What Happened To Brandi Glanville’s Face?

I normally do not like to comment on a woman’s body and I am not doing that here.  I am just trying to understand what made Brandi Glanville alter her appearance to the point where she is almost Adrienne Maloof’s twin. Let’s be honest, Adrienne had a lot of work done too. Brandi always commented about Adrienne and would get offended if anyone compared the two.

Photos are in no certain order..

.Brandi Glanville Face

The calm before the storm?

The calm before the storm?

I hate when women puff their lips for the camera

I hate when women puff their lips for the camera


branid glanville weird pose with lips



I think maybe Brandi just feels the need to keep a youthful appearance? Problem is: Brandi had one before she started with this crap.. Oh well.


Speaking of Adrienne Maloof Hoof..  The restaurant or “Eatery” Adrienne was to open. Remember? It was going to be Celebrity Friendly” with a Private Entrance?  Did that ever happen?

As for Adrienne’s eatery, it will offer comfort food — steaks, seafood with a Mediterranean twist. It will seat 200 people and will be “celebrity friendly” — with a private entrance in the back. Read more: source


I get she told Lisa..

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