Mob Wives: MobCandy Wars Heating Up, Vh1+ Jennifer & Renee Graziano Served With Cease And Desist

Owners of MobCandy Magazine Angry at Renee Graziano For Ripping Off Their Brand, “MobCandy” Magazine and MafiaLife Brand

Renee Graziano and Jennifer Graziano, of Just Jenn Productions, along with VH1 Served With a Cease and Desist

Evidence Does Not Look Good For the Grazianos– in public opinion view, at least

To understand this tangle web of deceit, you have to understand the backstory.   We are hard on the “Mob Wives” brand and often criticized for it, that’s fine–we own it. For this post, understand,we are merely explaining below what transpired over the past few years without trying to make this article a book.  If we are missing some facts, let us know or post a comment.

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MafiaLife Brand

Before this website was up, a battle was going on between the owners of “Mafia Life” Brand and Renee Graziano..  The “Mafia Life” as far as we can tell consists of,  ; “MafiaLife” “MafiaLife Store” “MafiaLifeBlogMafia Life Facebook app game, Mafia Life Radio and Mob Candy,Mob Candy Magazinelaunched in 2007 along with the MobCandy Magazine website.  I believe Mob Candy  also has “Mob Candy Jewelry as well.

Photo Credit: MafiaLife Click Photo To See MafiaLife Website and Original Web Page Home of photos -- photo used under the fair use act

Photo Credit: MafiaLife Click Photo To See MafiaLife Website and Original Web Page Home of photos — photo used under the fair use act

The Mafia Life Brand who owns, “MobCandy Magazine” claims Renee Graziano ripped off their brand.   Let’s look at the timeline of events–then you can decide.

Time Line

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On June 10, 2011 @MafiaLifeChris of  “MafiaLife” announced he was meeting with #Mobwives and Jenn Graziano.  For those of you who do not know, Jennifer Graziano owns Just Jenn Productions “JJP”.  “JJP” produces Mob Wives along with

August 1, 2011

Unbeknownst to the Mafialife Brand, In Renee Graziano files a trademark for Mob Candy.

See Full Trademark here that you can’t see on other link.

Under the trademark, Renee got it for goods & jewerly–not clothes like she is selling on her MobCandyStore website, I digress.  I would think the “goods” would be them silly coffee mugs she was selling.

Photo Credit: MobCandyStore Instagram

Photo Credit: MobCandyStore Instagram


Classification InformationInternational Class 014 – Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, not included in other classes; jewellery, precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments. – Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith, not included in other classes; jewellery, precious stones; horological and chronometric instruments.

quick note: the above Instagram post was posted in January of 2014–news broke that Jr was a snitch. (Get details here if you have not already!) Isn’t it funny how now that God is the judge & Jury, but before, Karen Gravano was a rat, according to Renee?

Did she forget she was on the cover of a magazine titled Mob Candy way before she told her story about how she had some colorful idea for a new brand? Was she not privy to the ideas that we discussed with her production company in that business meeting”

December 18, 2011

Mafialife Chris promotes his MobCandy Magazine with Renee Graziano on the over.  Renee Retweets it.

The Result: Read article at MafiaLife 

Photo Credit: Mafia Life's MobCandy Magazine

Photo Credit: Mafia Life’s MobCandy Magazine

MafiaLife asks if anyone wanted to win a signed magazine by Renee, judging by this tweet–no takers.

Important to Note:   When you are on the cover of a magazine, there is months of planning, unless it’s last minute; the average length to work on a cover takes anywhere from 4-12 months–yes! Of course, it depends on the Magazine etc., also depends on when they want the cover for.  Let’s say someone is launching Jewelry Line, you might work together months in advance.. Keep reading.. 

December 21, 2012 Vh1 announces Renee Graziano landed the cover of MobCandy Magazine.

February 12, 2012

Karen Gravano also lands cover of MobCandy Magazine, see MafiaLife for details.

Photo Credit: MafiaLife MobCandy Magazine

Photo Credit: MafiaLife MobCandy Magazine

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August 2012

This is where things get fuzzy. (See note above about time frame for making a cover)

In August of 2012, it’s announced, Renee Graziano makes the cover of”Celebrity Parent Magazine

Really? Renee Graziano a Celebrity???

May 2012 

Chris from MafiaLife publishes an interview with Jenn Graziano, you can read it here. Jenn says filming would start in July of 2012.

October — December 2012

Renee gave an interview to a website called, “Celebrity Parents Mag”  to talk about her cover, for some reason that interview is no longer up–you read a cache version here,   I can’t tell you the month because  “Celebrity Parent Magazine” website is poorly designed website.  NO DATES for anything.  No dates when the article was published, no dates on their magazine covers they advertise such as this one for Renee Graziano, no where on the website has a damn date and it’s frustrating when you are trying to construct a timeline.  “Celebrity” Parent Magazine does not even have the month or year in their URL’s.  I know our website is going through some changes, but a “Magazine” that supposedly is for “Celebrity” Parents, you would think you would have dates so when the “Celebrities” (sarcasm) land the covers, they can say, “Look I was on Celebrity Parent Magazine December of 2010” or whatever.  Here is a snapshot of the page, is there a date on here? They even have the information about the cover.. I can’t.. 

update: I’m sorry, the only dates are on the footer of the website for recent comments etc.

Anyhow, Renee is asked about Mob Candy, a new line launched by Renee;

“Speaking of sweet, let’s talk about your new line, Mob Candy.

I love my Mob Candy. I love the name of it. It came about because I love color. Color changes your mood. And candy makes you feel better. And we can’t forget the mob part. So I put it all together. One day, I was sitting on the couch pigging out, eating M&M’s. I was thinking, “I’m fuckin’ getting fat,” and then I put the two words together. Mob Candy is a fun line; it’s shoes and jewelry and body lotions. It’s everything a mob princess would wear, without the cost.”

Renee acts  totally oblivious to the fact she just appeared on MobCandy Magazine.  I don’t know if the photo shoot for MobCandy Magazine happened before she filed for a trademark first or what, but it was pretty damn close

October 2012

Luckily, so we have some idea of a timeline here, Mafia Chris (rightfully) penned an angry blog, the versions changed over a period time, but the message was the same: PISSED OFF.  Mafia Chris also says, Jenn Graziano was pushing for her sister Renee to be on the cover– Mafia Life wanted Karen Gravano.  Perfect for the Grazianos, a trademark was filed in August of 2011.

I say alleged, because I am going to let you decide yourself if you think VH1 Reality TV star Renee Graziano pulled a low life gangster move, and ripped off the Mob Candy name, after the Mob Candy Magazine gave her the honors of being on the cover.

I say alledged, because I am going to let you decide yourself if you think VH1 Reality TV star Renee Graziano pulled a low life gangster move, and ripped off the Mob Candy name, after the Mob Candy Magazine gave her the honors of being on the cover.

Not too long after the mob wives production company knew we were looking to put a mob wife on the cover of our magazine, they reached out to suggest Renee Graziano. Me and Frankie D met with Jenn Graziano. Our goal was to talk our deal out, so we could push forward. Only, we wanted Karen Gravano on the cover, if anything. He really was not excited about the mob wives idea, I was pushing it hardcore. Little did we know, Jenn was gung Ho to force the exposure for her sister Renee, and not open to any other of her mob wives.

There were verbal promises to promote the covers on TV interviews, and social media. We also discussed future project collaborations with the MafiaLife Facebook game app, and possibly producing a podcast for them, since we have been mastering the arts with our own Mafia Talk Radio podcast, and my experience on Sirius XM when i hosted my own hour special. We even showed her some of our Mob Candy jewelry! She loved it all. It was all a perfect fit.

VH1 had different plans apparently. They were contacting us pushing the desire to film us doing a photoshoot with Karen Gravano, and interviews where I was given the ok to ask any tough questions to Karen. Great minds think alike. While the production company was pushing their flesh and blood, the network knew that Gravano was their bread and butter. Everybody knows Sammy The Bull, right?

To keep our word, we created separate stories, and separate dual covers for each of them. Although costs were higher, Mob Candy integrity demanded we do the right thing. Jenn was specific about making sure we promised Renee her own cover. Otherwise, we probably would have just done an inside story on Renee once the networks wanted to film Karen. So, they both got their own covers, and interior stories, and DiMatteo spend money printing the dual covers, along with 2 other covers as well. We just went with our collectors cover for issue 7.

Chris also mentioned the very little promoting Renee did for the cover and did not do half of what was promised and noted her cover did not sell well.. LOL!

August 2013

Renee has some kind of a launch party, see photos here–you have to purchase these, no thanks.

October 2013 

This tweet speaks for it self.

February 2013

MobCandyStore (dot) com is registered.  Before MobCandyStore opened, Renee was selling silly items on Spreadshirt, you can check them out.

mobcandy store website created Feb 2013

April 2013

In a separate post, April of 2013, Chris mentions something that caught my attention,

When I tried to text her about it (yes, because we communicated quite a lot about the magazine, and ideas I had for future projects), her answer was that I need to back off, because its not a product that my family has out yet. MafiaLifeBlog

Renee says, “it’s not a product my family has out yet“. So, when Jennifer Graziano told Chris, that he noted in a separate post that is no longer up,  she refuses to take sides in this– this tells me, Renee saying, “it’s not a product that my family has out” Jennifer was in on this all along.  Let’s face it, Renee isn’t the smartest tool in the shed.  Whatever happened to Jail Mail?  Of course Jenn knew. Besides, when you film a Reality TV Show, you plan the season ahead of time, you can’t take a camera and just hope for the best–not with millions of dollars on the line.  Of course, with Jenn being producer and Renee’s sister, that was a crock of shit–Jenn knew.  Renee probably wanted a line to herself, before she opened up her website she was selling on stores like Etsy and SpreadShirt.  Jenn & Renee later came out with a cook book and now are opening up, “Graziano Macaroni Company” and I am going to reserve comment on that one. Moving on. 

December 2013

Mafialife Chris reminds the public–Renee is a thief and shady. Chris also points out a good point by saying; “When we first called her on it, her sister defended her in a tweet to me and said “we’ll work it out”, and even discussed a Mob Candy part in her TV show where we interupted Renee’s launch party with our side of the story. My father was not interested in the idea. But, if she felt her sister was not wrong, what was there to ‘work out’?”

Here is the whole conversation, Jenn did “we will work it out”

Click Photo For Original Tweets

Click Photo For Original Tweets


Fast forward to..

January 2015

Nothing was worked out.

Cosanostra News, announces, Jennifer Graziano, Renee Graziano and Vh1 all are served with Cease & Desists. Cosanostra points out, MobCandy Mag  is one word for “MobCandy” Magazine.  The site also says Renee has ignored two other Cease & Desists.

“Heath Norman Wasserman holds the copyright for the brand Mobcandy (“Mob Candy” also is covered as part of the trademark) in all but one of the product categories in which Renee Graziano has launched lines under the same brand name.

Wasserman and Frank DiMatteo, owner/publisher of Mob Candy magazine, are partners. At the time of our previous report, DiMatteo had said that two cease-and-desist letters had been sent to Renee Graziano regarding her use of the Mob Candy brand.”
They were ignored.  The site goes on to say;
Mob Candy magazine was in fact launched in 2007 by others with no ties to her then or now. Prior to the publication, the brand had originally been used for a line of Mafia-inspired clothing. Before even that, there was a company called Mob Candy that sold, well, candy…”

To see the Cease & Desist, please visit Cosanostra News.

Next time you hear Renee Graziano talk about “Loyalty”


I do want to say, MobCandy Magazine, probably should have done a better job protecting their name, as I tell my husband, you can’t just trust people will do the right thing; if you have an idea; keep your mouth shut and trademark and protect it every way possible. Who would ever think the self proclaimed queen of “Loyalty” would rip off someone’s name?


update: I made a mistake, MafiaLife Game, MafiaLife Blog, MafiaLife Store and all other
MafiaLife Brands is not the entity which owns Mob Candy. Mafialife Brands is owned by “Mafialife” Chris  separately–it’s a bit confusing, I know, but hey, that still does not take away from the FACTS: This family’s brand was ripped off Renee Graziano.

Mob Candy
Enterprises owns Mob Candy