Video: Washington Mother Outraged at Alaskan Bush People Producers and Susie Carter of Alaska Men

Meet Ramona O’malley, protective mother of, Christina O’Malley

Christina O'Malley

Christina fell prey to Park Slope Productions of Discovery Channel’s, Alaskan Bush People and Susie Carter

Photo Credit: Linked In, Click Photo To Go To Linked In Profile

Photo Credit: Linked In, Click Photo To Go To Linked In Profile

Ramona O’Malley tells Reality TV Scandals how her daughter, Christina Omalley was used for a prop for Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People.

Let’s start from the beginning–
Ramona O’Malley left a comment on, our backup website so to speak. You can see the comment here. I was able to find Ramona on Facebook and then was able to exchange private messages with her. I could tell Ramona was disgusted with whole ordeal. Little did we know at the time, according to Ramona, she was banned from commenting on all Discovery Channel’s ran Alaskan Bush People Facebook Pages. No, Ramona was not posting multiple comments either. Ramona was just letting everyone know the phone call was edited and that she, Ramona, mother to Christina O’Malley was disgusted.  I decided to give Ramona a call since Discovery blocked Ramona from posting, as they say, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up, I wanted to see what Discovery was hiding.

What is transcribed below are Ramona’s feelings.
I asked Ramona to start from the beginning–
Ramona explained her family is from a small town in Washington, the dating choices for her daughter… Well, let’s just say; as many of you can relate; when you are from a small town or even sometimes a big town;  you either end up marrying your high school sweetheart or you have friends and just wouldn’t go there-or- what is available is less than desirable.  Ramona explains her daughter, Christina decided to try owned by Susie Carter, a try. . Some of you may recognize Susie because she appeared on Oprah. I did not know this and never heard of AlaskaMen or Susie before this.

Note:  Discovery actually wants viewers to be believe, Ami Brown hunted Susie down and enlisted her help at the same time wanting you to believe this family is out of touch with Reality, but knew who Susie Carter was.
Ramona explained; her daughter, Christina had filled out her profile on when she signed up and Susie got back to Christina immediately. This was in January of this year, 2015. Susie told Christina she had some “men” in mind for her and she was a “perfect match” and they were looking for a country girl.  Christina is a down to earth beautiful young lady as you can tell by her photo.  Christina believed this is what Susie was looking for, remember Christina did not sign up on to join a Reality TV Show. 
Ramona says as Christina was talking on the phone, she heard Susie tell Christina they were filming a Reality TV show in Alaska featuring five men on a dating show and asked Christina if she would be interested, Ramona told me Christina knew she could hear the conversation, Christina just kind of shrugged and said, Okay! What did Christina have to lose her mother says, followed by “wouldn’t you” ? I said no, only because of what I know about Reality TV, at the same time understood Christina’s position.  Ramona says she was under the impression that Susie was actually taking Christina serious and wanted to find her a date, at the time, like every American, they have seen some Reality TV and did not know what to expect.
In the incoming weeks, Ramona says a producer was in touch with her daughter and as Susie was. Ramona explained Christina had to sign a Non Disclosure form stating Christina wouldn’t talk bad about the show and they could record the phone call and use the photo and would go from there–
Ramona and I laughed because Ramona didn’t sign a NDA.  Discovery, Park Slope Productions and Susie know Ramona was there the whole time while this is going on.  Sorry–Discovery, Susie, Park Slope Productions–you can’t sue anyone here for breach of contract! Ramona didn’t sign a contract and you knew Christina was with her mother while this was going on and even answered the phone a few times when she called–besides, you can’t sue someone over their feelings.Anyhow, Ramona says after talking to producers and Susie, they finally arranged for a phone call with Gabe which can be heard below at the end of this post.
All went well Ramona says, they were waiting for the next stage. Keep in mind, the family did now know much about Alaskan Bush People being FAKE and the personal issues the Brown Family has.  Susie then called Christina to say, Gabe wasn’t feeling well and was “so upset” because he wanted Christina to come to Alaska.  Now, I cringed when I heard this because this told me–they never planned on sending Christina to Alaska.  If Gabe wanted Christina to come up and they were actually looking for dates, why wouldn’t they send Christina up? Remember– Christina signed up on to find someone, not to play games or appear on a Reality TV SHOW, so imagine the family’s disgust when the episode aired. First of all, the conversation was edited. Secondly, as Ramona says;

I was upset because they [Discovery] didn’t inform us and upset how they edited the conversation. The conversation was edited to make the public think he was going to call her and possibly date her when Discovery knew for 5 months it wasn’t gonna happen and still used her voice and pic and edited conversation on television. I was very upset and outraged they would use her voice and image this way  and then use her voice when it was Bear’s turn to call his “date”. We were shocked when they still used image and voice on tv and we’re never informed of any of it . It’s a responsibility they should have and make better choices in how they go about things and Susie the Matchmaker as well. — Ramona O’Malley

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See video below how Discovery used Christina’s voice on Bear’s conversation, keep in mind, they used Christina’s voice all in order to keep the illusion up the Browns don’t know how to use a phone.

Susie Carter lied to Christina says her mother, Susie said it was a dating show then to add insult to injury–Susie said she would make it up to Christina, since after all, Christina did not sign up to be on TV and actually wanted to meet someone, remember I mentioned above Christina filled out her profile, while filling out the profile, according to Ramona, Christina age 27 listed her interests and what age group she was looking for. Miss Susie the Matchmaker then proceeded to “make it up” to Christina by wanting to hook her up with a man almost 30 years older. Yikes. Is Susie Carter another Patti Stanger?
Are we really surprised? No. When Ramona mentioned how friendly the “intern producer” was, I explained to Ramona, for all we know it could have been an Sr. Producer, regardless, that is a Reality TV producers job is to be your friend–they get what they need from you and after they do, they’re gone.

I did ask Ramona knowing what she knows now about Alaskan Bush People and just how Discovery blocked her on Facebook, would she have supported her daughter going up to Alaska to meet the Browns? A firm no was Ramona’s response.

Shame on you Susie Carter, Park Slope and The Discovery Channel. All just to make it seem like Bear Brown didn’t know how to use the phone and you wasted Christina’s time And no, Christina is not mad she didn’t get hooked up with Gabe says her mother, Ramona says the family is mad because Susie wasted her time and exactly what Ramona said above.

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