Phaedra Parks Losing Battle In Frivulous Lawsuit Filed Against Angela Stanton

In this post we will discuss:

  • The latest motion re: Parks vs Stanton
  • Accusations of Reality TV Scandals “doctoring” tweets, protecting Stanton etc.
  • Angela Stanton Book, Lies Of A Real Housewife available for purchase $6.99 here

Welp! Phaedra Parks, #FixitJesus doesn’t work when you file frivolous lawsuits, you can never win when you play dirty, that is apparent after the latest filings handed down by Judge Carla Brown.

When you (try to) tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.

Angela Stanton author of “Lies Of A Real Housewife”  mentioned in her book, Phaedra Parks always told her there was a secret society of judges and promised if she [Angela] was ever caught using the stolen business checks Phaedra Parks made so Angela could go shopping for herself AND Phaedra and everyone else in Atlanta who knew or was involved, or working in the car theft ring while Phaedra doctored the paperwork–Phaedra worked for the insurance company, Geico, Phaedra knew there was a small window of time.. Angela Stanton had no reason to doubt, if she got caught, her friend, Phaedra Parks “ESQ” the ring leader would represent her and all would be good;

“She [Phaedra Parks Esq.] made a promise to me that if I ever got into any trouble, she would represent me. That was my security blanket. She told me that there was a secret society among lawyers and judges. Basically she made me believe, if I ever got busted for anything, she would be able to get me off. This was due to her affiliations and influences. It was all I needed to hear. I was ready to go!’

When Angela Stanton was caught.. Phaedra Parks of course did not represent Angela or use her “influence”, if anything, according to Lies Of A Real Housewife, Phaedra Parks left Angela wondering what happened to that “secret society” or at least Phaedra’s influence she bragged about, later on in the book, when Angela finally realized Phaedra was a user and an abuser;

Well, I shouldn’t expect an honest answer, but I know the truth. It was only Phaedra’s ploy to make sure I never implicated her in any of the crimes she masterminded. It was a tactic she used to persuade me that she was a true friend and was indeed on my side. But what type of monster finds joy in other people’s pain? I called just about every attorney in the city of Atlanta pleading my case. I knew I could get her in a civil suit, but every attorney claimed that the statute of limitations would hurt my case. I didn’t buy that. I knew the truth. All of a sudden that secret society amongst lawyers actually did exist. The one Phaedra told me she would use if I ever got caught. It was meant to only worked for her, and was never intended for me.

Guess what? Tables are turning, Phaedra Parks is learning that “secret society” doesn’t exist for her either; as James Radford, Angela Stanton’s Attorney made a statement,

“In this litigation, plaintiff Phaedra Parks sued our client, Angela Stanton, alleging that Stanton’s memoir, Lies of a Real Housewife, was defamatory. Stanton filed counterclaims for tortious interference with contract and bad faith litigation, alleging that Parks’ lawsuit was frivolous and was designed to shut down the publication of truthful information. Parks filed motions to dismiss the counterclaims, and for summary judgment as to the counterclaims. In the orders below, the court denies Parks’ motions. source “

Note: It should be noted, Mr. Radford “blogs” or comments about most of his cases.

I had the filings before Radford posted, before someone says, I watermarked Radfords files, go look at his and then look at ours again.

Mr. Radford and Angela Stanton also “moved” for sanctions against Phaedra Parks.

  • 2015-03-12RULE NISI 

I do want to mention, we did make a mistake in our last post, when reading the docket per Gwinnet County Courthouse.  The writing made it seem like it was Paul Andrews filing for sanctions.. we read it wrong. Kim corrected and apologized, you can read it here.

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We are going to reserve from commenting further until the next hearing takes place, instead, we would like to address the emails (sometimes incoherent)we receive regarding Parks vs Stanton; updates.

As we stated several times, at least I believe we did–and if we did not we are now; one thing in “Lies Of A Real Housewife” was not true;  Phaedra Parks “ESQ” was able to prove,  Everett Tripodis and Apollo Nida were not blood brothers–they were street brothers.  Have you ever met someone and the resemble each other and they say, ” this is my brother”?

However, James Radford has challenged Phaedra Parks “ESQ” many times to point out the “other lies” in, “Lies Of A Real Housewife” as of yet, Phaedra Parks has not proved anything in Lies Of A Housewife to be a lie as we pointed out when covering the depositions–we urge you to read those.

[Read: (separate links) Part 1 Part 2 also Brief and Deposition in it’s entirety

Phaedra claimed she never met Angela’s kids; Radford pulled out a photo of Phaedra holding Angela’s child.

Phaedra  lied in the Vibe lawsuit; Phaedra Parks said she never went to Angela’s mother funeral–after Radford was able to get witnesses and sworn statements; Phaedra admitted to attending Angela’s mother’s funeral; of course tried to change the story; we’re still waiting on the “lies”, if anyone has proof Angela Stanton lied–send it and we will post it.

This  page, has copies of the late Lynn Hudson “LynnNChicago”  tweets mentioning Phaedra Parks threatening to sue Lynn Hudson and how Phaedra sent her a C&D etc. (Lynn died one month later) Yes, they are copies, but to accuse of “doctoring” the tweets? Below are the original tweets. We didn’t post every single one, there are several and it would take this page even longer to load.


This was hard to resist. Peter Thomas tweeted and posted a photo on Instagram regarding the “Southern Belle”.  The post on Instagram is no longer available.. you know these always land in my hands..somehow, someway.

You can still purchase Lies Of A Real Housewife if you have not already

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Thank you by the way, you two know who you are. Sorry late posting, been a busy month. 

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