Andy Cohen Slams Wendy Williams

Andy Cohen Slams Wendy Williams

Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen Slams Wendy Williams — When asked if #BBFF/Failed Talk Show Host, Bethenny Frankel, is a problem on the set;  Andy Cohen slams Wendy Williams for repeating the rumors.

As when any Bravo TV show is filming–rumors leak to as “what is going” on during filming for the sole purpose to drum up interest for the show.  Some rumors are exactly what they are; rumors.  Some

rumors are false, some rumors are true and some rumors are just made up.  We see this every damn time a Bravo TV show is filming or in production mode; it’s almost as if it’s too good to be true.. So many rumors come out, it’s almost as if it is a gift for for viewers that are waiting for the series to return.  In this case; The Real Housewives Of New York is on life support; when rumor came out that Bethenny Frankel was not ‘bringing it’ after bartering a deal with Bravo TV (Bethenny did tweet she and Andy/Bravo TV disagreed about money for many years.. In other words; Bravo TV caved in) Andy Cohen went on the defensive.

Anyhow, back to: rumors.  Rumors were floating around suggesting Bethenny Frankel has been a problem on the set.. Well, not “set” but while filming.. In a segment called “#Ask Andy” a woman who appears to be asking a rehearsed question asks (after messing up the question a few times) if Bethenny Frankel is causing problems on the set of “Real Housewives” Andy then responds;

“Yes.. I heard on Wendy Williams today..” followed by stuttering and mumbling.. Andy is holding the microphone with his left hand and a dog leash with another (assuming Wacha is on the other end of the leash) as Andy continues to answer the question he holds up his right hand that is holding the leash and says; “that is what she [Wendy Williams] “reported” uses his fingers in a quote motion as mocking what Wendy “reported”.


….followed by Andy Cohen saying the rumors about his best friend, Bethenny Frankel who is a failed talk show host is a “total lie”.. then Andy lectures  “you” (suggesting he is sending Wendy Williams a crypted message of some sort)  “you should never believe rumors that come out when “we are shooting”.. then suggests Bethenny tweeted a good answer to the “rumors”..

This stunt was carefully planned by Andy Cohen and quite frankly, someone at NBC needs to step in and get adults to run Bravo TV.  This is a grown man that competes with Housewives on who has more followers.. 

Andy knew people would repeat what he said.. One day we will discuss how Andy Cohen ruined his relationship with Wendy Williams.

Note: I am not going to get into at all why Bethenny Frankel failed as a talk show host.. Too easy.. If anything, Bethenny was cold and ungracious towards her audience and guests.

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The tweet is from user @barista4now who has a mere 33 tweets and follows mostly NBC accounts.. We have seen in the past where setup tweets were used for situations like this..perhaps people are getting smarter?   This profile makes no mention of employment with NBC.. Something is off here, why Bravo TV chose to post this tweet on their website.. ? There are rumors out there all the time about “Housewives” in general.. Look at the time when Andy got a divatude when asked about former Housewife Aviva Drescher? Like Aviva or not, a director and ex. producer should not be playing favorites like this.

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What is really annoying is; once again, here is Andy Cohen playing favorites. It’s bullshit. There are always rumors going around about all the Housewives and you know damn well the network puts majority of the rumors out there to drum up interest for the sole purpose to get people talking about whatever show is going on.. and garnering interest for the show or next season (this was confirmed by the way, they do!).. What also is annoying;  Wendy Williams was repeating what all the other magazines said.. Like Page Six.. and sites like.. Radaronline.. that Bravo TV or whatever Production Company has their “people” reward these sites and mags by giving them gossip.  Remember Apollo Nida “Cops at the home”?

Wendy Williams has been hard on Bethenny and Nene Leakes lately.. Two of Andy’s favs.. Perhaps, maybe this time,  a magazine or the website published something that did not come from Bravo TV sources.. but why slam Wendy, Andy? She is doing her job. I mean when the hell did “reporting false rumors”  and “morals” ever come in to your vocabulary?

“I am the biggest shit stirrer there is and I get paid for it” ~Andy Cohen

After all, this is Andy Cohen‘s “Saint Bethenny” we are talking about..  Perhaps Andy Cohen should have been professional; not promised Bethenny Frankel all of your housewives as guests and leave Wendy Williams hanging out to dry when she was doing a great job promoting them.. Gawd forbid anyone gives their opinion on the predictable storylines and the barbaric behavior by these “ladies”.

See, this is the stuff Andy Cohen or Bravo TV doesn’t want you to hear about. Wouldn’t that be epic if Wendy decided to spill about that?

I bet you Marigo Mihalos regrets quitting Wendy for Bethenny. Another subject for another day..

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