Why TLC Has Not Officially Cancelled 19 Kids And Counting

Three Reasons Reason Why TLC Has Not Pulled 19 Kids and Counting.. Actually, one JAW DROPPING reason why TLC has not officially cancelled, 19 Kids and Counting!  

TLC also known as the exploitation channel and the home of shows such as; Kate Plus Eight, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and 19 Kids and Counting have three reasons for not pulling 19 Kids and Counting.. You would think the network would have done it by now, right? Only because it’s the right thing to do.. right? No-sirey, this is TLC we are talking about. Check out the three reasons why TLC has not officially cancelled 19 Kids and Counting from the network–TLC only pulled the show temporally!

Once again, TLC is using Harvey Levin of TMZ as a mouthpiece/source/puppet as TLC (and other networks) has done before; such as when the Honey Boo Boo Scandal exploded–TLC pretended to be outraged and had Harvey let everyone know they leaked the Honey Boo Boo Scandal, well, this time, TLC wants you to know they are pissed at Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar! Not because of what actually happened with the Josh Duggar scandal! Oh no!  No, TLC is upset because Michelle Duggar & Jim Bob Duggar put the whole operation at risk..aka their pocket$ and as the idiot in the video with the mustache puts it as he speaks for TLC through a “source”, sorry, I don’t know his name, anyhow, as he speaks through a “source” he explains, TLC has been there for a long time for the family “how ever many seasons” as he puts it,  and has done so much for the poor Duggars and TLC feels betrayed. But this is not why they have not yet formally cancelled 19 Kids and Counting!

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When you watch the very short video, you get a sense of, TLC wants you to either think they didn’t know about Josh Duggar molesting his young sisters, Jessa Duggar & Jill Duggar and the babysitter or they did know but not all the details and brush it off of Michelle Duggar has “inappropriate touching”.  If I were a betting person, I would bet someone from TLC most likely helped, aided, suggested or even insisted Josh Duggar get his records sealed, that was the subsequent reason why Josh Duggar sued the County of Washington in Arkansas to seal his record because this scandal would mess with TLC’s pot of honey..I mean, money. TLC knew about this, there have been rumors on the internet for some time (see the comment Alice left about the Duggars in 2006 about Josh Duggar) Networks hire people just to surf the net to see what viewers are saying about the show so they know what viewers think–sometimes they will even host chats.

But wait! There’s more. The jaw dropping reason why TLC has not pulled the show? Because of you! Yes, you, the person who dares to be outspoken and outraged.  You heard that right. Yep, TLC does not want “anyone” to think the “people” online, you know, you people on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and comment sections on websites are the reason or control programming. Forget the main advertisers pulled out.. after people demanded the advertisers pull out on count of TLC—ran a marathon the day the scandal broke and just recently took the show off On Demand! Forget the Duggars are hypocrites!

Here’s the thing: We all know TLC knew about the Josh Duggar Scandal because someone called the Oprah Winfrey Show when the Duggars were to appear on the show, at the time, The Oprah Winfrey Show was a part of Discovery–Discovery owns TLC.  Someone from Oprah called CPS.  Hello, Discovery owns TLC! And yes, TLC has a PR department; in other words. someone to schedule appearances as other networks do when their “talent” goes on talk shows to promote the shows.  And then their is “Alice’ the person told anyone who would listen in 2006 on the internet and she was dismissed, see Alice’s comments and replies after video.

Example: Bravo TV network, sent Melissa Gorga, Kathy Wakile and Teresa Giudice to The View, to bring more publicity to an ongoing family feud to exploit the family for more money-we are not exaggerating here either, Teresa explained in her Bravo TV blog she refused to go on stage with Kathy Wakile (her cousin) and Melissa Gorga (sister in law), when viewers asked why she would even bother going, Teresa stated Bravo TV had arranged for it and she had to go, Teresa did not feel the The View was the right place to make peace or make up with her family.

As far as TLC pretending to be pissed, actually, scratch that, I bet you TLC is pissed--19 Kids & Counting was a money maker! Instead of TLC being pissed because of the actual issue and the Duggars and their hypocrisy, when the “source” says feels “betrayed” is hyperbole, I believe the Duggars did tell TLC what Josh did (after Alice’s comments surfaced) and TLC looked at it as, “Light touching through clothing” as Michelle Duggar described in her interview with Megan Kelly, and this is why TLC is so worried about what you social media warriors say and don’t want you to control what they do when it comes to programming–because they knew. Mark my words.

Watch the video.

update: I hit the option to “fix” video, it may be unavailable for a minutes, sorry!

 “Alice” tried to let the internet know in 2006 and 2007, the red box below, the person replying to “Alice” that was the typical response! While others who grew up “the Duggar way” knew it was true!


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  1. Mitsy Says:
    I am certainly no fan of the Duggar family and think their mindless breeding is disgusting, BUT, I would not make statements about any molestation charges unless you know for a fact that the charges are real. I find no info whatsoever to substantiate what you’ve said about Joshua Duggar.
  2. Alice Says:
    People, trust me or not. I know this for a fact. God’s honest truth that the molestation happened. It happened to four of his 5 sisters. The oldest daughter was not touched. The second daughter is the one who caught him doing this. There was no rape involved, but molested. I could go into detail, but I won’t. Of course, you can find nothing about the charges. The Duggar’s want to keep this hid. Wouldn’t you? They wouldn’t have the things that they do if it had gotten out earlier. That’s the way that they make their living and travel at the expenses of others.
    Jim Bob and Michelle are very aware of this happening and have chosen to protect Josh over his sisters. The family is to report to DHS every six months and that the girls are in counciling. This is what the courts ordered. Jim Bob and Michelle both tried to lie their way out of this, but it didn’t happen. Just ask them, but they will just lie about it. They call their son “Precious Josh” and in their eyes he can do nothing wrong. What about the girls? I think that everyone should know about this problem and that the Duggars are frauds. They make the Talk Shows under the impression that they are pure and they receive “Love Offerings” from the viewers. He has got it figured out. How to be famous and make a living for his brood and not have to work to get it.
  3. Robert Says:
    My question was, how do YOU know? Who are your sources?“People, trust me or not. I know this for a fact.”How?“God’s honest truth that the molestation happened.”OK. God’s honest truth can’t be that hard to back up or prove.

    I have always been very supportive of the Duggar family. If there is fraud, I want to know. Where can I find this information (where did you find it)? How (or where) can I do my own research on the subject?

    I tried to access records on the subject, but found that they were off limits.

    So, (Pardon me if I am getting repetitive) Where did you find this out?

  4. Alice Says:
    Well Robert, like you I was always very supportive of the Duggars. I’ve been in their home. I’ve even gone to church with them. Something just didn’t feel right. For some reason I didn’t trust Jim Bob. Then the truth came out about his son. He is the one that told what happened. Josh got up in front of the church and ask for forgiveness and all that stuff, but he was secretly still up to no good. I really don’t know how long it had been going on before it came out, but even after it did Josh pretented to be this sweet all American boy who loved his family. All the time he was going on Prono sites on the internet and watching all the filth that it has. The temptation was too much and he explored with his sisters.
    I know the person that contacted Oprah and told her that the family is not as pure as they seem. They were taking Oprah, the Discovery Health Channel, TLC Channel and everyone else that they have appeared on for a big ride. They receive money for each show, and if not money they get something out of it. Jim Bob has made the statement that is the way that he has to provide for his family. Don’t you think that is being a fraud? If not, please explain what is the difference. They know that when they go on the shows that they lie and the more the exposure they have the more money that comes in to him. It was Oprah’s decision the turn them over the the authorties. Oprah is not the only one that has turned them in for child abuse. Of course you can’t find any records on this. It is all sealed behind closed doors. The truth needs to be told and I have made it my mission to stop this from happening. They are frauds and living off of the good graces of other people. I’ve watch them on the Montel Williams show and I wanted to throw up. It made me sick inside to know what I know and to watch them get in front of a TV camera and lie.
  5. Robert Says:
    Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Alice Says:
    The Duggars do annoy me more than other quiver full families. Probably because they are pimping their lifestyle on TV for money and publicity. It bugs me. I admit it fully. Especially when you throw in their tax-exempt status. (I really do need to start worshiping Mighty Mouse and form my own home-based church so I too, can enjoy this little benefit) It just sickens me. They pimp themselves to a world that they don’t even approve of. How much more hypocritical can someone get?I don’t have a problem with the stereotypical gender roles that they adhere to. I don’t even have a problem with the Little House on the Prairie wardrobe. I have a problem with a group of hypocrites who are pimping themselves on national TV…not only for the money because it is individual people’s choice to watch the show or not, and if people don’t want to watch, then they wouldn’t be on, but also the whole political aspirations of Jim Bob being furthered by this. So, it’s okay to appeal to the outside world of which they don’t approve, as long as it furthers their crazy aspirations? Either stick to the lifestyle and live it, or admit that they are a bunch of hypocrites. Other quiver full families don’t attempt to mainstream themselves. They know it’s their personal choice, don’t seek public approval, and just continue on.And I really have a problem with children raising children and taking care of the household, while mom sits on her tush cranking out the next one. I get no impression that Michelle is a hands on mother after those children hit 3mos. old. Once they hit that age she hands them off and starts working on the next one. It’s sick. The human body wasn’t made to handle it either. She’ll be dead by the time she’s 50, and her uterus will be gone long before then. It isn’t healthy, nor something to aspire to.
  7. Alice Says:
    Hey another Alice. Alice #1 agrees with Alice #2. Way to put it out there Alice. I couldn’t have said it better my self.
  8. Robert Says:
    Alice,Pardon my asking, but what exactly did the oldest Duggar child say/admit to in church?I don’t know all of the details about the family, but I thought that they worship at home.
  9. chloe Says:
    I agree with the above post and also have thought it to be hypocritical to say your family doesn’t watch television, but then you allow your family to be filmed for television.
  10. Alice Says:
  11. Robert Says:
    So,While you were at their home/church, he asked for forgiveness, specifically mentioning the nature of his wrongs (Pornography and Molestation)?
  12. Alice Says:
    Robert, I think that I have been very honest with you. If you doubt all of this, call Jim Bob and ask him about it. First it was the pornography that he asked forgiveness for and later the rest came out..Not in church, but to some of the church members. Use your own judgement on this matter. I know what the truth is and that’s all I’m gonna say about it. I’m sure you have the Duggar’s phone number, if not it is listed in the book.
  13. Robert Says:
    I am sorry for being cautious, and I mean nothing personal by it. Caution is just the best way to approach such a situation.I also realize that you probably don’t want to give out any names.I will probably continue to investigate.
  14. Alice Says:
    Chloe, it’s all for the benefits that come with the programs. They spent over a week in Chicage visiting the sites on Oprah’s dime. That’s how they afford what they have. All given to them.
  15. chloe Says:
    I’ve also thought of Jim Bob as a con artist. He acts like the family is so religious, yet you hear nothing of them doing any charity work or helping others. It does seem he is rather greedy. I think a lot of other people would be debt free if they never had to pay for anything.
  16. Alice Says:
    Chloe, AMEN You have him figured out to the tea.


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