The Wendy Feldman Sequel Part 5

The Wendy Feldman Sequel Part 5

Is Wendy Feldman Purchasing Twitter Followers When Wendy Owes Almost $4 Million Dollars To Her Victims? It sure looks that way! Unless someone is “GIFTING” Wendy Feldman Twitter Followers!

We already discussed why there is a “The Wendy Feldman Sequel” on Part 1. On Part 2 of, “The Wendy Feldman The Sequel” we discussed Wendy Feldman’s crimes and lies, on Part 3 we discussed if what Wendy Feldman was doing in the first place is even legal– a must read.  On Part 4, we discovered Wendy Feldman had “promised” a book for three years and there were no takers as in publishers until Teresa Giudice came in the picture.  A side from Wendy Feldman NON STOP tweeting about her ex client, Teresa Giudice that Wendy supposedly “fired”, the convicted felon, Wendy Feldman is scamming again–purchasing social media followers.   Click below to keep reading or just keep scrolling.

First, I want to thank April for sending us this information.  Thank you April.

This is what happens when a fraud like Wendy Feldman wants to fool advertisers or let’s say.. PUBLISHERS into thinking she is popular.. When your followers are audited and advertisers audit to determine if your followers are legit.. but see, Wendy Feldman was such in a hurry to add her fake followers, this is the result.  A mere 9 % of Wendy Feldman’s followers are “good”.

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Feldman Fake Followers


A Twitter Audit shows the same. Over 10,000 as of last week of Wendy’s followers were fake. Pathetic!

twitter audit wendy feldman


It is estimated Wendy started to add the fake followers to her account in December.  From December 20th – December 31st 2014, Wendy gained around 37 followers.  THEN…



On January 1, 2015- January 4th, 2015, Wendy gained over 8,000 followers, averaging 2,000 followers a day.





Naturally, Twitter caught on and purged some of the followers.  On January 5, 2015, Wendy lost 153 followers.
For the next five days, January 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of 2015, Wendy Feldman  lost 152 followers a day.






On January 11th, 2015, Wendy Feldman lost 39 and on January 12th, 2015 Wendy lost another 54.  THEN..


On January 13th, 2015 Twitter purged 697 of Wendy fake twitter followers. (Anyone can find this information on Twitter Counter).


Up until January 18th, Wendy averaged a loss of 15 followers a day.   Don’t be surprised if you see Wendy’s account suspended.  It is against Twitter’s Terms Of Service to add or have someone add or purchase FAKE twitter followers.   Fake Twitter accounts/followers cost advertisers millions if not billions a dollars a year.  WHY? For those of you who are too naive to think they do not, read this article. — FAKE FOLLOWERS COST ADVERTISERS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR!

Stay Tuned for Part 6 — TWEET TWEET TWEET!

How does it feel Wendy Feldman?

Wendy Feldman cannot stop tweeting about Teresa Giudice or inserting herself in conversations about Teresa.  Don’t twist this, I do not support or condone what Teresa Giudice did, just as I do not like what Apollo Nida did. They both are doing time. Here is Wendy Feldman–a convicted fraud, a liar, a scammer etc.  using her ex client the way she is!  If this were happening to Jacqueline Laurita or Kathy Wakile, yes, I would upset for them.  If they had someone like Wendy doing what she is doing, yes, I would be doing this.   Wendy Feldman should be literally kissing Teresa’s ass, no one knew who Wendy was when Wendy had Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown as clients–Wendy never got this kind of press, there were no book deals.  Everyone knows how Jill Zarin, likes to “help” make a mess, Jill set Wendy up with Teresa, the rest of this tragic making is still in the making.  Jill was helping Wendy, not Teresa–Teresa did not pay Wendy Feldman, the deal was Wendy could use her experience and talk about it–who knew Wendy would spin into what Wendy did.  Wendy’s career was on life support–not one of you who tweet with Wendy  know half of the crap Wendy did, you’re so upset at what Teresa did– imagine how Wendy’s victims feel when Wendy talks about Teresa not taking responsibility. Wendy has NOT taken responsibility. Wendy blamed drug addiction, meanwhile Wendy purchased fancy cars, lied to clients and said Jodie Foster purchased a car–Jodie Foster did not! Wendy added on to her home just like Teresa Giudice did, Wendy went on elaborate and expensive vacations like Teresa Giudice did! Wendy stole off her clients while they were in the hospital, some gave Wendy their life savings! The whole time Wendy was scamming–Wendy was not even certified to be investing money! That was Part 2.  Wendy made bogus forms to make her clients whose children were friends with her [Wendy’s] daughter, make it look like they were making money.  Wendy found her victims through charities.  I have talked to SEVERAL of Wendy’s victims, they email me and thank me and tell me they are disgusted with Wendy and ask how Wendy can dare to put herself on TV and label herself as an “expert” like she does and talk about accountability?! Everything I am saying I have permission to say from them.  There are things I will not say out of respect for Wendy’s victims–just as there are things I will not say because I was asked to not say!  Four of Wendy’s victims have not seen a dime and here is Wendy purchasing fake followers! You can expect a garnishment for your book deal says T.S.  Wendy knows who T.S. is.  (Wink 😉 ) I know so much more, but at this point, it’s not my story to tell–it’s Wendy Feldman’s victims story to tell and that day is coming Wendy Purner! Keep lying Wendy Feldman–keep lying.

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