Bill Cosby #CosbyMeme – Epic Cosby Meme Fail.

William Henry Cosby (Bill Cosby)  thought it would be a good idea to send out this tweet suggesting they “Meme Him” using using #CosbyMeme Hashtag — Cosby Meme was an Epic Fail!



This person could have not said it better


It backfired.

Cosby Meme I Got More Allegations Than Sweaters- sideshowraheem


CosbyMeme PeteQuily

CosbyMeme JesseThrorn

CosbyMeme - LeeCrowe


CosbyMeme - BionicBombshell


CosbyMeme -UPI

Or 13?





Cosby Meme I didnt Mention rape culture - zahratahirah


And The Meme’s continued, not just on twitter..


Cosby Meme Double

Cosby Meme Them Girls Love My Jello Pudding

Cosby Meme Molly


Photo Credit: Examiner Click To Read

Photo Credit: Examiner Click To Read

Cosby Meme Cool Story

Yeah, not a good idea..

Cosby Meme These Were Not The Memes I Was Expecting FartoloColon

We wonder who that someone was..

Cosby Meme Someone Really Thought CosbyMeme Was A Good Idea- Justin_Wood_

The Meme Generator on was taken down.. If you didn’t get to see it, this is what it looked like..


Click TO See  CosbyMemeGenerator on his site

Click TO See CosbyMemeGenerator on his site via cache

We forgot, Cosby did have one fan out there..


We think Bill Cosby needs allot more than this..



Bill Cosby should have consulted R Kelly first, remember when this happened? 

I don’t think Bill Cosby will be asking anyone to “Meme” him nor tweet #CosbyMeme again. LOL!