The Wendy Feldman Sequel Part 2

The Wendy Feldman Sequel Part 2

A look into Wendy Feldman’s crimes including how Wendy was able to scam not only friends; these friends were close friends; these close friends children were friends with Wendy’s children.  What makes you think Wendy Feldman is not scamming you?

Did Jodie Foster gift Wendy a Mercedes Benz? 


As noted in the introduction; Stoopid Housewives was the first to alert us of the details of Wendy Feldman’s crimes..  RealityTvScandals (yours truly!)  put together below more information that was found from our readers. Thank you!

In an old article on UtSandiego, Wendy at the time was known as; “Wendy Purner“.  According to the article; Wendy befriended wealthy clients and persuaded them to trust her before misappropriating their money, Teresa Giudice and Apollo Nida‘s crimes were serious–these crimes takes a special kind of  cold hearted person to rip off your close friends, especially when your child or children are friends with their kids. In 2006, according to UtSandiegoKelley Kupfer, former friend of Wendy Feldman stated; she and Feldman met about nine years ago (in 2006) through their children.  The article went on to state; Kupfer explained they gave most of their assets which included– $3.5 million dollars to the “fixer” “The Wendy Feldman” to manage.  What followed next is something that would pull at a demon’s heart strings.

Kufner explained they were impressed with Wendy’s investments ( I am assuming they were receiving false returns) and trusted her implicitly, Kupfer said in court according to UtSandiego. At one point, after selling their home, the Kupners left a $420,000 check under a doormat for Wendy to pick up.   According to Kufner in 1998, the Kupfers say; Feldman suggested that they invest in the Krispy Kreme doughnut franchise shops — so they did! The Kupfers gave Wendy another another $143,000 to invest. In 2001, the Kufner’s said Wendy told them the Krispy Kreme investment was worth between $4 – $7 million dollars–the Kufners then asked for paperwork to file with their taxes, apparently that is when the Kupfers caught on to the “fixer” Wendy Purner Feldman. Kupner told the UtSandiego; the document looked odd and they did not like what they saw and eventually went to inquire about their investment with Krispy Kreme — the Kupfers got the shock of their life: Krispy Kreme alerted the Kupfers that no record for the Kupfers or Feldman existed! The Kupfers took matter into their own hands and demanded Wendy Feldman pay them back — Wendy agreed. Sadly,  the check Wendy gave the couple bounced.  Not only did the check bounce; Wendy issues two more checks that eventually bounce; see supporting court documents below along with photo (screen shot) of a separate court document.

wendy feldman gave check to victims three times knowing they would bounced pdf

wendy feldman gave check to kupfner 3 times 300k bounced pdf w

Wendy Feldman gave 300000 check 3 times to victim and lied about funds

The article also talks about Wendy’s victims were “irked” about Wendy’s sentencing.   In an affidavit when the Kupfers took Feldman to court, Wendy.. Surprise lied! According to the article! The U.S. District Judge suggested the U.S. Attorney would be interested in the matter. This is when Feldman, known as “The Fixer” sought out who the paper refers to as “Lipman” an expert in white collar crime attorney.  The paper states; On her behalf, and to get ahead of an anticipated investigation, he approached prosecutors and told them Feldman had broken the law and wanted to talk. That cooperation led to her guilty plea and her assistance in an investigation into a possible stock-manipulation case in Ohio.” Prosecutor   George Aguilar, suggested a more lenient sentence since Wendy, on the advice of her attorney, alerted them she was committing crimes and scams. The paper notes it shaved off about a year of her original sentence. I personally was told by several people Wendy met her victims at the John Wayne Cancer Clinic Auxiliary, her parents had a hand in it. I won’t say no more.. yet. What is sickening is this, how can she show her face?

The Victims Irked By Wendy Purner Feldman Sentence

The paper along with other articles states; “A defense-financed psychological evaluation says Wendy Feldman lied to clients, in part, because of a troubled marriage for which she compensated by telling investors they were making lots of money so they would like her.”  Attorney Anthony Dain who represented some of Wendy’s victims stated  his clients are not satisfied by the explanation Feldman offered in court papers.  This is why Wendy recommends everyone get a psych exam; I mean afterall, if you are able to convince a psychologist and or psychiatrist.. Oh! Nevermind.

“We still don’t know where the money is,” Dain said in a recent interview. Transaction records point to a bank account in Luxembourg, he said.

The article went on to say;  [Wendy] spent millions paying off other investors and living well, and now she has no assets and no job, Lipman said. As Wendy and her attorney tried to blame a bad marriage and an addiction to prescription meds–Wendy’s victims call foul. The Kupfers learned while Feldman was depleting their family’s so called  “investments” accounts; Wendy drove a Mercedes-Benz and claimed the car was a gift from Jodie Foster — that is a big fat lie.  According to Dain, not only did Wendy use cash to purchase cars; Wendy rented  private jets for jaunts to Vegas and stayed in luxury suites at hotels and lives the life of the rich and famous.  blank stare

Also note; “The Wendy Feldman” went on lavish vacations, drove fancy cars, several media outlets at the time stated Wendy spent over $120k building a pool and a spa at for her Rancho Santa Fe home, the Kupfers’ lawyer argued. Like most victims of “The Wendy Feldmans” of the world; when victims are able to recoup their funds — they are stuck with with large attorney fees!

The complaint read in part; 

The complaint alleged that Purner did not, however, invest her customers’ and clients’ money but rather misappropriated it or used it to conceal her withdrawals from the accounts of other customers and clients. According to the complaint, Purner concealed her fraud at the registered broker-dealer and investment adviser by creating and mailing, to her customers, false account statements that described non-existent investments and contained inflated account balances. The complaint further alleged that while at her own investment advisory firm, Purner hid her fraud from her clients by making materially false oral representations to her clients regarding the nature and value of their investments.

Sounds much like the Giudice crimes; faking forms, if you are so offended with what the Giudices did, what makes Wendy so different?  What we find interesting is; Wendy claims Teresa has not taken responsibility for her crimes or behavior, here is Wendy blaming a ‘bad marriage” and “addiction to rx meds”, sure, those may be a factor, but it was also: GREED! Wendy knowingly gave her friend and client three checks that bounced!

Wendy Feldman gave 300000 check 3 times to victim and lied about funds

Wendy also was never certified at the time she was ripping her friends and clients off;

Cold Hearted Feldman

Kelley Kupfer, the doctor’s wife, said Feldman visited her in the hospital after complications from back surgery landed her in an intensive care unit. About the same time, Kupfer said, Feldman was draining her family’s investment accounts. Kupfer’s husband was planning to enter semi-retirement before the money was stolen. Instead, he was forced to work seven days a week to make up the losses, his wife said. source

The judge admitted Wendy may not ever be able to pay back the money; according to Wendy’s sentencing order, she is to pay $500.00 a month until paid off.

Public Record

Public Record

While we are talking about it.. Is what self proclaimed “fixer” does and represents herself even legal? Time for Part 3! <- click to read!