom’s wish that she gets to talk to Ami before she dies. Les states his mom had a stroke, brain surgery and a pacemaker implanted almost three years ago and is currently in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  Chances are she may not even know who Ami is in a few years if she sticks around that long.

Note: Did anyone notice how rudely Ami dismissed her mother’s stroke?

Les says it is not his intention to air his family’s dirty laundry in public. We know that, Discovery and the Brown Family did Les, not you. Les also says it not his intention to vilify Billy before social media and it is simply a consequence of telling the truth. Les also said; 

It is not my intention to expose Billy’s and Ami’s children to my feud with their father. That too is a consequence of telling the truth. I am not trying to judge Billy. My deceased father was a drunken womanizer. Billy is a thief. My dad would never think of stealing. Billy will never allow alcohol to pass his lips. I don’t know which is the most damaging feature a father can possess, or which father would be considered more virtuous. My dad always worked hard and put food on the table, but he was never in my life much. If you called my dad a drunk I may punch you in the nose, but I would know it was true. If I call Billy a thief, I may garner the ill will of his children, but they too must know their father has skeletons in the closet. Most of us do. But most people will always defend their errant fathers. As the saying goes, “He may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.”

Les also continued by saying;

The sad fact is Billy’s many victims are coming out of the woodwork and trying to expose Billy or get some kind of revenge for their stolen property. Billy could not have predicted 30 years ago that social media would make us all vulnerable to public scrutiny. Billy has made my sister, if not an accomplice to his crimes and confidence schemes, at the very least a material witness or an accessory after the fact, thereby endangering her life. Maybe that is why prior to the television show he kept her hidden away from the public and her family. Maybe that is why she is visibly upset when she learns a state trooper wants to talk to her. Ami and Billy have been called “hippie grifters” by fellow Alaskans who have had contact with them and who know the inside scoop. I blame it all on Billy, because I know Billy has complete control over his family. I have never said one bad word about his children, nor will I ever. I don’t know them. My feud is with Billy – period. I know him.

Les then said; I don’t even care if Ami calls her mother at this point. The damage is already done. Les then said he is  happy for Ami becoming a television star, and for the success, however, Les feels Ami “has been a virtual prisoner of a domestic abuser for 35 years, and now she is free at last” then notes;  “somewhat”.

Les notes something very important something many people don’t realize;

People claim, Ami is an adult. She can call her mother if she wants to. The fact is, no, she can’t – not if it will upset Billy. Of paramount importance is not to make Billy mad. Ask the people on the dock who witnessed Billy’s anger and threats of death. Imagine being subjected to that violent temper for over 35 years since the age of 15.

And on the marriage, when Ami was only 15? Les says;

When Billy asked for Ami’s hand in marriage, my mom made Billy promise that he would: (1) Keep Ami in school until she graduated, and (2) Never keep her from contacting her family.

Les then says Billy immediately broke both promises and it wasn’t long until my mom realized she had made a big mistake and Earlene “had been the victim of a confidence man” and ..”she had given away her daughter to a thief and a liar.”

Les then states his mother tried to get Ami back  when Billy got into trouble for stealing horses in El Paso!

“My mom, sister and family friend kidnapped Ami away from Billy for two days and tried to talk sense into her, but to no avail”

Les says his mother allowed Ami to go back to Billy because she could see that Ami was madly in love with Billy and would not come to her senses. How many parents can relate to that?

Les says his mom may have reported Billy to the authorities for other misdeeds, trying to get Ami back, which also turned Billy against his momLes says his mother retired from civil service and has worked as a secretary for various government agencies, including HUD, the US Attorney and the DEA which  also made Billy leery of her sphere of influence and her capacity to get things done in trying to get Ami back. 

Les’s and the family’s chief complaint?

They haven’t seen Ami for 35 years.

I personally feel after last night’s episode, it’s going to be interesting to see what Les says after the way he saw his sister behave. Shame on Ami Brown and Discovery for airing this. Am made herself look like a real jackass.

Les then says he could give plenty of examples of Billy’s controlling nature and will later if he feels the need to.

Regarding the check the state trooper did on Ami’s welfare?

Les says;  I was not the person who requested it, though I wanted to.

Les then said he doesn’t even know the text of the email, however, he received a call from the trooper and they spoke briefly. That is how I found he found out about it. Les then said he was curious what kind of spin Discovery will put on the welfare check to obscure the truth. We’ll all be waiting and watching, I’m sure.

For more Les’s comment, you will have to get on Facebook. 😉

You asked it for Discovery–you chose to air this with out giving the family a voice and chose your own controlled method of airing it, shame on you. See Barbie Crafts post at the Examiner for a different POV.

I will update this post later with more commentary. I will warn you now, there are many fans of the show and that is fine, no one is telling you to not watch the show, if you make a comment and tell people to mind their own business for something Discovery CHOSE TO AIR or are rude to other commenters and tell people to change the channel, you will be banned.

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