Why does VH1 Encourage Women To Behave Like Rabid Animals?

Why do networks such as BravoTv, Oxygen, E! and Lifetime insist on women behaving likes animals?  Why do the networks defend the shows when there is an outcry and only do something when the numbers or advertisers pull out? Why do the participants & producers blame the viewers?

So many questions.. Where to begin, let’s get started, for now, we will focus on VH1.

Since we discussed on the last post, Sorority Sisters cancelled, let’s start with VH1.  I just want to note, I know there is an outcry from the African American Community on how African American women are portrayed, I disagree, for us, it’s how women are portrayed in general–it’s not just one race. Yes, the “women” who participate in this mess are to blame as well, but Production and Networks are more to blame and here is why.. Let’s start first with the behaviors and the networks.

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BasketBall Wives

Be sure to let this page load, there are several GIF’s on here so you can get a better picture of what I’m talking about.

For the first five seasons on Basketball Wives,  we saw Evelyn Lozada and Tami Roman fight like animals literally, beating the hell out of their cast mates if they dared to stand up to them.  Instead of Tami & Evelyn getting the boot, the victims were fired. Kyle over at RealityTvGifs makes “gifs” and you have to admit, they are funny, but it’s also a reminder of what happens, take a look at this behavior that was rewarded!



Evelyn is a bully and unhinged rabid animal. She constantly wanted to fight with Royce because dared to speak up to her,



Royce was eventually edited out and singled out by Shaunie O’Neal who called herself the Executive Producer and got credit for it, but claimed to not have “creative control” and VH1info also tweeted Shaunie did not have creative control.



 Tami Roman assaulted Meeka Claxton, Meeka got a neck injury from this assault and wanted to press charges–Meeka was fired, or as VH1 and production called, ‘contract up’.


The sad part is–people as in, Sunny Hostin enjoyed this garbage, I got blocked on twitter asking, “WTF was wrong with her”

I asked “WTF” was wrong with Sunny, I mean, come on, seriously.. this was Sunny’s response.

To watch my language..

Shaunie O’Neal could careless about the feedback… SHAUNIE WENT AROUND PROMOTING THE SHOW..Granted, I may not have said it in the nicest way, but after seeing Shaunie O’Neal on TV act than anything but a lady and immature– not inviting Royce on the all expense paid trips paid by VH1..(note, I know these tweets are old, it’s still the point on how it is handled!  Plus, these tweets were gathered on another site!)

So, if you talk about it and give back feedback such as: YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE GROWN WOMEN ACTING LIKE RABID ANIMALS.. that’s the response you get..

shaunie o'neal tmi

But look how Shaunie handled all the other feedback.. such as when someone mentioned a boycott that did happen or someone dared to mention they couldn’t let their children watch.. Oh & by the way, I think Season 5 was a bit mild, it carried over to Basketball Wives, La. and since it was too soon after all the backlash, VH1 DECIDED decided to not air the fights on BBLA, but sure was to promote leading up to the fight.

That scene she is talking about, when Nia Crooks slapped Jennifer Williams in the face.   VH1 did a “gif” blog titled;

Let Us Remember Basketball Wives Season 4 The Way It Should Be Remembered: In GIF Form

This was after the backlash.

Two of the gif’s were of Jennifer Williams getting slapped and the other was when Evelyn threw a wine bottle (that didn’t make the gif) at her cast mate.
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That’s Shaunie and Vh1 for ya..



When Jennifer wanted to press charges against Nia Crooks for slapping her, Jennifer warned ahead of time if anyone hit her she would press charges, Nia Crooks still slapped Jennifer, so when Jennifer decided to press charges, Nia Crooks attorney told TMZ,

“4:39 PM PST — Nia’s lawyer Marc David Seitles tells TMZ …  “We will vigorously defend Nia against these charges. The women on the show executed contracts expressly accepting the risk that a physical altercation could occur.” The lawyer adds, “Given that Jennifer herself has previously instigated fights on the show, to cry foul now is absurd and a desperate attempt for publicity and money. We will fight until Nia is vindicated. source

VH1 lashed out on Jennifer and of course, the charges didn’t go through, they had to be dropped and JENNIFER WAS not asked to return to another season.

 “Basketball Wives” producers are taking their feud with cast member Jennifer Williams to the next level … the show’s big-wigs are currently in talks to file a lawsuit against  the “BB Wife” for publicly trashing the show.

If you recall … producers of VH1’s hit series were PISSED after Williams filed a lawsuit against fellow cast member Nia Crooks after she slapped Williams in the face while taping an episode.

Now sources tell TMZ  — producers are ready to take their own legal action after Williams went on a media rampage and blasted “BB Wives” alleging the show portrays African-American women negatively.

According to our sources, producers feel Williams’ show-bashing is in violation of her contract — which forbids cast members from doing any media appearances or press without approval, or speaking negatively about the show. We’re told they feel she is “ruining the brand” they worked so hard to build.

Let the mudslinging begin” source 

It’s sickening.  This isn’t Vh1’s only train wreck, you have Mob Wives.

Mob Wives

 Let the GIF’s tell the story.
This is how Vh1 promoted Mob Wives Season 3.. I think it was.. regardless, it still happened.

mb season premiere
mobwives s2-newyear-preview

Then you have the fights.. of course, Vh1 couldn’t have reality tv without fighting, only when does the advertiser threaten to pull out and not the viewer when they complain, at the end of the day, no one understands–the viewers support the advertisers buy purchasing their products, see how that works vh1?





Granted these the examples are past seasons, vh1 for a quick minute decided to put a “can’t fight in the contracts” and that lasted a whole minute, last season, Renee Graziano attacked Natalie, this season isn’t over, it’s only the third episode, it’s too early to tell if anyone is gonna get the shit beaten out of them.. Jennifer Graziano is the producer (Just Jenn Productions), she worked for Shed Media, she was taught to produce ratchet tv.  This is what to come this season,

photo credit: http://rockysantiagos.tumblr.com/

And yes, Kids do watch these shows..see photo here.  This is a nice one for you advertisers..

When Tami Roman was questioned why she was a bully, of course, Tami turned it around and claimed to be bullied (yes, read) .  When this Ebony writer wrote a recap, she noted,


She used her anger to intimidate and scare the crap out of Kesha, who wrote a check her mouth can’t cash by even uttering Tami’s name when she wasn’t present. But Kesha wasn’t really looking for trouble, and Tami bullied her until she cried.

Roman got DRAGGED on Twitter for demonstrating the worst case of bullying I’ve ever seen an adult experience. It really felt like grade school all over again, actually. You see a girl who’s smaller than you, and you decided to pick on her. And then you hear that she voiced (to someone else) that she doesn’t like how you spoke to her, and you use that as an excuse to go all the way out in your acting out. And then at recess, you take her ball and refuse to give it back until she comes crawling to you to ask for HER ball.

That’s exactly what happened and the people of Twitter, who are known to be ratchet themselves, were disgusted. That’s how bad it was. Tami’s behavior was immature and she took it to a place it didn’t have to go. Watching Kesha BAWL on national TV because she felt so helpless was shameful.

“You want your purse. You want something from me, lemme hear it from you.” Tami, bish. WHO HURT YOU? I mean, I know a lotta people but did Kesha hurt you this bad?

Eventually, she did give Kesha her bag back but the way she did it was embarrassing. She only did it after she found out the girl had gone to hotel security to report her bag stolen. Tami took the bag to Kesha’s room to lambast her some more and make her feel even smaller than she already did source full recap link


When things got too hot for Tami aka backlash, as this former Basketball Wife, Tanya Young said,

This type of deplorable behavior didn’t begin in Season 4 of Basketball Wives Miami. In fact, there was fighting in Season 1. Roman, who now blames VH1 and Shed Media for the purposeful negative depiction of women of color, once told Sister2Sister magazine that she “fights on TV to feed her family.”

Oh, to see how much Tami Roman has changed, you can still purchase her *itch *itch and some more *itch T-shirts here, what a lady! Don’t forget the *itch blog that is no longer up, here.

Fights on TV to feed her family.  They urged to “bring it”, I know at the end of the day they are all adults, but when you have producers instigating things as Tanya admits and other people on the shows have said, at the end of the day, it’s the network and production companies that are at fault.  So my question to the group who started the, #BoyCottSororitySisters, why not be upset at the garbage shows on Vh1? Why are the advertisers okay with it?  Why are you advertisers okay with this? Why is no one mad at Vh1 and the production companies? Why are they smelling like a rose?

We will get into the networks on Part 3, this post is long enough, plus these are not the only two ratchet shows on VH1.


All Photo Credits: RealityTvGifs