Update: The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Gina Liano Stalker Causes Her To Lose Judge Gina Show?

Who allowed Gina Liano Stalker to win?

Someone who holds the position of Power allowed Judge Gina to not go forward.

Who is to really blame?

The Trolls or TV Executives?

Please see the update at the bottom of the post..


Gina Liano quickly became a fan favorite of The Real Housewives of Melbourne last season.  I will be honest and say I have not watched every episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne, If I had to guess or estimate on how many episodes I watched,  I would guess 10 episodes from both seasons.  It is hard to catch them all  “On Demand” plus it comes to a point where you get “Houswives overload” LOL! For those of you wondering: it’s your typical “Housewives” formula:  You have women who normally would never hang out together-who are hanging out so of course; arguments will happen, fighting, accusations; then you have the fancy parties and the women are dressed beautifully etc. I will eventually watch them all.

Now let’s get to the point of this post: We received a tip regarding Gina Liano, they linked us to Gina’s tweet (see below) which is a link to the Herald Sun (see below).  The tip also questioned a few things which we will get into shortly.

We came to a conclusion which you will also read shortly, we would like to know what you think; please click the “Continue Reading” Button Below or keep scrolling to keep reading.

We are Angry For Gina Liano 

Gina Liano retweeted an article from the Herald Sun Australia.

The article is titled; (please make sure you read the whole article at The Herald)

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano claims cyber stalker destroying her reputation”

The article then goes on to tell a story of how Gina Liano became aware this week (the article is dated April 25, 2015) someone who apparently has too much time on their hands created Social Media accounts with the sole purpose to harass Liano and abuse Gina and her fans–Gina is worried this could damage her career.  This is very sad Gina should have to worry about this ruining her career.

The article then identifies Gina Liano as Barrister and a cancer survivor (as she is) and states;

The barrister and Cancer Council ambassador said the fake Gina had also made disparaging remarks about “taking down Eddie McGuire”, whom she had been working with on a Foxtel pilot series, tentatively called Judge Gina.  Ms Liano believes an old acquaintance with a history of violence and mental illness wants to “bring her down” because she is jealous of her new TV role.

The article then suggest “she” as in: Gina, says the impersonator appears to be a “staunch supporter of Andrea Moss — Ms Liano’s former co-star, whom she was famously embroiled in a bitter feud with last year — and may be acting out of misplaced loyalty to her.”

We don’t think Andrea Moss would do such a thing–Gina Liano feels the same way. We here at Reality TV Scandals want to make this known: Andrea is not behind this. It could be possibly be fans of Andrea’s, but Andrea can not be responsible for what her fans do.

Andrew Moss--Former Star of Real Housewives of Melbourne

Andrew Moss–Former Star of Real Housewives of Melbourne

Gina then goes on to say–at least we assume it’s Gina Liano saying this to the paper because the Herald quotes her;

“Ms Liano said the person behind the campaign was someone with intimate knowledge of her personal and professional life and with enough computer savvy to cover their tracks and create a believable online presence.”

The paper also states;

“Ms Liano said when her mobile number was made public and her fashion designer sister Bettina’s email was hacked she decided to report her concerns to Prahran police.”

We agree, Gina made the right decision to contact the police–not only is this scary, this suggests this troll who has too much time on their hands person does know Gina, regardless if this person does or does not know Gina personally–Gina did the right thing by going to the police; they hacked her family. Sick.

On April 23, 2015 two days before, Gina tweeted (see below) and identified the accounts;

We originally did not want to identify the accounts, but since Gina did…It is what it is. What I have read so far (I will not post it here) comes across as someone who is jealous and vindictive not to mention dangerous considering they hacked accounts of Gina Liano’s family.

Gina also states to the Herald; “This person is behaving like a terrorist; they are trying to create fear and chaos in my life,” 

Gina also says; ‘They are trying to portray me as a smoker, that I hate Eddie McGuire, that I am rude and disrespectful to my fans — all things that I am not.”

Now, what we are scratching our heads over is this accusation which we highlighted in bold;

Ms Liano said it seemed the stalker was trying to destroy her reputation so she was no longer a viable candidate to front Judge Gina, a series similar to the US show Judge Judy, in which Ms Liano would mediate real-life disputes”

Yes, you read that right;

..so she was no longer a viable candidate to front Judge Gina,

As we already said; Gina Liano re tweeted the Herald Sun article and the Herald quotes Gina, so that tells us: Gina spoke with someone at the paper and she endorses the content since she re tweeted it.  I mention this because: Gina is saying saying this.  This is not speculation.


Did you ever notice when you watch most shows, they have a #hashtag on the upper right hand side? Social Media is not only the new normal with Reality TV, it’s also the new normal with TV in general.  Not only do Productions Companies and TV stations such as Bravo TV, VH1, Lifetime, BET and many international TV Stations as well have encouraged Reality TV Participants to be active on Social Media, they also encourage Actors and Actresses to get on Social Media. My goodness, The Pope is on Social Media. He may not tweet his tweets, but you get the picture. In some cases, it’s required in Reality TV Contracts for the cast (members) to be active on Social Media. Remember Heather Dubrow said in her Bravo TV blog, “it’s my job to interact with you on Social Media”? when she addressed the haters?

Executives know how Social Media works–especially when they encourage their talent to promote the shows and themselves on Social Media.  Gina losing a role over some troll(s) makes me angry because these TV execs know the game: Trolls create fake accounts and slander you all over what they see on TV and half of the time, everything is shown out of sequence, at the end of the day: These shows are made for entertainment.  Of course, these trolls will not show their face–that is why they are called trolls.  I am sure Gina Liano is thinking what we are thinking, quite frankly, I hope not only does Gina take these trolls to the cleaners, we hope Gina also takes whomever made the choice for “Judge Gina” not to go forward to the cleaners.  This is a dangerous and slippery slope to allow trolls to win.  At the end of the day: The trolls won and shame on the person in charge who let them.

As we pointed out above; Gina made the Google Plus profiles known, the profiles look something like this:

“Gina Liano Fraud” “Gina Liano Barrister” “Gina Liano Patterson list Tv Reality Star”

Anyone can tell by the names alone–this is NOT Gina.  Anyone with a brain should know this person or people are cowards hiding behind a computer screen (okay, most likely a cell phone).  Gina also noted the trolls were smart enough to cover their tracks so they couldn’t be traced. Unfortunately, anytime you are in the public eye or a public figure–you are going to catch criticism (especially Reality TV since it’s heavily edited and isn’t “Reality'” in most cases) I’m sure Gina just like the rest of the ladies on The Real Housewives Of Melbourne were aware of the fact and have somewhat thick skin.  That does not make it okay when criticism turns in to accusations of fraud and this other crap these trolls are doing with Gina Liano.  I am not going to entertain the accusations by posting them here– what I will say is: after reading over some of alleged accusations; the trolls provided no proof. The accusations by the trolls have no merit, they are accusations and silly ones at that. The behavior of hacking is dangerous.   I am all for exposing fraud especially with Reality TV. (See the Alaskan Bush People Files) but the fraud here is not with Gina, it is with the trolls.

The Tip

We did receive a tip regarding this scandal involving Gina Liano as we said already.  The person who sent it asked these three questions:

Q. “Do you think Gina and Arena TV are doing this for publicity?” 

Answer: No. Don’t get me wrong: Network and production companies have pulled publicity stunts before, however, I do not think this is the case.

Q.  “Do you think Gina is blaming the troll for her not getting the role of Judge Gina”

Answer: No.

Q. We were also asked: “Do you think Gina is taking on too much? Last month it was reported (see link -> Gina taking the role oThe Real Housewives Of Melbourne contributed to her bad health, do you think Gina is just blaming the troll?”

Answer: No.  I think Gina would give up The Real Housewives Of Melbourne if Judge Gina came along and if she did not, I am sure  Gina could have more control of filming and scheduling if she does not already.

What we do know is: Someone who holds a position of power made the choice for Gina Liano to not get the role of “Judge Liano” and blamed it on the trolls and that my friend is wrong and concerning not to mention as I already said above; dangerous and a slippery slope–this person is allowing the trolls to win makes me wonder about the person if he or she has any involvement with the troll accounts.. Whoever made the choice.. Perhaps they should not be permitted to make decisions in the future for anything because it’s terrifying they are allowing online trolls win.

Gina, not only do you need to bring these trolls down–you need to bring the people who are not allowing “Judge Gina” to go forward.

For the rest of the Ladies who appear on The Real Housewives Of Melbourne:

I am happy to hear you are supporting and behind Gina on this, I am going to suggest you be more vocal about the decision for Judge Gina to not go forward because, a troll can set up accounts and do to you what they did to Gina and some idiot who makes decisions could allow the trolls to win and take from you what was taken from Gina..

Keep Scrolling..

Viewers: We need to find out who made the decision and give them a piece of our mind. Contact Us if you know who it was.

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Did we just read the Herald Sun Article wrong?  We are awaiting for Gina’s reply,we asked the following the question;