True Tori Ratings Season 2 Episode 3 + Another Scandal This Week For Tori & Dean

True Tori Ratings Season 2 Episode 3 + Another Scandal This Week For Tori & Dean

Dean McDermott Doesn’t Want To Do Anymore Episodes of True Tori, however, Dean Is Promoting True Tori that already filmed. 

True Tori Ratings are continuing to decline each,  True Tori is currently airing Lifetime.  True Tori Season 2, Episode 3 ratings were really bad, like worse than what they were the past two episodes of True Tori this season and all of last season. Before we talk about the ratings, let’s talk about this weeks new “Reality TV Scandal” for Tori & Dean.

Dean Mc Dermott Promotes True Tori, Why not Tori Spelling? This is her show she wanted to do so bad! 

Dean McDermott Lifetime

Lifetime and Tori Spelling are trying like hell to get the public interest and that is just not happening — the public is over the manipulation and lies.  Off show, instead of Tori and Co.. lying to alerting the press the first week, “Tori might be pregnant” second week; “Faux Ebola Scare” and tweeting ridiculous selflies from the hospital.  

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Dean McDermott is off to the rescue this week.. rescuing being; off show promotion.  This week Dean gave an interview to Access Hollywood.   Obviously Tori is out of the hospital (was she ever really in the hospital?) when Dean answered he gave his wife a kiss before he left in the morning (to go to the interview!) when asked if he can ever let Tori go.

Dean said about the doing the show, True Tori

 “I’m not going to continue with the show.  We have five more shows left…I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep opening a vein, opening my soul and sharing my feelings and thoughts and demons with the world. I don’t watch it. I can’t. It’s really difficult…I can’t do it anymore…for my soul.”

Dean added;

 The show wasn’t all bad.  The show has been great,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot of things about myself, my relationship. It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s a lot of good in the show.

Dean also stated he could not watch the show or do another show or season of, True Tori.

I’m sure Tori feels otherwise

Tori Spelling Talent Or Not

Dean also said;

I’ve learned a lot from this whole process. From the affair, from doing the show… I almost lost everything, everything that means anything to me. I don’t want to ever do that again,” Dean explains. “I don’t ever want to be in that dark place again where I wanted to take my life…”

That dark place meaning thoughts of suicide

“I was driving around in my truck with a loaded 9 mm. I was put on a 5150 at the UCLA psych ward,” he reveals. “[My son]Liam had a performance and I didn’t want to miss that performance… I had plans that night to do it.” Thankfully, Dean has since found healthy ways of coping with his current marital issues, as well as his troubled past and childhood.“I’m dealing with all of those things now,” he says. “It’s keeping me sober. It’s keeping me sane, addressing my depression. I’m on the right medication. Things are looking up right now. They’re good, today.”

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I don’t want to sound insensitive at all, but it’s ironic Dean McDermott  is saying all of this but at the same time, Dean is  giving interviews to promote the show, True Tori.   As far as Dean not being able to do another episode,  all of the episodes were filmed. I hope the producers are not going to try to insult the viewers again and do an episode with Tori in the hospital.

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Regardless, Dean is not going to have to worry about that because of the ratings.   This weeks ratings were really bad. 694,00 and only 0.3 in the 18-49


From TvByTheNumbers

Show Net Time Viewership (000s, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
TRUE TORI LIF 9:00 PM 694 0.3

Simon Vankempen explains it in one tweet

I guess it’s better then the mere  64,000 viewers that tuned in for Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever

Is Tori Setting Up The Demise For True Tori?

Dean’s press tour had me thinking, is this going to be Tori & Dean’s way of trying to tell the public why there will be no True Tori next season? Try to fool people that is was not  the ratings and they decided to do just not do the show? In Tori Spelling’s book, “Spelling It Like It Is”, when speaking of giving birth to their third child, Hattie, Tori mentioned beforehand the production company had to get clearances to film at the hospital. Tori through her ghost writer states;

It wasn’t a matter of what they filmed or whether how they used it. I had approval over the material. It was just that they were there. They were there for those first hours when it should have been just me, Dean, Hattie and whoever we chose to have with us. The camera crew was there when the kids arrived. They were there when my mom came. They were the first people to see my baby. Before all those people and my best friends. For the first time filming a reality show, I felt invaded. I was missing this special day. (but not the other two special days?) But I was so out of it and into my baby, I didn’t have the wherewithal to turn to these people and say, “Get out of here.” Even if I’d been completely clear, it would have been a hard thing to say. They [The Production Company] had become friends, after all. I loved that we all felt like a family. We all had intentionally blurred the lines between work and friendships, I am still close to all those people, but in that money I felt like I was nursing my baby in front of business associates, it all felt wrong”

Tori then said that would be the end of Tori & Dean.

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Later on on in the SAME book, Tori stated;

Tori explains how she found out there would be no more Tori & Dean least not on the Oxygen network…
After being released the first time from the hospital while still pregnant with fourth child, Finn (Tori was diagnosed with Placenta Previa) Tori says through her ghost writershe had received an e-mail from her agent Ruthanne stating;

” I [Ruthanne] tried to call you but couldn’t reach you. I hate to tell you by e-mail, but I want you to hear it from me: Oxygen called. They said the network is moving in a different direction and the show is cancelled. I’m so sorry. Let’s talk as soon as you’re ready. “

To say Tori was shocked is an understatement, especially since Tori said earlier her book THAT SHE decided the end of Tori & Dean  when she delivered Hattie. (wink 😉

Tori & her ghost writer continued;

” I couldn’t believe it. Tori & Dean was over? The show had been our life — literally — for six years.”

Then Tori went to say through her ghost writer that it reminded her of the time her show, “noTORIous” was unceremonious cancelled.

FYI: That was Tori and her ghost writer’s word “Unceremonious” not mine

Finally, someone from Oxygen did reach out to Tori and told Tori & Dean that they [Oxygen] were sorry & hoped her pregnancy was going good. Tori replied to Oxygen by saying;

“Yes, I’m sad as well, and my pregnancy is not doing great. I’m in the hospital. We discussed this as a story line so I’m surprised you didn’t know”

Surprisingly to Tori, the network never responded. LOL!

In Chapter; “Reality Check” Tori said through her ghostwriter, she and Dean never got to document the rough patch in their lives. Tori also mentioned the film crew of Tori & Dean was like “family”, she was shocked that no one decided to contact her directly. Spoiler Alert: Tori & the film crew teamed up for True Tori.

And Tori Spelling wonders why True Tori and True Season 2 ratings are a fail — people are not dumb, people are tired of the lies.

Read the link for  more about the  True Tori Scandal, Tori created. Hopefully for Tori Spelling’s children we will see True Tori Cancelled.