19 Reasons To Start The “Free Jana Duggar” Movement

There is a website and forum called, “Free Jinger” We here at Reality TV Scandals decided we have had it! It’s time for a “Free Jana Duggar” Movement! We need and want your help to do so by naming 19 reasons why Jana Duggar should be let free from the Duggar Clan. Here is what we have so far;

19. It’s hard enough to watch as Jana Duggar is treated like an evil step sister mainly by sister Jill Duggar Dillard, viewers of 19 Kids and Counting have affectionately named Jana Duggar “Cinderella” as Jana worked hard as on Jill’s wedding dresses for the wedding party while the wedding party went on and had fun.  Poor Jana! FREE JANA!

Jana Duggar Working Hard On Sister Jill Duggar Alterations for All Brides Maids while the wedding party is off having fun

Jana Duggar Working Hard On Sister Jill Duggar Alterations for All Brides Maids while the wedding party is off having fun

18. Jana Duggar practically raises her younger brother and sisters. We even wrote a parody press release here stating Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar have announced they will take care of their own children.

There is Jana Duggar (again) taking care of her younger sister

There is Jana Duggar (again) taking care of her younger sister, Josie Duggar.

Radar Online reports that a person close to the Duggar family feels sorry for Jana.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous how much the family makes Jana and the older siblings do. Jim Bob and Michelle have totally transitioned a lot of their parental responsibilities onto her. Ever since she was young, she’s had to watch over the house while Jim Bob and Michelle would go out for date night alone. She looks so tired and worn down sometimes. You can’t help but feel bad for her, having to take on all that responsibility at a young age. It’s like she’s been a parent ever since she was 13! It’s sad.”

17. No Love For Jana Duggar! Despite Anna Duggar recently announcing she is pregnant (again), Anna and husband Josh Duggar want the viewers to think they do it all by themselves when it comes to raising their three children. A Facebook page called out  Josh & Anna Duggar, production and TLC out for editing Jana Duggar out of the 19 Kids & Counting RV Trip Episodes;

Jana Duggar Spotted WIth Josh & Anna

Jana Duggar Spotted WIth Josh & Anna on the trip — oops


Prologue: Jana, for some reason, was edited out of this episode. She went on the trip with Josh and Anna to help out with the kids but they decided to lie and say that this was the first family trip they went on without any help. Jana was also edited out of the episode when Josh ran the 5k. She and Joy were visiting Josh and Anna at the time and there are photos to prove it. Jana was hanging out with Josh and Anna most of this past summer. Anyway, why Josh and Anna need to hide the fact that they need help with their three kids is a mystery. Admitting you need help is a good thing. Just don’t lie and mislead others.

– The show opens up with the DC Duggars packing for an RV trip to Chicago. They are going to visit Anna’s goofy sister and flamboyant brother-in-law for a baby gender reveal party. Is that really a thing? Spoiler Alert! It’s a girl. Sibling rivalry alert! Mikey wants the baby to be a boy because Mackie wants it to be a girl. This is where Joshie, aka The Turd, says “This is really the first trip we’re taking where we’re not going to Arkansas and we’re not going to have the help of our family. So, it’s us.” LIAR!!!! Repent, Sinner!!!! As Anna and Mackie clean the entire inside of the 16 year old RV, the Turd washes the outside because you know it’s going to stay clean all the way to Chicago. Anna says he’s very “diligent”. I say he knows how to get out of real labor.

-Day 1: The Turd who spent all the previous day washing the RV and putting in car seats is now surprised to find out the dud won’t turn-over. The batteries are all dead. Now why didn’t he start it up the day before? Well, at least it’s clean. Anna really thinks Joshie is a leader? The Turd uses his $800 iPhone to call for help. It’s 2:10 on the kitchen clock when mister genius comes inside and tells Anna that there will be a two hour delay on the trip. Anna is stressed but tries to remain calm and keep the kids busy. A couple of mechanics make a house call and decide to take the dud to the repair shop totally stressing Anna out even more. Maybe this is why Jana has been helping out at the DC Duggars’ house. Anna has been needing some Xanax. Mackie must take after her mom because she totally loses it when the RV is towed away. I know a great stress release technique, girls. Use the Turd as a punching bag!

The RV is magically fixed and returned the same day but if it was 2:00 before, I wonder what time it is when they finally depart on this trip. I get the feeling there has been some TV magic happening like they left the next day but put on the same clothes to pretend it’s still the same day? DC Duggar time! Anna lies and says they’re out-numbered on this trip but if I counted on my fingers correctly…..Markie, Mikey, Mackie are three and Turd, Anna, Jana are three. One whole hand plus a middle finger. Totally not out-numbered. Read full post on FaceBook


16. Jana Duggar is almost 25 years old — Jana has to share a bedroom with her younger sisters. A 25 year old having to share a room with a 3 year old (Josie Duggar) is not cool. A girl needs her privacy.  No matter how much Michelle Duggar says, “they wanted to be together”..

Jana Duggar Should have her own room.

Jana Duggar Should have her own room.

15. Jana Duggar is often an “accountability partner” for her younger brothers and sisters before they got married. Tell me that is not a smack in the face to Jana Duggar chaperoning her sisters and their fiances? This instagram photo was taken before Jessa & Ben Seewald got married, Jim Bob’s rules are for the kids when courting or doing any activities that did not include the whole family;  you must be escorted by another sibling!  Most of the time, it’s Jana Duggar doing the escorting;

There is Jana Duggar In The BackGround,.. Good ole accountability partner

There is Jana Duggar In The BackGround,.. Good ole accountability partner


We need your help, we could name 199 reasons Jana Duggar needs to be free from the Duggar Cult but we want your input. Either leave a comment a below, or reply to this tweet;

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Agree To Let Their Kids Have Lives And Raise Their Own Children
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