Kate Gosselin’s Journals Published–Very Disturbing Content

Robert Hoffman, author of, “Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall Of A Reality TV Queen, quoted Kate’s journals in his book due to Kate filing Copyright Claims on the journal which she subsequently called the book, “all lies”… Yes, very confusing, I know. It’s all lies according to Kate, but she filed a copyright claim to get the first version of the book pulled from Amazon.  Anyhow, now you have the chance to read to read Kate’s Journal Entries.  I am not sure who published them, the credit says, “Pastebin”. For those of you who say, “Kate did not write those” or “it’s all lies” let me remind you; Kate said in her book, Multiple Blessings, she journaled compulsively..  Keep scrolling or click the title or the text below to keep reading about Kate Gosselin’s “Mommy’s Journal”

First and Second Book Covers: Photo Credit: Robert Hoffman

First and Second Book Covers: Photo Credit: Robert Hoffman

Notice the name, “Multiple Blessings” (Kate Gosselin’s first book that former best friend Beth Carson wrote and Kate tried to take all the credit) Copyright Claimant is “Katie Irene Gosselin” 1975, assuming her year of birth..


Now look at the “Mommy’s Journal” below this photo.





Kate Gosselin wrote these Journal entries, sorry for those of you who believe Kate did not. For those of you who know Kate wrote the entries, I still do not understand how you can excuse Kate Gosselin for this or why TLC and NBC continue to reward this behavior. The journal entries are long, very long, I am talking 30,655 words..Not exaggerating here either..
Word Count Kate Gosselin Journals

These journals we wrote over a period of time, I want to say around a year, I will warn you right now, Kate loves exclamation marks, you will notice Kate ends sentences like this!!!!! Think I’m kidding? You know the short cut using “CTRL F” it counts anything for you?

exclamation mark count kate gosselin

I kid you not, there is one entry that has 10!!!!!!!!!(I made strikethrough line because an attorney advised me to also not publish the journals but use them under the Fair Use Act as Mr. Hoffman did! I was told to not only not publish the journal but to not give our readers the direct link, sorry! I’m not getting sued.  You can always buy Robert Hoffman’s book here!
Kate Gosselin exclamtion marks
There is allot of spanking going on considering these were two and three year olds, Mady and Cara were 5 and 6 at the time.
Kate Gosselin Mentions Spanking

You’ll see Kate Gosselin likes to talk about herself.
Kate Gosselin Mentions I Me Jon

Robert’s book does focus a bit on, “Mommy’s Journal” by Kate Gosselin, but the book is not all about the journal entries, you can also read our Book Review for, “Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall Of A Reality TV Queenhere and here.

Mommy’s Journal

I will quote the journals as well on the advice of an attorney, I was advised to not publish the link where they exist, Kate would sue a ham sandwich if she could. I will break the posts up because there is much to go over, remember, you can purchase Kate Gosselin How She Fooled The World, The Rise & Fall Of A Reality TV Queen for only $8.88 at Amazon if you have not already.

Part 1 — Spankings

I want you to keep in mind, Kate brazenly spanked her kids knowing the paparazzi was watching them when the little one dared to talk too loud while outside and poor Kate could not hear on the phone.
Kate Gosselin Spanking Child

July 4th 2006–  Kate says they were all up by 7 and the kids were eating breakfast at 7:30.  Kate says she is  proud to say they were all on the big blue bus and traveling at 8:38 am!!!!!  Kate then notes as if she is talking to an audience, “Quite an accomplishment for two tired parents with their eight kids!!!!”  After rambling about nothing, Kate mentions after the parade they talked to “a lot of people that we knew”– wow what an accomplishment Kate!!!!! Kate then says they even talked to some people they didn’t know and made their way to the “stone house” and she “spread” out a blanket!!! Kate then pats herself on the back and says she distributed lunch in quite an organized fashion she must say so herself! Kate then says, the kids sat nicely and ate their peanutbutter [sic] crackers and cantaloupe, cheese and their snacktrap[sic] snacks! Kate then says they saw Susan & Joe Sxxxxxx and their family, Jane Bxxxx [sic] Beth Sxxxx and their kids and Jen and Jim Bean. (Yes, that is Kate”and and and) Kate says she had a great time!!!!
Kate then says there was an exception; Mady received a spanking when they got home.
I am sure it was administered by Kate!!!!!

On Wednesday, July 26, 2006 Kate says it was frustrating day,  the morning went fine according to Kate, she and the kids even did one of their mid morning art projects. Kate and the kids glued pom poms to paper and named them and mentions, even Cara and Mady enjoyed the project,  as usual, Kate notes.  Kate praises Mady & Cara by saying they sit quietly and help with the babies projects sometimes.  Kate goes to talk about what names they call it etc.  Kate mentions how she doesn’t get out much.. you think? Did Kate think she would have live in Nannies at this stage? The sextuplets were 2 and the Mady and Cara were 6. Kate says her only activities are phone and internet and ends the sentence with, “how boring?” As if she has an audience–Kate had a book planned for a long time, good thing Beth Carson saved her book, “Multiple Blessings” because.. well, do I have even say it?

Kate says the had tacos for dinner and went to Target.  Kate mentions they got the usual stares and conversation.   When referring to the babies, Kate calls them,  “The six”  and mentions Target is new to them and says they were very good.   Kate says Mady was grouchy and received a few spankings (not a spanking, a few spankings!) with the spanker Kate mentions was added to the emergency stash in the big blue bus and of course ends the sentence with a bunch of exclamation marks!!!! Kate reported Mady eventually “happied [sic] up!!!!”

Um..Remember this photo?
Kate Gosselin Spoon For Spanking

On Friday September 8, 2006 says she didn’t finish my journal last night because she saw “a thing on Disc Health”  called ‘Viewers Choice’ where you can vote online for your favorite show and it will air, Kate mentions you can get the networks’ attention) So Kate rushed away to check it out! Kate says they (Jon & Kate Plus 8)  are currently still rated number 1 and she is proud of it!!!!!! And she is so excited!!!!! Good job Kate, you probably voted all night!!!!!!

Kate says at nap time that day she  heard a thud and knew what it was!! Joel had gotten out of his crib!!!  Kate let him go for awhile until this two year old had nerve to get into the drawers and for that–Kate went up and spanked him and put him back in crib.  Kate mentioned when nap “was really”over, she left Joel in his crib  after everyone went downstairs…. Kate wants this TWO YEAR OLD to know she is serious!!! Kate will not tolerate crib climbing!!!!!  Kate hopes two year old Joel got the message… Kate can’t be sure though with Joel’s glazy look in his eyes when Kate talks!!!!!

On Friday, October 20, 2006 Today was it was a mad day!!!!!!  Kate says she was really relieved  there was really nothing on the calendar besides the usual craziness! Kate says they did the usual stuff: breakfast AFTER  diaper changes and then Kate says “then we played in the basement” Kate means, “the kids played in the basement”.  After lunch, Kate got the kids in their crib for naptime and got Mady & Cara off to school, they were 6 so, I am assuming they were in Kindergarden going to school that late in the day.  Kate says she did her usual cleanup and then ate lunch while watching, The Cooking Channel.  Kate says she even got to sleep for a few minutes.. Kate says the awful thing came next.

Kate says she went up to get “them” meaning the kids,  at 3:30 as usual,  Kate says, Hannah and Leah were still sleeping so she let them sleep while the other four went down and waited for the bus. At 4:30, Lean and Hannah were still sleeping so Kate decided to get them up.  Kate says she went over to Leah and  couldn’t believe her eyes!!!!!  Leah was asleep with poop from head to toe and all over her crib!!!!!!   Kate says it was mashed into the bottoms of both feet and on her sheet, blankets, a book in her crib—some was even flung to the edge of Alexis’ crib!!!!!  Kate says she was instantly angry and woke Leah up with her angry voice!!!!!  Kate says she put Leah in the bath tub and stood her in an inch of water to soak her feet to get the poo off and showered her!!!  Kate says the poor little thing was shaking either because she was cold or fear or something!  I bet she Leah was scared shitless! (no pun intended! ) Kate says all of this happened AFTER the other four got into the tissue box on Grandma’s desk AGAIN! Kate says they did it yesterday and  she had to spank all SIX of  her two year olds and put her two year olds in the corner together while Luke was there, hell, this is Kate, what are you talking about? Not until the outrage of Robert Hoffman leaking this info did Kate understand this is wrong!!!!  Kate says Alexis had gotten into ” hiner wipes” whatever those are, but they were  in the bathroom, Kate says when she left Alexis, age 2, unsupervised , Alexis tried to flush the toilet while she was there!  Kate says in order to do this, Alexis  had sat her juice cup on the toilet lid!!!!!!!!! OH my how tragic, Kate!!!!!!   Kate says when she got Leah’s mess cleaned up,  she discovered she didn’t know where Alexis was again!!!!  When Kate called for Alexis–she came running into the room! Soaking dripping wet….  Alexis made a pool of water on the kitchen floor from playing with the water spout on the freezer door!! !!!!!   Kate had enoug she says!  Like any responsible parent who blames the child! KATE put  Alexia in her crib til Jon got home!  Kate told Jon he could go and get the “monster” Alexis and feed her dinner.  What an exhausting day says Kate!!!!!

Kate mentions she had a miracle that day! Miracles are hand outs to Kate!!!!!

Kate say she  forgot to mention the miracle of the week!; Kate says she emailed Alexia foods on Monday evening about the “fries situation.”  Kate says no one had returned her email so on Tuesday evening, the next night she emailed again!  Come on companies, Kate does not play get back to me in 3-5 business days! She means, “get back to me in 3 hours!”  Finally according to Kate, on Wednesday,  Tony from Alexia foods called!!!!!!  Kate says he sent them two cases of  “our”  Julienne  crinkle fries that she  mentioned that we wanted to try! This absolutely made Kate’s day and she told him so! Thankyou Lord for this blessing in this way says Kate!

A week later on, Friday, October 27, 2006, Kate says this will be a quick entry because she is  ‘Lunestad’ for work tomorrow!  Kate says today was another 2 year old rough day! Before the initial start of nap, they (as in the sextuplets I assume) stripped again and got spankings! For? I don’t know, this is all it says, Kate then after nap, a few more stripped and Joel shredded a book, Kate does not explain what kind a book, keep in mind, Joel is TWO YEARS OLD! Kate says Joel shredded the book as well as a paper shredder would! Kate says Alexis took the recycling off the counter and that was final straw according to Kate! Kate says, Collin pulled her press n seal off the counter, Kate takes no responsibility for leaving it so Collin could reach it, Kate says Collin pulled ten feet or more off the almost new roll!!!!  Kate says she was out of control so I made him go to his room (thank god!) until she could settle!UGH  says Kate! She hates this two year old naughtiness stuff!

Oh I wanted to mention my stress melt down today. After dealing with insurance companies all day due to being sideswiped by the old lady in the Shillington farmers market parking lot and having to file those reports, then having Heather stop by unannounced and it was the girls first day back to school after vacation, then Alexis and her ear pain and trying to make her an appt to see the doctor at a retarded practice, I let the kids play for the first time in the water table that had beans in it instead…. Collin decided to pour the beans all over the floor while I was inside peeling potatoes, so the girls told me and I sent all the offenders inside. Well Collin didn’t like that I sent him in and when I was out in the garage, I heard three large bangs…I went inside and three highchairs were on the floor literally. I was instantly so SO angry, that I grabbed him and spanked him as hard as I could and thought I may seriously injure him so I sent him to his crib…. And whipped him into it very hard! I for the first time thought I may really lose it and am glad that I just let him in his crib til Jon came home! I have never felt that I may really seriously injure a child but today was that day!

A month or so later, it’s not clear what date this journal entry is, Kate says, “Oh I wanted to mention my stress melt down today”  Kate says dealing with (filing reports) with the insurance companies all day after being sideswiped by the “old lady”yes, Kate said, “old lady” in Shillington Farmers Market parking lot, someone by the name of Heather stooped by un announced, Kate then says,  Alexis with her ear pain–trying to make her an appt to see the doctor at the retarded practice (yes, Kate’s words!) Kate let the kids play for the first time in the water table that had beans in it instead.  Collin decided to pour the beans all over the floor while Kate was inside peeling potatoes,  the girls told Kate and she sent all the offenders inside. Well Collin didn’t like that,  Kate said she heard three large bangs, Kate went inside and three highchairs were on the floor literally! Wow! What a sinner *eye roll*, Kate was instantly so SO angry that she grabbed her two year old and spanked Collin as hard as she could! Finally Kate thought she may seriously injure him, so she sent him to his crib and whipped him into it very hard! Yes, again, Kate’s words! Kate says for the first time she thought she may really lose it and am glad that I just let him in his crib til Jon came home!  Wow! After spanking the two year old as hard as she could! You bully!  Kate says she never felt that she may really seriously injure a child but, “today was the day”

This is getting hard to write..

Kate says over  this past week, there has been a big brew haha about me being ‘radical’stemming from an  interview she did for the Chicken Soup/ Soul magazine with Chris finnigan. Kate says she called after the interview and treated like a high school kid receiving a detention!  Imagine that! Kate says she didn’t appreciate any of the message and now that she has been dealing with this for two days, she realizes, AMP is on their side! (I don’t know who AMP is!) Kate can not say any ‘hot button’ words, Kate can only say the approved phrases and words, Kate is missing being on her own and not being governed by others! (I could say so much, but I will not!)  Kate says she is exhausted and notes, “(and so is Jon)”  from this whole ugly turnout.

Kate says Leah said yesterday when she went up to reprimand them for not being in their beds and laying down “mommy big girls don’t want a spankin” Kate says she told Leah, ‘then lay down and you won’t get a spanking’ (wow!)

On Saturday, May 12 2007  Kate thanks the lord because the weather was awesome!!!!! (yes, Kate’s exclamation marks!!!!) Kate says the weather was warm just as she prayed for.. No, it had nothing to do with it being MAY!  Kate says they got up very early and started decorating. Someone by the name of Margarett took the kids for two and a half hours so they could decorate for the carnival.

Kate says, probably the best part of the party was when she announced they had to sing happy birthday SIX times!!!!! Everyone kinda chuckled says Kate…. But they did it says Kate!!!!!  Of course they did! Kate says the the absolute BEST memory was the kids knowing when they were sang too.

On Wednesday, May 16 2007, Kate says she thinks she crossed the line.  Then says; With the kids.  Kate says all was was sorta fine until naptime. During naptime, Kate says, Alexis and Joel trashed their room TWICE and for that, they were spanked both times…. Kate says, they had to stay in their beds for a long time and when she allowed them to come down with everyone else.. Kate says, FIVE minutes later they were into the m &ms, kate has it noted as “(potty training rewards)” Kate said she really lost it with Collin, she expresses she really REALLY lost it! Kate says she pulled Collin up by the hair and  spanked them so hard!!!  Kate says she love them so much but she was so very angry with them! Kate says she put them back in their beds for their safety and she has apologized many many times but she still feel very very guilty!!! Kate says she loves them, but she saw her dad in herself and that really scares her!!!!!

Kate says to the Lord, she is begging him to help her be a loving caring kind and slow to anger mommy.  Kate begs the lord to please stop me somehow from hurting her kids and help her to be slow to anger!!!!  Kate says she loves  them SOOO much but begs the lord to, “Help them to obey me!!!!!”And not get into trouble!!!!! Please Lord, amen!!!! Says Kate..

Anyway, today marks the fifth day of Aaden’s potty training says Kate, she thought her two year old was was doing extremely well UNTIL…right before lunch, Hannah announced that ‘Aaden pooped on the floor’….and sure enough says Kate, he had pooped on the dining room floor in front of the sliding glass door!!! Tons of poop says Kate, she even describes it as, squooshy poop and pee and had trailed it making heel prints on the wood floor!  Kate says, you know, that floor that I can’t clean with antibacterial stuff!!!!  Kate says she screamed at the top of her lungs as she picked him up and another plop of poop rolled down his leg onto the floor!!!!  Kate says she scrubbed and scrubbed and even used soap and water and toothpicks in the grooves to clean that nasty stinky crap up! Kate says she spanked Aaden after all was clean because we are not dogs and by five days, I felt that he should be able to handle his functions a tad better!  What the hell Kate, he is two years old.  Kate ends the entry with, “What a gross day!!!! And it’s not even over yet…. I am at the point where I dread what they will do next!!!!” Kate says in another entry,” I don’t feel like anything is safe here anymore!!!!! HELP MEEEEEEE………………………”

I’m out! I can’t narrate these anymore. How anyone can defend this, I question what kind of person you are.

Purchase: Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall Of A Reality TV Queen

Purchase: “Kate Gosselin, How She Fooled The World, The Rise and Fall Of A Reality TV Queen”  If you are in the United Kingdom by clicking this link

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