@TIP’s Stalker @TheRealCrawlins Happy @SandraRose Caught Her Attention

T.I.P., aka Clifford Harris Of VH1‘s “The Family Hustle” Has A Stalker.. Meet @TheRealCrawlins who claims to be a; PR, Publicist, Model, among other things..  @TheRealCrawlins is happy she Caught SandraRose’s Attention and Said what she did Was “Real Business”

#TheThirstIsReal and Pathetic 

Today.. actually yesterday, I was reading a couple of my favorite sites StraightFromTheA (Michelle) and SandraRose.. Both sites reported, Rap Mogul and Star of VH1’s, “Family Hustle” Tip “T.I.” Harris (Clifford Harris) had an uninvited guest stalker show up at his home the day after Thanksgiving, the stalker  the fan who goes by @therealcrawlins on Instagram is claiming she wanted to talk “real business” with T.I.  Somehow Atlanta Bloggers StraightfromtheA and SandraRose found out and called out the stalker therealcrawlins” for showing up at someone’s house like that.  T.I. lives in a gated community and this nut ball; showed up at his house; took a photo of his house and posted it on Instagram and blasted the music. I am going to just summarize what both blogs posted and go from there.. I suggest you read both of their websites  (links above and below).. I promise you.. this is funny and sad at the same time – especially since this girl just does not get it.

I don’t blame Sandra or Michelle for not taking the time to look at the other posts.. In all honesty, it looks like the stalker @therealcrawlins took a handful of letters & emoticons and threw them at the screen.


StraightFromTheA who initially reported the incident and SandraRose’s subsequent post;

The woman above who goes by the name TheRealCrawlins on instagram thought it was a bright idea to visit T.I.’s gated mansion the day after Thanksgiving. The crazed stalker popped up at mansion, which is featured on T.I. & Tiny’s ‘Family Hustle’ reality show, blasting music in hopes that the superstar would come outside and engage (wheredeydothatat??) And as if that wasn’t enough, she even posted photos and video online, stating:

StraightFromTheA and Sandra posted the photo below..

Photo Credit: StraightFromTheA

Both sites noted T.I. was not amused or happy..

Photo Credit Atlien

See SFTA  and SandraRose Original Post

Hilarity and Shock Ensues

Here is the Instagram post so you can see for yourself.. Click to view.

Click To See Post
I decided to go through the Instagram posts because I just joined and really don’t know how to work it really.. I prefer twitter..anyhow.. so I am looking at this post and noticed the next one below.. This fool posted T.I.’s response; the  “poppin” response and noted T.I. did not comment.. then thanked T.I. for the public shout out ?? LOL! And then said; “but on some realness we showed up to get your attention AND TO GET A MEETING” and then asked if they could meet T.I..
Instagram Stalker Response TIP

The Post Says;

So @troubleman31 commented on the page, but has not responded… Love your #music Just gotta say, #tiandtiny we have artists trying to make it. Thanks for the public shoutout, but on some realness, we showed up, to get your attention. And get a meeting with you. Can we?

Keep grindin #familyhustle #tip #T.I. #rapper Dont bring out the #guns in #Atl aka #atlanta S/o to@djmonsterkidd @mrlevi10 @[email protected] @trulibra88 @[email protected] @dreadboi21 @8track

The Responses From Other Instagram Users

I don’t know if this person if one of the stalker therealcrawlins minions or what, but they had the audacity to call T.I. out;

yawn Did you hear that T.I. ? The WHOLE TEAM came up! 

Expect more of their presence T.I. MM kay.. Next time don’t expect a warning message and the real thing, stalkers. 

After ridiculous talk like this and people calling them out., @TheRealCrawlins was asked if they were serious..  the stalker @therealcrawlins said they were serious! They had ‘real business” to take care of”.. Why is it when someone uses the word, “real” they think it’s okay?


You would think these fools would have been embarrassed but nope.. they keep going..and bring up Tiny leaving him.. Hmm did that ever really happen?

This will make T.I. want to work with you.. T.I. curses too but he don’t talk like this. Wait it gets better..

Bla bla bla


If you’re a “model” laughs  and a publicist then you know damn well this is NOT the way to get a hold of the man,.. Seriously..

Thank you @ripstarr305!

He did not go in on you like other people did.. He was being real. You don’t show up in the middle of the got damn night blasting music and posting photos of their homes.. Crazy..

I am not one to talk about looks and I know supacent threw the first blow about looks; but she did not show up at someones house..  After this nasty girl is justifying this behavior and telling people to kill themselves..  This girl has nerve, you see her picture?

@mrsladytee34 calls it like we all see it.. and she is so right..

Of course, the garbage mouth had more to say.. like the amount of followers matters? Really? But you’re a ‘publicist” showing up at someone’s house.

TheRealCrawlins the stalker response to when she found out SandraRose posted about the stalking incident;

Click photo to thread on Instagram

Click photo to thread on Instagram

An Instagram user told  “@therealcrawlins” the stalker SandraRose had her out to be like she was a stalker..

TheRealCrawlins responded by saying;

I know, its cool. We know we came there to talk business and get the artist music heard but then he called seurity, we werent even on the property, we were in front of the house. So, we said, fuck it and posted it and now we got hella exposre, so it works for us. Whatever makes Sandra happy, and gives us exposure, Im happy for her.

Here is the mobile view if you can’t see the view above;


LOL this chick claims to be a Model & a PR, I guess this idiot really thinks she made it big time because Sandra Rose called her a stalker on her website.. LOL!  I can’t. LOL! To Michelle at StraightFromTheA, Don’t get jealous boo.,  I love you girl! LOL!  Hehehe.. Sandra Rose is making dreams come true.. LOL! Someone forreal though, let T.I. know they plan on coming again..

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