Nene Leakes Has Law Firm Send Kenya Moore A Cease And Desist

Nene Leakes Sends A Cease & Desist To Kenya Moore

The Ultimate Act Of Hypocrisy

Bravo TV’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta veteran, Nene Leakes is famous for calling her cast mates “whores” and talking about their private parts see: Claudia Jordan, now the heat is getting too hot in the kitchen for Nene, in other words; Linnethia Johnson “Nene Leakes” met her match and is defending herself by sending Kenya Moore a Cease and Desist “C&D”.  This sounds allot like Joanna Krupa’s of the defunct Real Housewives Of Miami, if you remember, Joanna started a war of words with Brandi Glanville of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.  Keep Scrolling or click the button below to continue reading!

Kenya Tweet

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The photo is a Cease And Desist posted below.



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The “C&D” appears to be from The Secret Firm  who is representing Linnethia Leakes.



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The C&D mentions Kenya’s Bravo TV blog,, Kenya does blog on a regular basis, the other ladies have to wait on their ghost writers, truthfully, I have never seen Kenya say something about Nene that was not true, sure it may be unflattering, but nonetheless I have not seen Kenya say something that is not true. This past week, Kenya wrote about Nene;

“Speaking on forgiveness, I was shocked to witness the conversation with Gregg and NeNe. She literally started the fight with Claudia, said the nastiest and vile things to her, and managed to attack me, Cynthia, and Demetria in one felled swoop. After which she contends that, “After you apologize that should be the end of it.” Really, girl? Do you ever watch yourself? How many times have I apologized to NeNe about the infamous couples’ night? The “non invitation” to the masquerade ball? I’ve even apologized for all of the comments and reads across two seasons at the Tavern in Duluth! Was that the end of it for NeNe? Sadly, everyone already knows the answer.”

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We personally find Nene’s claims through her attorney outrageous the claim of “public ridicule” “hatred”, apparently Nene’s attorney has not watched, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, the “hatred” is caused by Nene’s own behavior on the show, agree?

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Joanna Krupa recently pulled the same stunt, just as  Krupa starts feuds with other Reality TV Participants such as; Brandi Glanville and the Kardashianss (wearing fur) all what appears to be solely to gain attention to herself (Joanna), when Brandi Glanville fought back, Jo had Attorney to send a Cease And Desist, yes, Brandi saying Joanna’s lady part stink is rude–how the hell would Brandi know anyhow (?), but the fact that Brandi was fighting back and the comment was said a year ago–the timing is suspect just as the timing is suspect for Nene Leakes and this stunt.   Brandi interviewed Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Brandi asked the question that was on the card–meaning the question was asked by production, what our point is; we are wondering if this is all a publicity stunt with both Nene Leakes  and Joanna Krupa.  Of course Nene Leakes is one of Andy Cohen’s favorites, the fate of The Real Housewives Of Miami is unknown to the public, but you know if this was anyone else.. you know, contracts generally stipulate you can’t sue your cast mates or threaten too, but they would be kicked to the curb.

What do you think? Do you think Nene Leakes is a hypocrite? Do you think this is a publicity stunt? 

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