Special Post: Alaskan Bush People–Dear Ami Brown,

Les Branson, Amis brother will be commenting–tonight’s episode is not how things went down, so reserve your negative comment against the Branson family, they are not welcome here. You can read a response here from Les Branson before the “Blood Lines” episode aired.

Dear Amora Brown,
Hello Amora “Ami”!

Let me cut to the chase.

Do you recognize the photo below?


That is your beautiful mother, Earlene Branson, she 81 years old, Ami.  Unfortunately your mother does not have much time left, Ami.  We are begging you to please get in touch with your mother, Ami.  Please.  Your mother would love LOVE LOVE LOVE nothing more than to be able to see you before she dies.  She has no way of getting a hold of you. It’s been a long time since you two last saw each other.  You know what else Ami? Your brother Les Branson would love to be able to see you as well, he loves you so much Ami, you have a family who misses you, please get in touch.

Billy, please allow this to happen. Please. This isn’t about you, Billy.

Earlane Branson

Earlene Branson

Will Alaskan Bush People Fans Help Ms Branson See Her daughter, Amora Brown?

Let’s make this happen. 

If you are on Social Media, please email (to Discovery) and share with Discovery and Park Slope Productions; make sure you tag their accounts regardless of how many times it was tweeted or posted on Facebook!  We have to help this Ms. Branson, this is not about me or you–this about this sweet woman, Ms Branson who wants to see her daughter before she dies–Ms. Branson sadly does not have time on her side; don’t ask questions–please just help.  Send this to Discovery’s Twitter, Email, Facebook accounts as well as Park Slope Productions.


If by chance Ami or Billy is not sure where to get ahold of her mother Earlene at, I am just thinking in the event this would be the issue that “stalls” Ami from being able to contact her mother; no worries; contact me via email and I will get you in touch.. Okay, Discovery/Park Slope Productions? You need help make this happen also.

p.s. Park Slope, Please don’t make this about you and make Ms. Branson appear on TV. This is not about you.  I don’t want to get in to how much money the show makes etc. LOL! Okay? Thank you.

What are you doing? Share this with your friends and ask them to share so we can help Ami’s mom.

Below are the links for Discovery and Park Slope Productions.

Discovery FacebookDiscovery Twitter
Discovery Email (see different tabs on page, send to all!)
Park Slope Productions Contact 

If someone finds other contact information; please share it below in the comments.