Vivica Fox Throwing Shade At Kenya Moore and Claudina Jordan

As you all know, Vivica Fox made a deal with the Reality TV devil and decided to appear on Celebrity Apprentice, it just so happens, Kenya Moore is appearing this season as well.. You know how it goes when Kenya Moore is in the mix, despite Kenya making good tv, Kenya tends to forget that viewers forget this is T.V.  They are paid to fight rather if the fight is or staged or not.. I digress..

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta was airing on November 30, 2014, someone pointed out to me that Vivica Fox was contradicting herself in her tweets concerning some of the cast on, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.


Vivica Tweets

Damn Vivica, what the hell happened?


Vivica started off before that by retweeting some insults about Kenya Moore..

Viv is shading kenya already ! LOL!   Flickr - Photo Sharing! (1)

What did Claudia Jordan do to  you, Vivica?


vivica retweets insults

Damn Vivica, I’m sure Andy Cohen is ready to recruit you to give up your dignity to make Bravo TV money be a Housewife


Check out what Vivica went on to say throughout the night.. I apologize in advance, some of the tweets are out of order, they all are with in a few hours.. 10 pm November 30, 2014 – December 1, 2014 2 or 3 am..


Shaking my head..

Vivica retweeting about pay checks

Vivica forgets she is appearing on Celebrity Apprentice.. LOL!

vivica yep yep

Yep! Yep! LOL Girl Stop!

Hell, Vivica is friends with Donald Trump's twin Nene

Hell, Vivica is friends with Donald Trump’s twin Nene

Oh hell, Vivica is friends with Nene Leakes, the one who has the same toupe as Donald Trump.. Oh Dayum..


Talk about thirsty? Nene Leakes is the same thirsty Housewife who faked a divorce.. I digress..

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viviva porsha

Vivica retweeting would want to be known by career

Not trying to shade Vivica, but you see she retweeted she wants to be known by her career? What’s that saying… “people will remember all the bad you do, but never the good”?

Vivica already made a deal with the Reality TV Devil.. Remember that Ms Thang..


Vivica Fox, oh my, don’t do it girl.. Stay Classy, you’ve been promoting Celebrity Apprentice for a long time now, actually  you and Kenya Moore both did..

Remember the “Instagram War Starring Vivica Fox and Kenya Moore?

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If you want to see more of the tweets, you can view them here.  I have a headache and can’t sort them..