Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Arrested For DUI — You Can’t Arrest Me, “I’m The Cake Boss”

TLC’s Cake Boss Star, Buddy Valastro was arrested for a DUI early this morning according to TMZ..According to Buddy, he should not be arrested because he is, “The Cake Boss”

Law enforcement tells TMZ … cops noticed the TLC star’s 2014 yellow Corvette weaving on 10th Ave in Manhattan. They cops lit ’em up, pulled Buddy over and smelled a strong odor of alcohol.
We’re told Buddy flunked multiple field sobriety tests. He was cuffed, taken to the cop shop and booked.  A law enforcement source tells us Buddy “blew well above the legal limit.”

Now TMZ is reporting Buddy was defiant when arrested saying, “You can’t arrest me, I’m the Cake Coss”

“A defiant Buddy Valastro did not go down without a verbal fight … during his drunk driving bust Thursday morning, he screamed, “You can’t arrest me. I’m the cake boss!”

Tmz goes on to say,   “Buddy was in court Thursday as the complaint was read out loud, and it’s entertaining. It says Buddy told cops he was a good guy and they should just put him in a cab … not arrest him.

Buddy was released with out bail and pleaded Not Guilty despite blowing above the legal limit.

Buddy Valastro Corvette

Buddy Valastro Corvette

Sounds like someone else we know, “My wife can’t sit in the Emergency Room with everyone else… She’s an actress”  

Is Cake Boss still filming? Anyone know?