Mob Wives Spoiler1: Renee Graziano ex Murderer Husband Hector “Junior” Pagan Sentenced To Eleven Years In Prison To Be Part Of Story Line

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Mob Wives Spoiler #1+ Renee Graziano ex Murderer Husband Hector “Junior” Pagan Sentenced To Eleven Years In Prison To Be Part Of Story Line + Details of Hector “Junior” Pagan’s life of crime, “Big Ang” Shows Up for Sentencing; You won’t believe who “Big Ang” was there to support and her Court Room Attire.


Spoiler Alert #1 Junior Sentenced to Eleven Years In Prison + Junior Was An FBI Informant Going Back to 2006 and other disturbing findings such as; is “Junior” even in Jail? 

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Hector “Junior” Pagan (hereinafter: “Junior” or “Pagan” or “Snitch” or “Hector Pagan, Jr.” )  was sentenced to Eleven Years In Prison on September of 2014.  I’m sure this will be a big focus for VH1, Mob Wives, Season 5.  If you recall, “Junior” ex husband to Renee Graziano did the unthinkable;  Junior  joined the cast of Mob Wives in Season 3.   Some thought it was cocky of Junior to do because of the aftermath: Those associated with “Junior” found out he became an informant/rat/snitch, those involved with “Junior” found themselves in jail or on their way to jail.  That’s the  New Mob for ya.

I was more surprised Jennifer Graziano allowed “Junior” to be in the promos and photographed like he was with the cast. It’s not like Jenn and Just Jenn Productions Crew is following around a Mob Circle they know nothing about the ones associated.  This Mob Circle happens to be her family.  Considering when Jenn was criticized glorifying the Mob Life —  Jenn said the show does not focus on the men in the Mob world, it’s about the woman and how the “life style” effects the the women.

Note: I can’t find the photo of Junior with the rest of the cast of Mob Wives, if someone has a copy, please leave it in the comments and/or find me on social media or send it via email.


Hector Pagan

I am going to tell you right now, there are so many different versions of how things went down,what Junior was actually charged and not charged with.  For example; this site, WSJ credits the organized crime unit of New York for cracking the case from DNA on cigarette butts.  Other reports state Junior implicated his accomplices before this happened, while others say, their was video footage.  Junior was facing charges for; armed robbery, racketeering, car theft, kidnapping (yes! f–ing kid napping), aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and the list goes on all in order for “Junior” to cooperate in another case as well as this murder case wherein “Junior” was the man who pulled the trigger, the FBI would drop those those charges, at the time the FBI did not know Pagan pulled the trigger.  We were able to find two indictments for Junior, see court related court docs here, it appears this case was dropped. You can see all the documents here.

One thing is clear: Junior most likely was one of the worst government/FBI Informants to date — a nightmare informant.

First let’s take a look at the people who “Junior” snitched on.  There are several people “Hector Pagan, Jr. snitched on, I am just pointing out a few for right now, the main ones that got screwed over, if you will. By no means am I saying these “men” are Saints.

Anthony “TG” Graziano

FBI Surveillance Photo Of Anthony "TG" Graziano

FBI Surveillance Photo Of Anthony “TG” Graziano


[T]his is the first trial in history where the government sought to keep the jurors anonymous not only to ensure their physical safety, but also to protect the jury from (God forbid) ending up on a reality TV showsource

Many suspect Junior had to prove  to the FBI what a “great” informant he would be, after all, you are dealing with the MOB here. Junior was quick to turn rat on his own family and crime buddies whom he spent his life with while robbing other MOB rival/members and doing mob like crimes such as; murder, kidnapping, armed robbery — just the kind of citizen we need back in society.  Junior went to the Federal Halfway House where  Anthony “TG” Graziano,  was staying after being released from Federal Prison early due to health problems, “Junior” would show the FBI, a leopard like “TG’ never changes his spots, you let the man out and look, just because he is 70 years old does not mean he “TG” is ready to settle down, after all this is life in the MOB, they make thier living by robbing people and other illegal means, how can you save for retirement?  Not only would Anthony “TG” Graziano be a great example and target because he was a high ranking member of the Bonanno family.. “Anthony “TG” Graziano was the perfect person to show the F.B.I. what a great informant he would be because “TG” just happens to be Jennifer & Renee Graziano’s father.  Jenn Graziano owns the Mob Wives Brand.  Jenn is the creator, producer and owner of Just Jenn Productions which produces Mob Wives — the show “Junior” would make appearances on, no one would suspect “Junior” would be cooperating  with the FBI.  TG also happens to be Junior’s ex father in law, Junior was married to Renee Graziano. Renee and Junior have one son together: “A.J.” Junior  was able to get his ex father in law on tape ordering a collection on an old debt/loan shark.   TG eventually made a plea deal, too bad “TG” did not hold out because, Junior was so successful and so “trustworthy”(i hope to gawd you can sense my sarcasm here), most of the charges didn’t stick because Junior was not so trustworthy as the FBI thought.

You can read read about that here 

Most of the charges did not stick because Junior turned out to be a horrible informant.  Anthony “TG” eventually settled for a plea deal and was sentenced to 18 months — “TG” has has since been released.  We just may see “TG” on Mob Wives, who knows,stranger things have happened.

Usually when the feds get an informant; that  is a score,  now when the informant is a member of the MOB  –  that is a delicacy to the Feds.  Not with  Hector “Junior” Pagan as your informant. Rather than working up the ladder, they worked down.

“He [Junior] went around for months trying to help them find the murderer when it was him. It’s hard to think of a bigger fraud than that. And he was waving to the guys he was taping not to say anything about the murder so the DEA wouldn’t know. He is just about as dirty as anyone gets, forget about government witnesses. How do they embrace this guy? Why give this guy an opportunity to walk out of jail to put my guy away for life.”  

Yep. You heard that.  In what was to be a heist/robbery turned murder with two accomplices;


Richard Riccardi known as the “mobster wanna be”

richard riccardi




Luigi Grasso , Big Ang’s Cousin? 


While testifying against the duo, Hector Pagan Jr. answered;

” “What’s the most serious crime you have committed in your life?” the prosecutor began by asking.

“Murder,” Pagan replied.

“Who did you murder?” the prosecutor asked.

“James Donovan,” Pagan said.

While describing an incident that took place in prison;

He [Pagan] coldly recalled one gruesome prison incident where he punched a man who then fell onto a sharp object that popped out his eyeball [source]

How Junior met Luigi Grasso;

“I told him I did scores, sold some pot, gambling stuff like that,” Pagan testified. “He said he had a couple of scores lined up.”

“Can you explain to the members of the jury what a score is?” the prosecutor asked.

“Robbery,” Pagan said.

He reported that he and Grasso subsequently kept in touch via cell phone. Pagan said he had two.

“One for street activity, one for family,” he said. “One was under my name, one was under nobody’s name.”

Pagan said that he subsequently also met the defendant Riccardi, who joined him and Grasso in robbing a pot dealer.

“The plan was to go by the house and wait for the guy and when he goes in, pop his door and rob him,” Pagan testified.

A fortnight later, the three met up at a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts. Pagan climbed into Grasso’s white Toyota and headed for a supermarket parking lot facing an auto body shop. Pagan said Riccardi arrived in his black Mercedes and walked over to the Toyota.

“What did he carry with him?” the prosecutor asked.

“A bag with guns in it,” Pagan said. “We took what we wanted. I had a 9-milimeter. I think the rest were .38s.”

Pagan said he briefly exited the car to buy a bottle at a liquor store.

“Just to cool things off,” he testified.

“Did you drink the liquor?” the prosecutor asked.

“A little bit,” he answered.

Pagan said they soon after saw a luxury car pull up the auto body shop across the street. Grasso was at the wheel.

“Ronnie said, ‘There he is,’” Pagan testified.

Donovan was making one of his regular stops in a business where he cashed checks for a two percent fee. He was just climbing out of his car when Pagan and the others pulled up.

Pagan said that his job was to hold Donovan at gunpoint while Ronnie grabbed the money.

“I put the gun to him and said, ‘Stay right here,’” Pagan told the jury. “He wiggled away from me and started running. I shot him.” [In other words, Junior shot a man with his back to him:coward!]

Pagan and the others drove off.

“There really was no getaway plan,” Pagan testified.

He said that one of the others claimed to have shot Donovan.

“I said ‘No, you didn’t, I did,” Pagan recalled.

JoeBrunoOnTheMob says Junior originally said Riccardio pulled the trigger;

The rules of the FBI-rat-program plea-deal specifically state when you agree to become an informant, you have to tell the Feds your precise involvement with other crimes you may have committed in the past. Apparently, Pagan violated the rules of his deal when he forgot to tell the Feds he was the shooter in the robbery-gone-awry murder of James Donovan.  Not only did Pagan not tell the Feds he was the actual shooter, but he said that the shooter was his co-conspirator Richard Riccardi, who along with Luigi Grasso and Pagan, cornered Donovan in a Brooklyn body shop and demanded he turn over a reported “tens of thousands of dollars” he  had on him. When Donovan balked on giving over his money, he was shot in the femoral artery and he bled to death. The thugs reportedly took Donovan’s money, while Donovan was bleeding, and spit it up later.However, security cameras in a Key Food store across the street from the body shop conclusively show that Riccardi never left his car, and that Pagan and Grasso were the men who actually confronted Donovan. source

Continued From The Daily Beast;

In a Brooklyn basement, they counted their take and it came to some $200,000.

“Ronnie took the guns,” Pagan testified. “He said he was going to melt mine.”

Pagan reported that Ronnie later told him that Richie had been blabbing about the killing.

“I [Hector “Junior” Pagan”]  said, ‘You should kill Richie,”” Pagan said, explaining to the jury, “He’s going around saying things that should not be said.”

When Speaking of how “Junior” became an informant for the murder of John Donovan;

“At one point, Pagan’s handlers instructed him to put on his wire and pump a hoodlum of his acquaintance for information about the Donovan murder. Pagan employed the opposite of a typical reality TV strategy by steering the conversation away from any dramatic revelations. But Pagan figured it was just a question of time before the feds heard his name in connection with the killing.

“There was already an investigation going around,” Pagan testified on Monday. “I figured if I’m in this already, I might as well go all the way.”

Pagan said that he confessed to the shooting and cut a deal. He now testified that there had been one primary requirement on his part.

“Just to, uh…” Pagan began.

Pagan choked up and paused. His voice caught as he continued.

“…just to give information.”  [source]


In odd turn of events, Grasso Told Judge Gleece; “We are starving”



We’re starving!” Grasso wailed, although co-defendant Richard Riccardi wisely kept his mouth shut.

“Tough luck, Gleeson shot back, reminding Grasso that he had abused the privilege when family members sneaked extra bottles of iced tea in with the order.

The government provides each defendant a sandwich, an apple and a container of milk for lunch while they are in court, but Grasso and Riccardi appear to tip the scales at 300 pounds apiece and complained they were famished before the end of the trial day.”


Junior on the other hand could not understand why no one would take a plea with — so he wouldn’t have to testify, making it seem like they: the people whom junior ratted on and provoked conversations with, were inconveniencing “Junior” by putting him a under the microscope or tying his hands so he would have to testify;

Why don’t these guys take a plea” — Hector Pagan “Jr”

Big Ang Showed Up at Grasso and Riccardi Sentencing

Big Ang At Court With Camera Crew

Not only did “Big Ang” squeeze into clothes that appear to be a few sizes too small, Big Ang wore them to court, of course, a camera crew Just Jenn Productions  in tow  “Big Ang”

Mob Wives” was represented in the courtroom by another star of the show, Angela (Big Ang) Raiola, but the bodacious bar owner was there to support Grasso. Raiola said she was a “cousin” of the convicted killer and was there to support his 16-year-old daughter Gianna.

With video crew in tow, Raiola said she thought the sentences were “horrible” and called Pagan “a rat.”  

“I feel very bad for (Grasso), he didn’t kill this guy,” she said.

“I think it’s horrible that he (Pagan) killed the guy and he gets the pass. All these families are ruined and he’ll go free and he’s the one who did it. Junior (Pagan) was always a loose cannon.”


Sorry Ang, you’re funny and like-able, but come on girl.

Hector “Junior” Hagan  Sentenced to 11 years.

“Why do you start with the shooter, and work your way down the food chain?” asked Kellman. “By all accounts, neither defendant is someone worth the federal government’s time or energy. Nothing about this case couldn’t have been dealt with in state court.” — Susan Kellman, defense attorney for Richard Riccardi [cosanastranews]

Janine Donovan, Daughter of James Donovan, Brooklyn Check Cashier begs Judge Gleeson for a stiff sentence for Pagan



Photo Credit:

“He went around for months trying to help them find the murderer when it was him. It’s hard to think of a bigger fraud than that. And he was waving to the guys he was taping not to say anything about the murder so the DEA wouldn’t know. He is just about as dirty as anyone gets, forget about government witnesses. How do they embrace this guy? Why give this guy an opportunity to walk out of jail to put my guy away for life.”  


Janine Donovan, the victim’s daughter, stood, faced Judge Gleeson and pleaded that he not give Pagan the freedom to “take and ruin the lives of others.”

“I can still hear his voice coaching me,” she said of her father through sobs. “I am no longer the same. I will never again know happiness without pain.”

Donovan said previous deals that Pagan had swung with the federal government in exchange for leniency “is not justice.”

“How many deals can one man get?” she asked. “It should stop here.”

Her words hit the mark.

“What you said today would rip out any judge’s heart,” Gleeson said. “I would say the exact same things.”

Gleeson added that if it were his daughter, he’d “melt the key to the jailhouse.” [I bet that made her feel better *eye roll]

Pagan “hasn’t changed his spots,” Gleeson conceded, and law enforcement is “a pretty callous system,” but he said the government needs cooperation of that nature.

Gleeson said he had no choice but to honor Pagan’s agreement with the government to put away mobsters.

Pagan made the deal out of “purely selfish interests, of getting himself out of jail,” Gleeson said, adding that Janine Donovan’s words will “ring in my ears for years.”

Nevertheless the judge said he “felt the need to award cooperation.”

“He’s going to walk out of jail, not be carried out,” Gleeson continued.

Pagan sat motionless in a white button-down shirt and yellow-and-gray striped tie as the sob-filled scene played out.

Donovan’s daughter rushed out of the heavily guarded courtroom crying, along with most of the crowd, when Gleeson issued the 11-year sentence and Pagan was escorted out of the room, without handcuffs.

Gleeson – who could have sentenced Pagan to time served of 40 months – ​gave Pag​​an with 11 years. courthousenews

NyPost says Pagan told Janine  “There are no words that will take away the pain,” he said. “I want you to know I am truly sorry for causing this pain.” a family member screamed to Pagan, “rot in jail”


“It galls many what Pagan has seemingly gotten away with: shooting a man to death for no apparent reason (the victim, Luchese associate James Donovan, had dropped the cash and was running away when Pagan fired the fatal shot, which nicked the femoral artery) and then ratting out the other two members of the robbery team and testifying against them for the murder”

Junior’s Sentencing;

Judge Gleeson, former prosectuor who helped prosuctute mobster boss John Gottti handed down a 30+ year sentence to Grasso and Riccardi f August of 2014.  Pagan would be sentenced in September of 2014 to 11 years.  When Junior “helping” the FBI, he forgot to mention one small detail: He was the SHOOTER.

This article here says Junior got a measly 40 months.  Court documents and other releases say 11 years.  I say this because there is no one in custody under  “Junior’s” real name, “Hector Pagan” in the B.O.P. The two listed; one aged, 54 was released in 07/06/1989 and the other age, 41  was is listed as released s 06/20/2014 .  When Junior testified in Federal Court, it was said that he was in a prison issued uniform.  A search for all New York Prisons came up with nearly no results.  It’s also unclear how old “Junior” actually as.


Unless the BOP is protecting Junior by not having name listed on the BOP. He could be in State Prison also.


Sad News. Big Ang Passes Away

Update 2:

Big Ang’s Co Stars React to her death