Part 2: Mob Wives Karen Gravano Deleted Tweets Started The Brawl With Natalie Guercio

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 Karen Gravano Deleted Tweets to Natalie Natalie Guercio

Why is Karen Gravano Involving her Daughter in this matter?

Victoria Gotti’s son Frankie Calls Sammy The Bull A Rat

Victoria Gotti Edited on Mob Wives

This update deserves a post of it’s own thanks to friend of Reality TV Scandals and website RealityAshhole.  If you have not read the first post, please do so now, otherwise this post will not make sense.

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Karen Gravano Deleted Tweets to Natalie Natalie Guercio


Why is Karen Gravano Involving her Daughter in this matter?

As we discussed in our previous post, Karen Gravano is a professional when it comes to being a victim; she throws insults at her fellow castmate Natalie Guercio  on Social Media; when Natalie says something back, Karen of course deletes her tweet, accuses Natalie of “setting a bad example” or claims Natalie is a bully, cries foul saying her daughter reads it.  I am dead serious about the bullying accusations. .

Who is Natalie “Bullying” On Social Media, Karen? L

click photo for original tweet

click photo for original tweet

As we pointed out in our first post regarding this matter; Natalie never said anything about Karen’s daughter; Karen is involving her daughter in this mess.  Also, if Karen would not say the things she does to people on Social Media, perhaps her daughter would not see the things said or perhaps her daughter should not be on twitter and interacting with #MobWives only because of the way the “ladies” behave on and off screen.  Of course, we are not excusing  Natalie Guercio for the things she says, however, Natalie does not delete her tweets, cry foul or pulls hair..

karen gravano pulling hair


That brings us to part 2 from Part 1; there was never any intention of being of Part 2, however, Karen’s deleted tweet prompted the first post and being Reality Ashhole found tweets of Karen attacking Natalie’s parenting skills; remember Karen went off like a rabid animal on Natalie on screen; we can’t help but to document the hypocrisy.  Please visit Reality Ashhole to see the full post  and also the photo and tweet below;

This is coming from the same person who tweeted a photo of Natalie when she was around her daughter’s (Karen’s daughter) age and said the following AND DELETED to make it seem like Natalie attacked her child–Natalie did NOT bring Karen’s child in to this. (Read Part 1)

Karen Gravano deleted tweet

and then had this to say..

Click To See original tweet

Click To See original tweet

By the way, I’m sure Karen’s daughter reads her tweets–seriously, Karen is upset because Natalie called her a deadbeat mother and Karen is saying things like this?

Victoria Gotti Edited on Mob Wives

According also to Reality Ashhole, Victoria Gotti‘s conversation on Mob Wives was heavily edited by Jennifer Graziano.  That does not surprise me; as I said over and over; when you are watching a “Reality” T.V. show, when you see a person is talking and the camera keeps pointing away; there is a reason for that; Frankenbyting; they chop up conversations, you could say in two different sentences, “I hate cold weather” and “I love You” they can piece the two together and make it seem like the person said; “I Hate You”.  A great example was of Milania Giudice saying; “I’m into older men” if you remember the scene–the camera was NOT on Milania and it was captioned because you could barely make out what she said..  This post here is a great example of Frankenbyting. Anyhow, Reality Ashhole had an Exclusive a while back claiming what Victoria Gotti said about Karen Gravano;

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According to Reality Ashhole;


“Jenn is a snake. Victoria had NOTHING nice to say about Karen or Sammy the rat. He put her dad in jail and she was very vocal about that. So Renee LIED. Shocker. She did sit there and listen to Victoria say bad things about her ‘friend’ Karen.”

Our source also tells us that Jenn LIES to VH1 and tries to act like she’s apart of the mob life!

“Jenn will tell VH1 that they can’t use certain things because of the “mob lifestyle” and says that it’s “code” all to protect her sister Renee and Karen. She’ll tell them that they can’t air this or that and it’s all a bunch of BS. NONE of those women are in the mob so her saying that is stupid.” Source: Reality Ashhole Visit Reality Ashhole to see full post and what else Jennifer Graziano did.



Victoria Gotti’s son Frankie Angello Calls Sammy The Bull A Rat

As we also discussed in the previous post; all things rats..Karen Gravano calling Natalie Guercio a rat along with Renee Graziano –according to Natalie, on Mob Wives, she said she called her ex boyfriend’s probation officer because he was abusive; mind you, this rumor was started by someone who is desperate who is desperate to be on T.V.; who knows though, I find it hard to believe Drita Davanzo  does a photo shoot and the “model” who also name is Natalie,  now has a recurring role on the show.  Anyhow, the talk of “rats” has Frankie “Gotti” Agnello talking about Sammy The Bull.
Photo Courtesy of “Reality Ashhole” , please also visit this post on “Reality Asshole” apparently this post was made by Frankie in response to something Karen Gravano said.

frankie gotti agnello

As I have said before–Karen cannot be responsible for what her father, Salvatore Gravano did. That, we side with Karen on, not Karen’s behavior. What is also interesting people forget about; John Gotti Jr. explains in this video (around the 13 minute mark)  everyone who accused his father, John Gotti of killing was apart of the “Mob” in other words.  I am not justifying or saying it was “okay” for Sammy the Bull to kill these people at all–no! I am just saying the victims were apart of the Mob.  I don’t know if James Donovon, the man Hector Pagan, “Jr”had any ties with the mob however.

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Just for fun! Victoria Gotti Hair is Real 


Photo Credits: VH1, Twitter

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Just for fun! Victoria Gotti Hair is Real 


Photo Credits: VH1, Twitter


Sad News. Big Ang Passes Away

Update 2:

Big Ang’s Co Stars React to her death