Teresa Giudice Home In Foreclosure


Teresa Giudice House Reportedly In Foreclosure

Our favorite journalist, Vicki Hyman from NJ.COM is reporting the Giudices mansion that got the family in this mess, you know, trying to live like the Joneses, is now in Foreclosure.

What took so long?

Vicki notes;


Community Bank of Bergen County filed a notice of foreclosure in Morris County Superior Court Wednesday on their Indian Lane property, according to court papers obtained by NJ Advance Media

Vicki also notes; Community Bank, the bank wherein the Giudices got the loan for the home is listed as one of the couple’s creditors in its 2010 bankruptcy filing; a $1.7 million claim on the property.  You know the story from there: After the trustee representing the Giudices creditors claimed the Giudices hid assets and income which led to Teresa Giudice sentenced to 15 months in prison and Joe Giudice 41 months in prison.

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Vicki mentions the creditors were only able to collect a measly $7,500; and says; at the end of the proceedings, the court gave banks and other credits free reign to seek repayment.

Yikes. Make sure you check out to see what else Vicki had to say.

I am surprised it took this long to be honest, I couldn’t understand why the bank did not take possession in the first place.  You can read and or look at all the Court Documents related to Teresa and Joe Giudice here or go to the front of the page and click on “Court Documents” on the header and scroll down to “Giudice” .

In other news–Wendy Feldman can’t stop talking about Teresa Giudice.  You can read all about that here, you’ll learn Wendy lied about her relationship with the BOP and so much more such as how she has not paid her victims. It’s a mess and the truth. I have spoken to some of her victims. They have no reason to lie. I have also called the BOP.  It is laughable Felon Feldman can tell people to “move on” meanwhile, she can’t stop talking about Teresa Giudice. She really needs to get a life.


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Take a look at photos of The Giudices home courtesy of Zillow. Do you think the Giudice home is worth $1.7 million or $2.99 million the Giudices are asking for? Or were.   Better yet–what do you think the Giudice mansion is worth?