Update On Phaedra Parks vs Angela Stanton

The never ending case, Parks vs Stanton is still going on..

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Angela Stanton gave an update on her Facebook Page today, the message says it all..

I have received tons of messages asking what happened in court on Monday. The Judge denied our motion to dismiss her case. Just a few weeks back the Judge also denied Phaedra’s motion to dismiss my case. The Judge decided that our case will be heard, tried, and decided on by a jury of twelve. I think that the Judges decision was fair and I look forward to my day in court. As I have always said from the beginning, I’m not interested in settling. My only interest is in clearing my name.

James Radford, Angela’s attorney tweeted;


So, there you have it, the case will be going to trial.. I am really trying to not be bias, but so far, Phaedra Parks has not made her case. Rather than sound like a broken record, if you are not familiar with the case Parks vs Stanton case, you can read the details on the Parks Vs Stanton Files.

We will keep you updated.  If the trial should be opened to the public and you are in the Atlanta area, contact us.

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