VIDEO: Bethenny Frankel Is Always The Victim

Bethenny Frankel Victim?

Finally! Jason Hoppy’s attorney speaks up.. 

Bethenny Frankel Homeless Video 

Bethenny’s Skinny Girl Shaming She Started

Bethenny Frankel Book Scandal


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Where to begin? Let’s start with “Bethenny Frankel Book Scandal” since this post was in draft mode since April 11th 2015.  As you know, Bethenny came out with another  book, I suck at Relationships So You don’t have too” in other words.. Bethenny just wanted to write a book, she isn’t happy with the millions of dollars she already made by portraying herself as a victim.. . instead, you would think Bethenny would pull a Judge Judy and publish a free e-book for her “fans” as a “thank you” since she left Bravo TV and wanted to distance herself until she realized she could not make it without Bravo TV. Not, Bethenny is back the to the network she claimed she wanted to distance herself from.  The truth is: Bethenny did not want to be on The Real Hosuewives of New York again.  Bethenny only wanted to come back originally do a show, “Bethenny Starting Over”  according to Andy Cohen‘s bookgawd forbid there isn’t a camera following Bethenny.. Anyhow.. Bethenny’s book was released on April 7th, 2015.

On April 11th 2015 we noticed something strange;  On Amazon for Bethenny’s book it said “#1 Best Seller Medical Psychology and Sexuality” see photo below. You may have to click on the image to enlarge it.

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Can you see it?

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On April 14th 2014, the book had two reviews and still had it listed for “#1” we know you don’t get on a best seller status book for two reviews, but my point is: There weren’t many sales on Amazon–period. And this was before her book was available for pre-order.

Bethenny Book 4-14











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I went to Novel Rank, on that day there was ZERO reviews (see photos above) just as there was no book sales according to Novel Rank. Regardless if there was, Novelrank has Bethenny listed so far only selling 237 e-books on Amazon as well as only 47 hardcover books–the #1 slot she landed was for Medical Psychology and/of Sexuality on Amazon.  Something isn’t right here and I will get to the bottom of it. Oh, there are 11 reviews as of today and most of the positive reviews are not verified purchases. Go figure.

Here is the book now on Amazon, 11 Reviews + the novel rank screen shots. Moving on..

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Bethenny, Andy Cohen asked Terry Dubrow a question and he answered–is Bethenny the only allowed to “Keep it real’ and not be filtered? Seriously, you made a big deal out of something you started. I am not going to link the ridiculous interviews either. Bethenny would not know what to do if people stopped talking about her.

Bethenny Looks Bad











Jason Hoppy Finally Speaks up about Bethenny Frankel’s comments on The Real Housewives of New York, of course through his attorney, but suffice to say they have a point;


Lawyers for Bethenny Frankel’s estranged husband Jason Hoppy are hitting back after reports that he’s going to court to ask for more child support than the $10,000 a month he already gets.

Hoppy’s attorney, Bernard Clair, said, “The recent stories . . . are inaccurate and false, seemingly planted by misguided people who wrongly believe that they are furthering Ms. Frankel’s newly minted effort to cast herself as a victim, like when she recently called herself ‘homeless’ on national TV. Mr. Hoppy continues to work hard to protect his daughter from what appears to be her mother’s inability or unwillingness to put a clamp on uninvited media attention.” Page Six


As far as Bethenny Frankel and her “homeless”claims and how she donates to charity and doesn’t take responsibility for the comment and plays victim; first of all Bethenny, the victim card is EXPIRED and OVERDRAWN. Second, this video speaks for it’s self..Bethenny refuses to take responsibility. Watch it.

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